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Overnight hair masks prepared at home

Recipes for hair masks for the night

Thick and well-groomed curls are the result of regular and high-quality care. However, due to lack of time and money, not every girl has such an opportunity. A good solution to the problem will be hair masks for the night, which are easy to prepare at home. In order for the positive effect to be tangible, cosmetic procedures should be done regularly.

Rules for the use of night masks

Proper application of hair mask

Hair needs regular and quality care. Cosmetic procedures carried out at night make curls healthy and soft. The effect is achieved faster due to prolonged exposure to the hair follicles.

Rules for the use of hair masks at night:

  • It is not recommended to use burning components that have an aggressive effect – red pepper, mustard, onion juice, etc. As a result, you can get skin burns and irritation. Hair from such exposure begins to fall out;
  • To avoid the occurrence of an allergic reaction, a test for the tolerance of the components will help. If after 2 hours of discomfort did not appear, then the test was successfully passed;
  • Before using the mask, it should be slightly warmed up. A warm mixture has a better effect on the hair structure, unlike a cold one;
  • Apply the finished cosmetic should be on clean, dry, carefully combed curls for half an hour before going to bed. This contributes to less hair injury;
  • It is better to apply the mask at night on the scalp and hair length at the same time, paying attention to the ends. This will allow you to comprehensively solve the problem;
  • You can enhance the effect of the active ingredients if you wrap your head with polyethylene and a towel. If necessary, use a shower cap or cotton bandage;
  • It is recommended to wash off the mask from the hair after the night with warm water, then shampoo. In conclusion, it is desirable to rinse the curls with herbal decoction;
  • It is enough to do masks for the night once a week, in a course of 2 months. Then it is recommended to take a break for a month and, if necessary, the procedures are repeated.

To achieve a positive result, it is recommended to apply a night mask according to the rules. The scalp is very sensitive and does not accept aggressive ingredients. It is better to include herbs, honey, oils, vegetables and fruits in the composition. As an exception, lemon juice is allowed.

Recipes for hair masks for the night

In the world there are many effective recipes for hair masks for the night. Most of them are easy to cook at home even for a beginner. Masks applied to the hair at night are different. Nutritious, moisturizing, regenerating cosmetics are very popular. The selection of components should be treated carefully in order to obtain the desired effect.

For cooking, it is recommended to use only fresh and natural ingredients. For example, you cannot use store-bought mayonnaise. The product contains more harmful than useful substances. The composition contains dyes, flavors, preservatives that have a negative effect on the hair. To prepare the mask for the night, it is recommended to use homemade mayonnaise.

You should also prepare ceramic or glass container for mixing components. Metal utensils for preparing a hair mask at night will not work. Under the action of the active substances contained in the ingredients, the metal begins to oxidize. As a result, toxins enter the cosmetic product. The mask prepared in this way is not recommended to be applied to the hair all night. The harm will be greater than the benefit.

Sometimes a recipe calls for the mixture to be heated. You should not use a microwave for these purposes. The device has a strong thermal effect on the components and reduces their efficiency. It is recommended to use for heating water bath. So, the beneficial properties of the ingredients will be preserved in greater quantities. To make the mixture homogeneous, you should use a blender or whisk.


Girl with a nourishing mask on her hair

Masks, depending on the components included in the composition, have a different effect on the hair. Curls are very susceptible to negative external factors. Sudden temperature changes, dry air damage their structure and lead to increased fragility. Having done the procedure all night, the curls will absorb the beneficial properties of the components.

Weakened and dyed hair will help to recover overnight honey mask. Mix 2 tbsp. l. warmed melted honey with three beaten egg yolks. The number of components is enough for shoulder-length curls. The resulting mixture is applied in a thin layer to the scalp and ends of the curls. The remains of the product are recommended to be used for distribution along the length. The head is wrapped in polyethylene and a terry towel. In the morning, the honey mask is washed off the hair with water and shampoo.

A tool that contains mayonnaise, also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the curls. This overnight mask nourishes and moisturizes the hair at the same time. Mix 2 yolks and 2 tsp. honey and homemade mayonnaise. Apply the finished mayonnaise mask to the hair and scalp for the whole night. In the morning, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Linen mask Suitable for colored, damaged, dry, weak hair. To prepare a nutrient, you need 1 tbsp. l. linseed and almond oil, 2 tbsp. l. burdock oil and 2 drops of rose oil. All components are thoroughly mixed and applied to the hair at night. The head is covered with polyethylene and a towel, and in the morning the product is washed off.


Ingredients for making a revitalizing hair mask

Masks prepared on the basis of nutritional ingredients will help restore weakened hair. In the absence of a sufficient amount of time, the procedure can be performed at night. A positive result is noticeable after a month of use.

The most effective recipes for cosmetics:

  • Moisturize and make curls more obedient and soft will help avocado. Ripe fruit should be cut and pitted. Crushed to a puree state, the pulp is crushed and mixed with 1 tbsp. l. coconut oil and 2 tbsp. l. aloe juice. The thoroughly mixed mixture is applied to the curls and scalp for the whole night. The head must be wrapped in polyethylene and a towel. In the morning, the mixture is washed off with warm water;
  • You can make your hair shiny and healthy with a mask with glycerin. Mix 2 tbsp. l. aloe juice, 125 ml. natural yogurt, 1.5 tsp. pharmacy glycerin and the contents of 3 capsules of the Aevit vitamin complex. Apply the resulting mixture to the scalp and curls at night. In the morning, the glycerin mask is washed off the hair;
  • mask with ginger helps to strengthen the hair roots and restores their structure. Finely chopped ginger is mixed with 2 tsp. sesame oil. Components…

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