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Overview of the main types of eye makeup

Basic types and techniques of eye makeup

To create a beautiful unique image, well-chosen makeup is extremely important. The choice of makeup is influenced by a variety of factors: skin tone, hair color, shade and shape of the eyes, hairstyle, outfit, make-up purpose. Depending on the event, a color palette and suitable application techniques are selected.

Types of eye makeup

Delicate makeup

Eye makeup can be divided into several main subspecies. The main classification of eye make-up is divided into daytime and evening. There is also a separate version of wedding makeup. In addition, makeup artists distinguish makeup depending on the color of the iris and hair:

  • For dark eyes;
  • For light eyes;
  • For blondes;
  • For brunettes.

Recently, makeup for photo shoots is gaining popularity. Often, it includes professional make-ups created specifically for specific images.


Day makeup

Day makeup is also called everyday, and the generally accepted version of such a make-up is nude. However, it is diluted with bright color accents:

  • arrows;
  • Saturated lipstick;
  • Glitter or shimmer;
  • Colored ink.

Makeup designed for daily activities can be light, business or for work and for a date. In accordance with its purpose, suitable color palettes and techniques are chosen.

The most popular day makeup style is nude.

Light everyday makeup

It is recommended to perform daytime makeup in neutral shades. Mostly fawn or bodily nuances are selected. The most suitable shades of shadows for everyday make-up:

  • Beige;
  • Light brown;
  • Sand;
  • Champagne;
  • dusty rose;
  • Smoky;
  • Lilac;
  • Chocolate;
  • Taupe.

Of the techniques, the most relevant is relief, which includes the phased application of two or three shades of shadows from light to dark and vice versa to create the desired effect.

Lipstick for daytime make-up is better to choose with a creamy texture or a pure gloss applied over a concealer or proofreader. It is also better to choose tones in nude variations from delicate pink to medium brown with an ash tint.

In some cases, for example, for business makeup, you can use matte lipsticks in rich colors: purple, velveteen, cold red, marsala.


evening make-up

Evening makeup provides a lot of options and opportunities for lovers of bright colors. The most famous make-up for evening events is smokey ice, while it is allowed to perform it with the addition of various shades:

  • emerald;
  • purple;
  • Purple;
  • Dark pink;
  • Burgundy.

The selected shade of shadows directly depends on the color of the eyes and is selected in such a way as to emphasize the natural color of the iris. The basis for any smokey ice is the classic black color.

No less suitable evening make-up technique is embossed, which is performed in more colorful colors. Classic or double arrows and a shimmer on the eyelids will be relevant. The choice of lipstick directly depends on the color palette of other makeup.

Evening make-up with dark lipstick

Ideal lipstick options for the evening will be:

  • Marsala;
  • Burgundy;
  • Violet;
  • Chocolate;
  • cinnamon;
  • Peach with bronze undertones.

The finish of the lipstick can be matte or satin. Pearl shades look beautiful on the lips. Delicate gloss or tint makeup artists are rarely advised for special occasions, unless neutral makeup is specified in the dress code.


Intense bridal makeup

Wedding makeup by default should be gentle. But in recent years, professional stylists have argued that a monotonous make-up for a wedding is not the best option. To diversify makeup will help:

  • Sequins and glitter;
  • Various arrows;
  • Bright eyeliner of the lower eyelid;
  • Unusual shading techniques.

The basis of makeup for a wedding is nude shadows, which are used in conjunction with colorful color nuances or glitter mascara.

The best way to spruce up bridal makeup is to apply glitter over eye shadow.

Delicate make-up for the wedding

To create a unique wedding look will help the unusual technique of applying shadows “cut crease”, which goes well with nude shades, arrows and shimmer. Shadows can be selected from muted nuances:

  • pink;
  • Purple;
  • Lilac;
  • peach;
  • Beige.

Glittered arrows will look beautiful, especially gold or silver, depending on the shade of the dress. Bridesmaids can choose more saturated options of green, purple and blue.

Lipstick for the wedding look is chosen cream or satin. Do not add glitter over the lips, so as not to overload the image. It is better to limit yourself to warm shades with a slight delicate sheen and a pink undertone.

For a photo shoot

Makeup for a photo shoot

Makeup for professional photo shoots is mostly artistic, so you should not try to repeat it at home. The best option for creating a memorable make-up for a photo shoot is to follow simple rules:

  • Intense colors and brilliance;
  • Carefully crafted facial skin;
  • An abundance of powder;
  • Illuminating primer.

When photographing, about 70% of the colors used simply fade away, so the make-up should be as saturated as possible. It is also very important to keep the skin dry to avoid unnecessary glare in photographs, and the necessary areas can be artificially highlighted with a primer or highlighter.

Colorful make-up for a photo shoot

To keep the makeup fresh, it is imperative to apply a primer to the eyes, and only after that you can proceed to the choice of shadows. Shadows are better to choose dark and saturated shades:

  • Black;
  • dark grey;
  • Silver;
  • Golden;
  • Dark brown.

The basis for the shadows should be a neutral tone: beige or flesh, and the shadows themselves are better to choose from liquid options. Eyeliner with sparkles and shimmer are well emphasized. It is especially important to highlight the eyelashes, you can use false ones.

Lipstick for a photo shoot must be applied only in conjunction with a pencil. Using a pencil, outline the contour of the lips, and then gently blend over the entire surface. Lipstick is already applied on top of the pencil, and you can choose absolutely any shade that suits the image and the rest of the make-up.

For dark eyes

Makeup for dark eyes

Absolutely all makeup techniques are suitable for dark eyes. Brown, black and dark green shades of the iris allow you to create any make-up from light tones to rich bright ones. The colors of the shadows are chosen depending on the purpose of the makeup.

The best eyeshadow shades for dark eyes are purple and blue.

A few rules will help create a beautiful make-up for brown eyes:

  • Light shades are suitable for enlargement of the eyes, and dark shades are suitable for narrowing;
  • Use eyeliner and shadows with a metallic finish;
  • Colored mascara is a great option for a party;
  • It is better to choose shadows from a warm palette of colors.

The choice of technique directly depends on the shape of the eyes, and the color of the hair affects the shades. So navigate…

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