Нанесение пантенола на кожу лица

Panthenol cream: instructions for use for the face

Panthenol for the face: benefits and contraindications

Panthenol has many beneficial properties. The substance is part of many cosmetic products, primarily used for skin regeneration and hydration. Beauticians recommend using it as a face cream. In particular, its use is shown to women with the first signs of aging. Unlike expensive salon procedures, panthenol cheaply and effectively brings the skin of the face into the proper form.

Can panthenol be used as a face cream?

The use of panthenol as a face cream

Every woman dreams of looking healthy and young at any age. In pursuit of youth and beauty, the fair sex resort to expensive cosmetic procedures. However, it is possible to raise the tone of the skin of the face, make it elastic and moisturized with the help of creams.

The skin, due to its frequent exposure to external factors, needs regular care. Panthenol will help provide protection from adverse weather conditions. The benefits of using the drug for facial skin is still the subject of dispute among cosmetologists.

Some experts believe that in a small amount the remedy is completely harmless to humans. If you apply it periodically and for a short time, then the skin will get the maximum benefit. A positive result can be seen as early as 5-7 days, then its effect is significantly weakened. In this regard, cosmetologists recommend using the remedy depending on the situation.

The optimal time for using panthenol to obtain a greater effect is 10 days.

Other experts are in full confidence that the drug belongs to the category of exclusively drugs. It is not recommended to use it as a moisturizing and rejuvenating face cream on an ongoing basis. Indeed, at the moment there is a wide range of anti-aging drugs that have no contraindications.

Panthenol has the following effects on the skin of the face:

  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Antibacterial;
  • Painkiller;
  • Regenerating;
  • Moisturizing.

Panthenol is useful not only for moisturizing the skin, but also for hair and nails.

The skin of the face, as a result of using the product, becomes smooth and velvety. Many of the fair sex are satisfied with the results. However, panthenol is far from suitable for everyone, and before using it, it is necessary to obtain the opinion of a cosmetologist.


Using panthenol in the form of a face cream

Panthenol is available as a cream, ointment or spray. Depending on the form of release, the composition of the funds is different.

The main and leading component of all drugs is dexpanthenol. The substance is a derivative of pantothenic acid, in other words, vitamin B5.

In addition to dexpanthenol, as part of the funds you can find:

  • In ointments – lanolin, petroleum jelly, paraffin, cholesterol, isopropyl alcohol ether and myristic acid, glycerin, water;
  • In sprays – alcohol, water, beeswax, mineral oil, acetic acid, methylpropane, butane;
  • In creams – ketomacrogol, dimethicone, propylene glycol, monostearin, water, flavors, cetearyl and cetearyl octanoate.

Each release form is designed for a specific type of facial skin.

Ointment is a yellowish substance. The product has a pleasant, barely perceptible aroma. However, panthenol in this form is not recommended for moisturizing the skin of the face. Due to the presence of a fatty base, the drug will cause blockage of the pores. As a result, this will lead to the appearance of various kinds of rashes.

Ointment with panthenol

Best for moisturizing skin cream with panthenol. This cosmetic product has a lighter texture and a pleasant smell. Its use is indicated for persons with a dry type of epidermis. The cream qualitatively nourishes and moisturizes the skin, relieves irritation.

Face cream with panthenol

Spray is an aerosol that is easy to spray panthenol on the skin of the face. Its advantage lies in the convenience of wearing.

Spray with panthenol

It is recommended to use the spray for girls with oily skin type. The substance should be sprayed at a distance of 10 cm from the skin of the face. At the same time, contact with the eyes should be avoided.

The concentration of panthenol in ointments and creams should be 5%.

Indications and contraindications

Girl with dry skin

The beneficial properties of panthenol are well known. The positive effect on the skin of the face is due to the chemical composition of the substance. It promotes the speedy regeneration of wounds, nourishes and eliminates dry skin.

Indications for the use of the drug is the presence of:

  • Inflammation, acne, pimples;
  • Excessively dry epidermis, peeling;
  • Various kinds of burns;
  • Scars, scars, abrasions;
  • Dermatological diseases;
  • Wrinkles and the first signs of aging.

Preparations based on dexpanthenol even out the tone of the skin, relieve irritation and itching. In its action, it is comparable to creams, which include hyaluronic acid or urea. The substance is hygroscopic and easily penetrates into the pores, helping to retain moisture. The epidermis becomes more elastic and elastic, and wrinkles are smoothed out. Before using panthenol on the skin of the face, you should consult a doctor or cosmetologist.

Contraindications for use:

  • minor age;
  • Individual intolerance;
  • Allergic reaction;
  • The presence of herpes;
  • Increased body temperature;
  • kidney disease;
  • hypervitaminosis;
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

In order for the result to meet expectations, panthenol for facial skin should be used, taking into account contraindications. Otherwise, side effects may occur.

Instructions for use

Moisturizing the skin with panthenol

Panthenol is a medicinal agent and is used to combat various skin problems. To get the maximum effect, it is recommended to use drugs based on it correctly.

Recommendations for use:

  • Before using the cream on the face, an allergy test should be performed. To do this, you need to apply a small amount of funds on the wrist and wait half an hour. If redness and irritation does not appear, then panthenol can be used for cosmetic procedures;
  • For facial skin, it is better to use a cream. The composition of the ointment is too oily and can cause the appearance of various kinds of rashes;
  • It is not recommended to dilute the drug with water. From this, he loses his useful properties and the effect will be mild;
  • It is allowed to add panthenol to other cosmetics – creams, ointments, lotions, homemade masks. This will ensure quality skin care. The tool will ensure the penetration of active substances deep into the epidermis;
  • The drug should be applied to previously cleansed skin. It is worth getting rid of the remnants of makeup, dirt and dust in advance. Washing and wiping your face dry with a towel is enough;
  • Panthenol…

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