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Pants and skirt suits spring-summer 2021: trends, review

10 styles of suits that are fashionable to wear to work in the summer

The office dress code has long ceased to be boring, because fashionistas have learned how to create stylish images within the framework of the conditions prescribed in the contract. For a long time, no one seeks to bare their knees or shoulders. Yes, and this is not necessary when there are stylish suits that look no less elegant and seductive than lace dresses.

We tell you what suits are suitable for a summer trip to the office, and what to look for when choosing them.

Summer suits: an overview

Ravshana Kurkova in a white suit
Victoria Beckham in costume
Oversized street style plaid suit
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Tatyana Brukhunova in an orange suit
Tatyana Brukhunova in a colored suit
Christina Asmus in a beautiful blue suit
Christina Asmus in a pink suit
Alsu in a fashionable pale pink suit
Alsou in a green suit
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A fashionable women’s suit is very different from what was relevant 5 years ago. There are several basic rules:

  • ✔ Loose fit. Clothing should not be tight and pull the figure. Air between the body and the suit is a must from stylists;
  • ✔ Shoulders in place. An oversized jacket should not look like it was taken off someone else’s shoulder. Use shoulder pads to give the product the correct shape;
  • ✔ Skirts choose elegant cutbut don’t forget about comfort. Wearing a very tight pencil skirt in the heat is uncomfortable, so we prefer a U-line product with a slit in the front, back or side. It is comfortable to move in them, the inner thigh area is not rubbed.
  • ✔ We do not experiment with prints. This year, monochromatic suits are in trend. They are also considered more practical, since they are easier to combine with other basic wardrobe items.

Option 1: cropped jacket + straight pants

Suit with cropped jacket

This season, a cropped top is in trend, so choosing a suit for the office, you can give preference to such a model.

A cropped jacket is combined with straight-cut trousers. They should be long enough and cover the toe completely or to the middle. This set is not compatible with high heeled sandals and sneakers. There are other styles of costumes for them (about them below 👇).

Option 2: crop top in the color of the jacket

Jacket and top of the same color

If the dress code at work is not the strictest, for example, you work in a fashion magazine, run a cafe-restaurant, sell high-end jewelry, or are a beauty master (there are plenty of options), you can afford to wear a crop top and a jacket. Pants for this outfit can be of any basic shade: black, beige, white, gray.

So that clients and the employer do not identify the image as frank, we select a crop top to match the color of the jacket. This combination looks cute, unlike a set with a sports top. It is considered more defiant and is not suitable for an office bow.

Option 3: asymmetrical jacket

Asymmetric jacket

A boring office suit will turn out if you give preference to an asymmetrical jacket. This can be of any length and color, the main thing is that the shape suits you.

Option 4: bright suit

Bright suit for the summer

In an office where the rules do not prescribe an acceptable color palette, you can come in a bright trouser suit. By the way, this is a trend.

If the suit is bright in color, the style should be classic: a fitted jacket to the middle of the thigh, loose trousers with a straight cut or with a slight flare down.

Wear with comfortable neutral shoes, for example, beige pumps.

Option 5: pastel suit

pastel suit

Another office trend this year is a pastel trouser suit. In this case, the cut may be more complex, and the shoes are non-standard. Transparent sandals or white sneakers / sneakers will do.

In previous versions, it was not recommended to experiment with shoes, since the emphasis was placed on clothes. For calling elements for an office bow, it’s overkill.

Option 6: three piece suit

Three piece suit for women for summer

In order not to “puzzle” your head over what top to wear under a jacket, stylists recommend purchasing a three-piece suit. The stylish vest that comes with the set can be worn instead of a blouse or over it. Both options are on trend. The main thing is not to wear a vest with jeans, this trend has remained far in the zero.

Option 7: loose jacket + bermuda shorts

Summer suit with bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are still relevant for the city. They are distinguished by a free cut, tucks in front, pockets along the line of the side seam.

Option 8: jacket + shorts

Summer suit with shorts

It is recommended to wear a loose jacket in a masculine style with Bermuda shorts, and it is better to wear a fitted cut with trapeze shorts.

Option 9: mini + long jacket

Long jacket and mini

Another example of a stylish suit for the office, where there are no restrictions regarding the length of clothing. We choose a mini skirt with a high fit, made of dense fabric and a slight extension downwards. The model that pulls the hips is outdated. The jacket for this image needs an elegant, fitted. From a distance, it should look like a dress.

Option 10: top and pencil skirt

Knitted suit with a skirt

A knitted set can replace a suit with a jacket. In this case, we choose the top, with one accent. For example, voluminous sleeves or ruffles. The bottom is neutral – without decor and catchy elements to balance the bow. We’re going to work, not to a party.


Summer images for work stylists recommend to make up of fashionable suits. We select sets according to the dress code conditions prescribed in a particular institution. The fewer restrictions, the more unusual the outfit can be. The more requirements for appearance, the easier it is to decide on the style – we take a classic straight-cut trouser suit.

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