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Pants length and shoes: features of combination and choice

Pants length and autumn shoes: nuances

We have already talked about what stylistic devices used by young fashionistas to stand out from the crowd. Today we propose to discuss such an urgent issue as the appropriate length of trousers depending on the shoes.

How to choose the right length of trousers depending on the shoes: advice from stylists

Colored High Chelsea Boots
Boots with tractor soles

It’s pretty easy to ruin a stylish look. Someone manages to do this with the help of the wrong make-up, others forget about accessories, and still others do not pay attention to the length of the trousers. But if shortened ankle options are in trend, this does not mean that they are combined with all models of shoes.

We tell you how long the trousers should be, depending on the shoes.

Rough-soled loafers and bare ankles

Fashion loafers photo
Loafers and jeans

In the fall of 2021-2022, rough-soled loafers will be considered the most fashionable shoes before the onset of cold weather. You can wear these shoes with skirts, shorts, trousers and jeans. Finding the right dress can be difficult.

Young women of fashion combine loafers with rough soles with high socks. Older women prefer to wear them with trousers.

In order for these elements of the wardrobe to be combined with each other, we choose skinny trousers (not skinny!) 1-3 times longer than the bones. Such proportions are appropriate provided that there are no tights or socks in this area.

White pants and black shoes

White pants and black boots

Many are sure that white trousers do not go well with boots, so they are worn only in the hot season. In fact, white pants are all seasonal wear. The main thing is to choose the right model and fabric.

For the autumn-winter period, stylists recommend purchasing white cropped jeans. They are combined with boots, boots, black loafers. There is two nuances of compiling images:

  • The ankle is completely open, and the shoe does not cover the bone;
  • The ankle is completely covered with shoes (high boots) or matching socks.

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Heeled shoes and trousers

Shoes and trousers

For a festive or everyday look, where there are shoes with heels and trousers, there is a range requirements.

  • To look stylish in a set of tight trousers and pumps, choose a shortened version. The bones must be open.
  • If you want the legs to cover your shoes, you need a palazzo or flared model. These are not assembled like an accordion, but completely hide the shoes or leave only the nose open.

Ankle strap shoes

Strappy shoes and pants

If you have fashionable shoes with a strap, you need to show it. Cropped trousers will help with this. There should be at least 1.5-2 cm of free space between them and the strap. Socks, tights, stockings are superfluous in this set.

Ballet shoes

How To Wear Ballerina Shoes With Pants

If you chose not sneakers, sneakers or loafers as casual shoes, but classic ballerinas, make sure that the trousers do not cover the heel. The length of the trousers should be such that they do not gather like an accordion, but rather completely expose the most elegant part of the leg – the ankle.

Low heel shoes

Shoes and trousers

For every day, many women choose ballet flats or low-cut shoes. This model is completely incompatible with skinny jeans, leggings and other options for very tight trousers. Despite the lack of “accordion” at the bottom.

We choose classic cropped cigar trousers and enjoy our own reflection in the mirror.

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