Paraffin therapy for hands at home

Paraffin therapy for hands at home

The skin of the hands is highly sensitive, at the same time we constantly expose it to the action of negative factors. These include the use of detergents, and temperature changes, and the lack of nutrients in the diet, and various manual work. All this spoils the appearance of the hands and worsens the health of the skin. There are various ways to improve the skin of the hands, moisturize it and restore its normal appearance. These include paraffin therapy. Many girls are not yet familiar with this technique, so they must definitely try it out. This is sure to please everyone. Next, we will talk about what this type of therapy is, how it is carried out and what is used in this case.

What is paraffin therapy?

Not everyone knows what this term means. Paraffin therapy is the heating of the skin with heated paraffin. In the process of this procedure, the skin is intensively moisturized, toxins are released and a healthy appearance is restored. Paraffin therapy is very common in medicine and cosmetology. Paraffin baths have been increasingly used to improve the skin of the hands, feet and even the face.

Paraffin therapy

The secret of the success of this therapy lies in the processes that occur in the skin. Under the influence of hot paraffin, its temperature rises by 1-2º. This promotes more intensive blood circulation and metabolism. Thanks to the action of hot paraffin, useful cosmetics penetrate the skin faster and deeper, providing a beneficial effect. Paraffin therapy helps to open the pores through which excess moisture, as well as various toxins, comes out. But that’s not all that this amazing procedure is capable of.

The paraffin coating that forms on the skin does not allow moisture to evaporate, and it is intensively absorbed. At the same time, toxic substances cannot penetrate back into the skin and remain on the surface. The positive effect of paraffin is also that it quickly hardens and tightens the skin, thereby smoothing wrinkles.

Advantages and effectiveness of paraffin therapy

Paraffin therapy has truly amazing properties, because it can radically change the condition of the skin. You can talk a lot about the advantages of using hot paraffin, but the main ones are as follows:

    • paraffin therapy allows you to intensively moisturize the skin and remove toxins from it;


    • with the help of paraffin, small wrinkles are very effectively smoothed out, and collagen and elastin are also produced during such therapy;


    • the skin acquires its normal color due to improved blood circulation;


    • with the help of paraffin therapy, excess moisture is removed from the skin, which reduces the likelihood of puffiness;


    • this procedure perfectly relaxes the body due to good warming up of the joints;


    • Paraffin therapy is great for healing the skin of the hands, feet and even the face.


Bath for paraffin therapy

hot paraffin – an excellent tool with which the skin can be restored to beauty and health. To carry out the treatment procedure, you need to heat the paraffin to the required temperature. For this, special equipment is used, which can be purchased at stores of the corresponding profile. It is in the form of a bath with a Teflon or thermoplastic coating. Now on sale there is a sufficient number of models that differ in size and design. Depending on the selected bath, the time of heating the paraffin to the desired temperature will be from 1.5 to 3 hours. Thanks to the existing thermostat, the substance can be kept in a liquid state for several hours.

Paraffin therapy

Hand paraffin equipment is usually small in size. In addition to him, for this procedure you will need other tools and tools that are sold in cosmetic stores. However, beginners are not recommended to look for everything they need on their own, since only a good specialist will be able to choose the right accessories. It is better to contact a beauty salon, where there are professional kits, and an experienced worker uses what is most suitable for the client’s skin. Then paraffin therapy will become not only a healing, but also a very pleasant procedure.

Modern beauty salons provide most of the well-known cosmetic services. Paraffin therapy has taken a strong place among them and has become a common thing for many girls who take care of their skin. But in order to pamper your hands and feet with a pleasant procedure, it is not necessary to visit specialized establishments. For this, a home environment is also suitable if you have everything you need. Now pharmacies and cosmetic stores offer baths for heating paraffin, cosmetic paraffin itself, and other products.

It is only necessary to understand everything well in order to enjoy a relaxing and wellness procedure in a cozy home environment. At home, you can create all the necessary conditions so that the effect of paraffin therapy is maximum. It should be noted that cosmetic paraffin is now available with various flavors and may have a different color. But in order to avoid the appearance of various allergic reactions, it is better to stay on the usual white paraffin without any additives.

Step-by-step instructions for paraffin therapy for hands

In order to take care of your arms and legs and be able to carry out the paraffin therapy procedure at home, you need to acquire the following tools and tools:

    • paraffin bath;


    • cosmetic paraffin in an amount corresponding to the volume of the bath;


    • polyethylene gloves;


    • warm mittens;


    • disinfectant;


    • scrub;


    • moisturizer;


    • nourishing oil.


All of the above are sold individually or as a set. Now sets are offered that include a bath, gloves, and moisturizing and nourishing products. If you have such a set at home, you can regularly enjoy a pleasant and useful procedure.

Paraffin therapy

The entire session includes several steps that need to be learned and mastered. They are quite simple and understandable.

    1. Paraffin for the procedure must be prepared in advance, that is, heated and melted in a bath. You need to start heating approximately 2-3 hours before the start of therapy.


    1. The fact that the paraffin is ready for use will be signaled by a light on the body of the bath.


    1. Before starting the procedure, hands must be disinfected.


    1. Next, the skin needs to be exfoliated. It must be applied carefully and gently. After that, the scrub should be washed off with warm water.


    1. Then, nourishing and moisturizing agents should be applied to the hands. The action of this mask will be greatly enhanced by hot paraffin.


    1. Now it’s time to use paraffin. 4 times you need to dip your hands in the bath.


    1. Then you need to put on polyethylene gloves on your hands, and warm mittens on top of them. If there are no gloves, they can be replaced with a bag. But if a professional kit is used, it will definitely include gloves and mittens. Putting them on, you need to wait 20-25 minutes.


    1. After this time, mittens with gloves must be removed, and then remove the paraffin from the skin.


    1. To completely remove the remnants of paraffin and other products applied to the skin, you need to use a damp cloth.


    1. Finally, apply a hand cream to the skin.


Paraffin therapy technology (video)

It is very important to know that the used paraffin must be discarded. Its reuse is unacceptable because it is harmful. The procedure is carried out similarly for the legs, only for this you need a large bath.

It remains to advise women to regularly use various cosmetic procedures, paraffin therapy, including in order to maintain the health and youthfulness of the skin, which will be envied by everyone around.

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