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Patterns and description for beginners how to sew a summer dress

How to quickly sew a summer dress with your own hands: photo and video

With the onset of summer, you want to add colorful summer dresses to your wardrobe. But there is not always time and opportunity to buy a few new products. Therefore, we suggest you sew them with your own hands! Your product will be exclusive and exactly the way you want!

This season, white simple dresses and sundresses made of light fabric are very popular. They can be both classic and with embroideries or other accessories. Such models are suitable for girls with any type of figure and height.

How to sew a simple summer dress with your own hands – tips for beginners

It is quite easy to sew such a model, because it has a simple cut. The most important thing is to decide which material sew it. Any lightweight material will do: cotton, linen, chintz. But, in addition to choosing the material, you need to take measurements yourself so that the pattern is correct.

When building it, you will need the following measurements:
1. Bust and overbust
2. Neck girth
3. Shoulder length, from back to waist and future product
4. Shoulder length

220Summer dress for girls

It is very difficult for mothers with children to find a lot of time for complex and large patterns. Therefore, we will provide you with several simple tipslike at home sew a summer dress with your own hands. To do this, we need a T-shirt or T-shirt, on the basis of which we will make a pattern.

one.The very first thing is to find a T-shirtthat fits well on your child, and place it on a large sheet of paper, drawing paper or graph paper.
2.Position and align the product on paper and trace around with a pencil. Following the photo – instructions below, lengthen the side lines.

one3. Before cutting the same dress from fabric, you need to measure whether it will fit the child. For this you need measure lines A and B. (See photo below)

Half bust + 5/7 centimeters – line A.
Half chest + 4 cm – line B.
24. Next, we will use only one half of the pattern, as it turns out to be asymmetrical. choose more beautiful half and circle it on one side and on the other, turning it over. The main thing is not to forget about seam allowances! It is better to leave about one centimeter!

35. If you want not a straight skirt, but a pleated one, then cut the pattern into two parts. Sew the lower part along the assemblies. Can add petticoat different color. And sheathe all the edges with a ribbon in the color of the petticoat.


DIY ball gown for a girl

This style is already more difficult to sew than the previous ones. For this, you are provided videofor a detailed description of the sewing process.

Long and straight dress (video)

It is suitable for romantic dates – you can create a beautiful summer evening look.

Off shoulder dress

This model is very relevant this summer. It is very comfortable, practical, and most importantly – beautiful. For more information on how to sew a model on the shoulders with open shoulders without sleeves, our video will tell you:

on-the-shoulders-3 on-the-shoulders-2 on-the-shoulders-1 on shoulders

Do-it-yourself summer dress quickly and without a pattern – models from different fabrics

Summer dress without a pattern very easy to sew. The length of the product can be chosen according to your taste. You will learn more about how to sew it with your own hands, without using the scheme, from the video:

Knitwear style

Take a piece of knitted fabric with viscose content – a square with a side of 150 centimeters. Next, you need to fold it in half and take off hip measurements and chest. At the bottom of the material, measure the half-girth of the larger measurement. After which you need draw a line upbut do not reach the edge of 25 centimeters.
Now the product can be stitched, extending the line by 1 cm, as shown in the photo.
In the formed backstage stretch the tape. Shoulder cuts can be stitched, or pinned with a brooch.


Cotton and linen beachwear

This dress is very suitable for a beach look. And most importantly, his very easy to sew by hand. Perfect for him cotton or linen. We cut out identical back and front parts from the selected fabric. We fold them and sew the side seams. It should be noted places for sewing in rubber bands into the product. To do this, just attach the dress to you. Rubber bands are cut to the same size: Wrap yourself with an elastic band so that you are comfortable. We sew the elastic bands and evenly placing them on the product, sew them on. You can also make a frill, if necessary.

elastic band

From chiffon and chintz: photo

Trace a T-shirt with seam allowances on the selected fabric. Immediately simulate cutout.
Make a trapezoidal flare from the armhole line on the back of the dress, making a cutout for the skirt. Mark the length of the skirt in the middle of the back, for example, 115 centimeters, and round the hem to the side seams.



Summer dress from old things: master class

Take old t-shirt and skirtor a piece fabric lying around at home. They must approach each other. The top is better knittedand the skirt should be lighter. You will make such a model in less than an hour.
1. Cut the shirt in the middle or slightly lower, depending on the volume of the chest.


2.Material for the skirt wrap aroundg waist about two times and trim. Fold the fabric in half and sew up the sides.


3.Next to do small assembly larger stitch in the forward and reverse direction on the machine.


4. Connect the top and bottom, as shown in the photo below, and bast the parts together. The top should be without folds, and the bottom should be vice versa. If everything is done correctly, then boldly sew on a machine.

125. If desired, you can sew to it beltby folding a long strip of material in half and stitching it on a typewriter.


from-old-things-1 from-old-things

DIY summer dress for pregnant women

Only one measurement should be taken – hips. If you already have big bellyso is its volume.
1. Cut out your chosen fabric rectangle – 130 cm by 160 cm and fold it four times.
2. From the fold line you need to measure ¼ waist or hip measurements + five centimeters. From this point, set aside 40 cm up.
3. For sleeves you should set aside 30 centimeters and connect the dots, as shown in the photo.
4. Cut out the part along with the neck. Sew the dress and process its bottom. In the sleeves, you can make a drawstring and stretch an elastic band into it.

for pregnant

Large size summer dress

The most important thing when sewing such a thing – choose the right color or fabric pattern. This can be done emphasis on the waistwhich is very important for such models. It is necessary to take all measurements correctly: bust, waist, hips and so on, depending on which style you choose. To make your work easier, use pattern below.


for-full-pattern-3When it is ready, be sure to check the correctness of all measurements, and only then proceed to sewing. by the most best and comfortable sketch for a summer dress will be presented in the photo below.

for-full-sketch fat-2 for-full-1 for-full

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