Beautiful dark pedicure with rhinestones

Pedicure on short nails 2022 with 50+ photos

Pedicure is first and foremost foot care. And it should not be considered only from the aesthetic side. In addition to giving the nail plates a beautiful look, it also has a hygienic orientation.

 Beautiful dark pedicure with rhinestones

A complete pedicure complex includes the removal of rough skin on the soles of the feet, the skin rim of the nail plate, which protects the nail substrate from infections, dead skin between the toes.

Feet care

The procedure is aimed at protecting the skin of the legs from bacteria, viruses, fungal infections that easily enter the body through cracks and other damage.

Types of pedicure for short nails

There are several types of pedicure. Let’s consider each of them separately.


This type of pedicure can be called the most suitable for short nail plates. First of all, it is aimed at removing the skin rim of the nail plate. Graters or pumice are used to clean the rough skin on the soles of the feet and fingers. It is cleaned and polished, not cut off. After all, living cells often suffer with a layer of dead skin layers, which helps to start the process of regeneration of the skin, their rapid growth.

 Polishing the soles of the feet with a pumice stone

The process of a classic pedicure begins with a preliminary steaming of the skin of the feet, followed by the removal of its dead layers and the periungual cuticle. It ends with moisturizing the feet and applying a top coat to the nails.

 Foot steaming procedure

Comprehensive care includes:

  • Steaming the feet in baths with hot water, which helps to moisturize the skin and eliminate its dryness;
  • fight against infections, various kinds of skin lesions by soaking the feet in antiseptic baths;
  • cleansing of skin impurities around the nail plates and under them, in the recesses between the fingers;
  • giving the nail plates a beautiful shape by cutting and filing;
  • alignment of the nail plates by removing tuberosity and white plaque from them.

Usually a full range of such services takes no more than an hour.


Classic pedicure is carried out in several ways. The first is the completely manual execution of the European edged pedicure. The process is characterized by all stages of foot care. The difference is that when removing the cuticle, not nail clippers are used, but spatulas carved from an orange tree.

The skin steamed in the bath is moved to the edge of the nail plate, a softening agent is applied to it, then the stratum corneum of the cuticle is painlessly cleaned with a wooden spatula.

Refusal to use cutting instruments avoids damage to the skin, which can lead to infection of the body with infections. The use of emollients slows down the formation of the periungual cuticle, making it softer and more elastic, which cannot be said with the trimming method.


The combined version involves manual and hardware processing of the feet. Before soaking in softening baths, feet with rough skin are subjected to dry polishing with a device specially designed for this purpose.

spa treatment

In a spa pedicure, cosmetic treatment of the feet is combined with the application of creams, oils, relaxing relaxation and foot massage. There are reflex points on the soles of people, the stimulation of which has a beneficial effect on the entire body: heals, eliminates swelling, relieves fatigue.

Fact about pedicure

Orthophosphoric acid, contained in carbonated lemonades, is able to dissolve the nail plates. For four days, the nail placed in the drink completely disappears.

Cosmetic preparations used in spa pedicure contain many essential oils, plant extracts, and mineral salts that are beneficial for the skin. The procedure begins with vitamin foot baths.

 spa pedicure

After softening, the legs are peeled with natural scrubs, after which nourishing masks are applied to them. The treatment ends with a relaxing massage.


Unlike a classic pedicure, the equipment room does not use water baths to soften rough skin. In the treatment of the skin of the legs, special devices and emollients are used. This type of pedicure is suitable for treating any soles of the feet, even the most sensitive and rough.

Hardware pedicure method

The hardware method excludes any injuries associated with cuts. Even the most inaccessible areas of the feet are treated. The process helps to forget forever about corns, calluses, problems associated with ingrown nails.

Pedicure design features for short nails in 2022

Not everyone likes to grow toenails, preferring naturalness and natural beauty. Therefore, pedicure for short nail plates has its own characteristics. Do not chase all the latest nail design.

Beautiful pedicure design in light colors with a golden ornament

You can compensate for the short length of nails with special techniques that will not only emphasize their natural beauty, but also make their design harmonious and not overloaded.

Light pedicure

When choosing a coating for short nails, preference should be given to light varnishes with a delicate shade in monochrome.

Pale pink pedicure with manicure

Do not overload small nails with voluminous decorations. It is enough to decorate with stasis, foil, pattern only the nail plates of the big toes, thereby highlighting them among others.

Pale blue pedicure with foil-lined abstract pattern on the thumb

Gentle pedicure with sparkles on the thumb

 French-style pedicure with vegetable theme on the thumb

Nude pedicure with rhinestones on big toes

Fashionable in 2022 bright pedicure for short nails

Fans of bright shades of coatings should pay attention to pearly colors of varnishes.

Mother-of-pearl pedicure on short nails

Pedicure with a stylish mother-of-pearl lilac coating

Delicate version of mother-of-pearl pedicure

 Duet of mother-of-pearl manicure with pedicure with decoration of thumb nails

Matte pedicure for short nails 2022

The matte finish of the nail plates always looks beautiful and rich, but in the case of short nails, you need to be extremely careful with it. Matte tone can cover the nails of exceptionally large fingers. For the rest, choose a light monochromatic coating, possibly with sparkles.

Delightful matte lilac pedicure

Matte pedicure in different shades of lilac with glitter on the thumb

Red pedicure with matte thumb

Blue pedicure with matt finish on thumb

Fashion ideas for French pedicure for short nails in 2022

On short nail plates, the moon pedicure and the timeless classic jacket look beautiful.

Lunar pedicure in lilac design

Dark blue pedicure with moon design on the thumb

Lunar pedicure in delicate pink shades

Timeless French classic in pedicure

French in white with an emphasis on the big toes

French pedicure with pebbles on thumb nails

Photo ideas for the design of a short pedicure with geometry 2022

Visually increase the length of the nail plates of the coating with vertical stripes painted on them.

Pedicure with vertical stripes of different colors

Pedicure design with vertical stripes pattern

Burgundy pedicure with vertical sparkling stripes

Pedicure tricks for short nail plates

Nail plates with cuticles trimmed as much as possible always look longer than those in which the cuticle is simply pushed back with an orange tree stick.

 Winter pedicure design

Delicate pedicure with foil figures

Pedicure for the cold season

Summer version of a pedicure in bright colors

Gold Glitter Pedicure

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