Matte pedicure

Pedicure spring-summer 2022: 150 photos, fashion trends of the season

A pedicure can complete any stylish look. And it is just as subject to fashion as clothing or makeup. Here are the fashion trends for spring-summer 2022 pedicure and will be discussed in the article.

Matte pedicure for spring-summer season 2022

Matte pedicure tones are now, of course, in trend. They create the effect of a velvet coating. Bright colors are in fashion. It can be red, coffee, purple, blue, black matte finish. Red matte color – the most effective and noticeable if you decorate the nails with decorative rhinestones or a pattern.

Matte pedicure

Coffee matte is effective in itself and does not need additional decorations. Purple pedicure is sure to attract attention. It can also be supplemented with rhinestones, just make sure that there are not many of them. The abundance of rhinestones on a bright matte background will make the pedicure overloaded.

Matte pedicure with a

Very effective deep matte blue color. Drawings with floral ornaments will look especially elegant. And it is better to apply them with calmer varnishes – white, beige, milky. Matte jacket at the peak of popularity. It can also be decorated with rhinestones, drawings, foil.

Do not give up their positions and classic shades of manicure, light pastel colors.

Matte pedicure in pastel colors

In a matte finish, they will look amazingly gentle and elegant. French pedicure today has become rich and vibrant. Lunar design is very popular. A pedicure with holes is an inverted French pedicure, when it is not the “smile” zone, the end of the nail, that stands out, but the lunula, the nail roller. Looks very stylish and beautiful.

Decor from kamifubikov on nails for a pedicure for the spring and summer of 2022

Pedicure with kamifubiki

Kamifubik compositions are another fashion trend. Kamifubiki are thin metal plates of different colors and sizes. They are also called shiny confetti. With these stripes or circles, or rhombuses, you can lay out any patterns on the nail.

They should be applied carefully with a toothpick, the main coating is gel polish, on a regular one they do not hold very well. This universal design is suitable for any nails.

Different designs of kamifubi

The main thing is to choose the right color and shape of kamifubukov. Diamonds and stars will look good on sharp and almond-shaped nails, hexagons are good on square nails, round ones on short ones. This season at the peak of popularity – geometric patterns from kamifubuki.

Spring-summer pedicure 2022 with rubbing

Rubbing is one of my favorite nail art techniques. It gives the nails a unique shine and shine. Rubbing is a synthetic powder of different shades and grindings. It is rubbed into the varnish, hence the name, and allows you to get an absolutely amazing effect.

Mirror rub

Mirror rubbing, for example, will really allow the nails to shine like a mirror. Rubbing a chameleon – nails will change color depending on the lighting. There is even a holographic rubbing. We will not dwell on this issue in more detail here, the topic of the article is slightly different.

For the base of the rub, both regular and gel polish are used, as well as transparent and camouflage gel. This season, delicate shades of rubbing – pearl, lime, will be especially relevant.

Magnetic polishes in pedicure for spring-summer 2022

Magnetic varnishes are a real innovation. These are varnishes containing the smallest particles of metal. When exposed to a magnet, they begin to move and a pattern with a three-dimensional effect is obtained. The technique is very simple and does not require any special skills.

Cat eye magnetic polish

Immediately after applying the varnish, hold the magnet to the nail and hold for a few seconds. Magnets are usually included in the kit and are sold separately. Manufacturers offer a wide range of colors of magnetic varnishes.

Magnets acquire a certain pattern: these can be rays emanating from the center, longitudinal and transverse stripes, waves. The three-dimensional effect is obtained when the hand moves, when the pattern begins to shimmer and change shade.

magnetic nail polish

The application process is not difficult, but still requires certain skills. Sequence of work:

  • A varnish base is applied to clean, fat-free nails. This will even out the nails and protect them from the negative effects of the coating. The base must be dry.
  • Apply a thin layer of magnetic varnish.
  • While the varnish is still wet, bring the magnet as close as possible to it, at a distance of about 3 millimeters.
  • Hold for 10-15 seconds and remove the magnet.

The pattern depends on the position of the magnet in relation to the nail. Changing the angle changes the effect.

Fact about pedicure

Orthophosphoric acid, contained in carbonated lemonades, is able to dissolve the nail plates. For four days, the nail placed in the drink completely disappears.

Spring-summer chic 2022 – nude pedicure

Nude pedicure, that is, as close as possible to the natural color of the nails, is always good. It is attractive for its versatility.

Stylish nude pedicure

Suitable for any outfit, both everyday and evening. And this season, nude polish is beautifully decorated with sequins, rhinestones, drawings and all kinds of prints.

“Fruit” pedicure – the trend of the spring-summer season 2022

The real “trick” of the season is flower and fruit pedicure. Sunny drawings in the form of orange or lemon slices, cut watermelon will cheer you up and fit perfectly into any summer look. In general, you can mess with drawings, a mischievous pedicure with cartoon characters, delicious desserts, bugs and butterflies will be in fashion.

Bright summer pedicure

Drawings are applied using the stamping technique or simply with a brush, create as if on canvas. A large nail will turn into a small artistic canvas and create a completely unique and memorable image.

Pedicure with inscriptions

Another fashion trend is the inscriptions on the nails with a black and white pedicure. A pair of marigolds is covered with a pattern of letters, and the rest with a plain varnish. Despite the classic design, it looks very fresh.

Ombre pedicure for spring-summer 2022

Gradient nails, or ombre pedicure, will also be popular this coming season. Unlike the usual gradient, which uses shades of the same color, the ombre has several colors that smoothly transition into each other.

Ombre pedicure

For this pedicure you will need:

  • varnishes of different shades;
  • fine-grained sponge;
  • PVA glue;
  • degreaser;
  • base and top gels.

If desired, you can decorate your nails with small elements: rhinestones, kamifubuki, foil.

Multicolored ombre pedicure

When everything is ready, you can start creating. Arrange the varnishes in the order they were applied. Wet a fine-grained sponge and wring it out well. Using a brush, apply gel polish strips on the nail in the order they will flow into one another.

Attach the sponge to the plate with the painted side so that a clear imprint remains. Cover your nails with a fixative that will smooth out the transitions and only then dry them. Why do you need PVA glue? To protect the skin around the nails. It gets very dirty when applying varnish in this way.

Therefore, the masters recommend lubricating the skin around the nails with glue before starting work, which will be easy to remove along with excess paint.

The most fashionable pedicure trends in the current spring-summer …

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