Fish peeling or pedicure with Garra Ruffa fish

Fish peeling or pedicure with Garra Ruffa fish

Garra Rufa fish pedicure is increasingly offered in Russian beauty salons, although we have not learned about such an exotic procedure today. Strictly speaking, this is not quite a pedicure – rather a peeling, a way to remove dead skin particles from the legs, take care of the heels, get rid of corns and corns. In the East, this peeling has been known for a long time and the fashion for it in our area, most likely, was brought by tourists from exotic countries. There, aquariums with fish that are hungry for your keratinized cells are very common.

However, today they are talking not only about the benefits of pedicure with Garra Rufa fish, but also about possible contraindications and dangers. Let’s try to analyze all the pros and cons of this procedure – impartially.

The essence of the procedure

These are small gray fish from the carp family, living mainly in the Middle East. But today, thanks to the popularity of spa treatments, they are ubiquitous. Initially, they were used as an effective oriental medicine for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and other skin diseases. No wonder “garra rufa” in Turkish means “doctor fish”. Then it became clear that these “doctors” would be useful for pedicures and pleasant salon procedures.

fish pedicure

If you are afraid that some fish can “eat” your legs, then in vain: these are not reduced piranhas, they will simply eat all the excess, keratinized or foreign particles from your skin. These fish do not have teeth, only the oral cavity, arranged like a delicate likeness of sandpaper. At the same time, there is a healing, beneficial component in their saliva – that is, you are not only given a pedicure, you are also being treated. Those who have been on a pedicure with Garra Rufa fish and fell in love with it say that it feels like a light acupressure, a foot massage. A real anti-stress treatment. At the same time, there should not be too many or too few fish – at least three hundred, but not a whole school of fish.

Necessary Precautions

Before you decide on a pedicure with Garra Rufa fish, make sure that there are no open wounds on your feet, freshly bursting and painful calluses – then even the most delicate intervention can become painful and dangerous. Also try not to apply any special products and creams on your feet for at least a couple of days – this not only harms the fish themselves, but also makes their work more difficult.

You need to understand that some unscrupulous salons, instead of Garra Rufa fish, can offer you Chinese Chin-chin, which simply suck blood from the client. Trust only trusted establishments. It is also important that hygiene is carefully monitored in the salon, that customers are not driven by a stream – otherwise you can catch an infection, staphylococcus aureus.

“Canadian researchers from Ontario write that water samples taken from Garra Rufa roar pools showed rapid growth of staphylococci and E. coli, as well as other bacteria.”

In decent salons, each client is released rested, clean fish, and not those that have just treated the legs of another client. And the water will be absolutely clean, collected just for you. That is why cheap salons in resort towns are so dangerous – those located right on the beach.

While there is no exact scientific data that these fish treat eczema – not a single experiment, except for the experience of oriental non-traditional physicians, will confirm this. Therefore, people suffering from skin diseases should consult a doctor.

“Many experts believe that there are more hygienic and healthier procedures than Garra Rufa fish peeling. At the same time, everyone notes that only exclusivity and rarity of use retain its value.

How often can the procedure be performed

Do not abuse this procedure – do it not too often. Sometimes she is prescribed in several sessions, offering not only a pedicure, but also a peeling of the hands or the whole body. Sometimes the results are simply amazing and without any side effects. Again, you should always consult your doctor.


fish pedicure

Prices vary depending on the level of the cabin. We advise you to beware if you come across a price that is too low. Standard prices are from 300-500 rubles per hour, full body peeling can cost from 2500 thousand.

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