Fashionable French pedicure with a golden

Perfect pedicure 2022: the best options and design trends with 50+ photos

Paying attention to manicure, experienced fashionistas do not forget about toes. Exquisite, fashionable pedicure not only creates a favorable opinion among others about a well-groomed, gorgeous lady, but also significantly increases self-esteem.

Fashionable French pedicure with a golden

It is not surprising that more and more girls and women are interested in the latest designs for a beautiful pedicure. And we annually select collections of the best ideas from leading nail designers in our publications.

Bright lilac gel polish with rhinestones inlay

Stylish classic French

The main directions and trends for fashionable pedicure in the season 2022

Traditionally, fashion solutions for nails on the legs repeat the most popular manicure ideas. And here you should be careful: if some conservatively minded nail-masters recommend an identical design on both hands and feet, then advanced designers consider this decision to be provincial, too simple.

Brilliant pedicure with silver is always in trend

Therefore, it is worth paying attention to solutions such as “different hands”, gradients and creative mixing of techniques and colors.

Of the decorations next season will be popular:

  • foil, “broken glass”, casting and sparkles;
  • Swarovski crystals and rhinestones;
  • natural stones and voluminous accessories;
  • kamifubuki and broths.

A variety of pictures, abstract patterns are no less in demand. Waves, divorces and drawings are done by hand, with brushes and paints, or applied using colorful stickers, stamping, fortunately, the nail industry offers fashionistas the widest selection of pictures for any occasion.

What shades of pedicure will be relevant in 2022

You should not limit visits to the nail salon only in the summer season: in winter there are many situations when the toes are visible to others. For example, open sandals with thin stockings at a gala event or going to the pool, solarium.

Charming combination of soft pink and light orange with floral geometry

No less important is the feeling of self-confidence, born of a firm belief in one’s own irresistibility and beauty, even if a beautiful, delightful pedicure is hidden in closed shoes or boots.

For warm days, juicy, bright and warm colors are especially in demand. And for the cold season, more restrained solutions are selected.

Spring-summer pedicure palette 2022

  • orange-orange – a real hit of the next season;
Shiny, golden orange summer pedicure

  • all the richness of yellow shades;
Gorgeous acid yellow design with stucco flowers and crystal and rhinestone inlay

Stylish, discreet pedicure in gray-yellow tones with geometry and bouillons

  • neon green, light green and olive;
Matte finish in olive tones with vertical contrasting stripes

Bright, summer version of a pedicure with juicy green leaves

  • rich and soft pink;
Hot pink trendy pedicure with rhinestones highlighting the hole line

Pale pink, romantic nail design with abstractions

  • coral – ideal for tanned, swarthy skin.
Solid color coral pedicure for vacation or holiday

Coral pedicure with embossed floral pattern as a

Autumn-winter pedicure colors in 2022

  • noble wine and pomegranate, dark red tones;
Noble red shades combined with golden foil stars

Solid color bright red nail design with negative space and glitter

  • concise, universal black;
Classic, stylish combination of black and silver, vertical stripes on a transparent basis

Black finish with horizontal silver stripes

  • warm, discreetly versatile beige;
Stylish light beige pedicure design with gold glitter and stripes

  • a gorgeous white that echoes freshly fallen snow.
Unusual decor with multi-colored crystals on a milky white background

Best nail design photo ideas 2022 for trendy pedicure

Modern pedicure techniques, affordable and inexpensive varnishes and accessories, allow you to create unique compositions that vividly communicate the character, hobbies and worldview of the hostess, creating a certain mood.

Plants and flowers

Such decor is especially in demand in the spring and summer months, on the eve of a women’s holiday or wedding.

Laconic black twigs decorated with rhinestones on a neutral background in combination with bright scarlet marigolds

Fashionable french pedicure combined with floral painting

Bright scarlet flowers on legs for a festive bow

Sea and beach holidays

Fact about pedicure

The most ancient tools for performing pedicures were recognized as gold items found at excavations in Mesopotamia.

A great option to go on vacation to warmer climes, or to cheer yourself up even in a boring, dusty city.

Fashionable theme with marine life for a stylish pedicure

Painting in a marine theme with an ombre effect and abstractions

Marine pedicure with dolphin prints and sparkles

Color extravaganza ombre

This design has remained popular for the past few seasons and is not even going to give way to the won positions. And this is not surprising: the play of shades is so mesmerizing that it is difficult to come up with something more impressive.

An exquisite combination of soft peach and pink tones in ombre overflows with a matte top

Fashionable ombre effect with a vertical stripe on the nails of the big toes

french pedicure

Another trendy technique suitable for any mood and occasion in life. It is performed in a restrained, natural manner, or bright colors, unusual design solutions are added.

An interesting jacket with a double stripe and a pale blue base coat

Coral jacket with highlighting the line of the hole with multi-colored rhinestones

Contrasting combinations

For a vacation, festival or summer season, color abstractions are the best fit, a bizarre mixture of completely different shades.

Abstract streaks using contrasting colors are all the rage

Summer-style bright, carefree multi-colored pedicure

Thematic images

One of the most optimal solutions for an important event is a pedicure with a themed nail design. Drawings and paintings are chosen according to the mood, with a suitable plot. So, on New Year’s Eve, snowflakes and fairy-tale themes are popular. And for International Women’s Day, flowers in various combinations are suitable.

Fashionable pedicure for the New Year

Elegant nail art for March 8

Original nail art for vacation

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