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Permanent make-up of the eyelids: techniques, types

Permanent makeup of the eyelids or beautiful arrows always

Permanent make-up of the eyelids is one of the main types of sustainable make-up. With the help of special devices, a pigment is injected under the upper layer of the epidermis, coloring the skin in the desired color. This type of makeup is less durable than tattooing, but at the same time, it is safer and painless. The permanent method is used mainly for contouring the eyelids, eyebrows and lips.

Types of permanent eyelid makeup

Eyelid permanent makeup procedure
Eyelid permanent makeup procedure

Permanent eyelid skin makeup is the easiest and most effective way to always be beautiful. Such a make-up helps save time when applying cosmetics in the morning or before an important event. It is suitable for girls and women of all ages.

Types of permanent eyelid makeup:

  • Interciliary contour;
  • Arrows on the upper and lower eyelids;
  • Arrows with shading;
  • Shadows;
  • Color tattoo.

Most often they resort to drawing the space between the eyelashes and arrows, less often – shading and shadows. Basically, only the upper eyelid is decorated with pigment, but some girls decide to style the lower eyelid.

In recent years, this method has become extremely popular and accessible to everyone. A more common option for a permanent make-up of the eyelids is only eyebrow makeup.

Interciliary contour

Interciliary contour of the eyelid
Interciliary contour of the eyelid

Painting the space between the eyelashes is, in fact, the simplest way of permanent make-up of the skin of the eyelids. This type of make-up allows you to visually give color and density to the eyelashes, and expressiveness to the look.

Contour drawing is especially suitable for light or very sparse eyelashes and looks very natural and effective.

The procedure is carried out with a special apparatus with a maniple handle and fine needles. With this method, the permanent does not need a sketch, since the pigment is applied strictly along the lash line, without going beyond it.


Permanent eye makeup "arrows"
Permanent eye makeup “arrows”

Arrows made with permanent makeup are the most popular tattoo option. They complement the filled-in contour of the space between the eyelashes and are the perfect make-up option for every girl. Decorative arrows are of several types:

  • Classic upper;
  • On the lower eyelid;
  • Colored.

The arrows on the upper eyelid are suitable for absolutely everyone, but the lower eyelid is not recommended for girls with an Asian type of face or bags over their eyes.

Draw arrows with a manipulative pen. Before starting work, the master selects a suitable shape and angle of the arrow, then draws a sketch, and only then proceeds to apply the pigment.

The arrows are most often done in black, but you can also choose brown, green or even blue. The decision depends on the preferences of the client, the shade of the eyes and skin, as well as the presence of small capillaries or spots on the skin.

Arrows with shadow feathering

Permanent eyelid makeup with shading
Permanent eyelid makeup with shading

A variation of the decorative permanent arrow is an arrow with shadow shading. Makeup creates a feeling of light haze over the eyelashes in the style of smoky ice. It turns out the effect of eyeliner with a pencil or shadows.

When creating an arrow with shading, the pigment is applied pointwise, allowing you to create a shadow tattoo along the edge of the eyelid. The main advantage of applying a shadow permanent with dots is the ability to adjust the intensity of makeup. So the dots can be almost imperceptible and rare, or vice versa dense and stylized.

Permanent make-up arrow with shading
Permanent make-up arrow with shading

The natural look of such arrows allows you to use permanent makeup even as a base for a daytime make-up and, especially, for an evening one, when shadows or a shimmer are added.

Soft, not prominent lines are an advantageous masking of small wrinkles in the eye area.

The “blurred” effect requires certain qualifications and skills, so the master must be chosen carefully and carefully. It is also necessary to listen to the advice of a specialist and select the most suitable arrow and shading for the shape of the eyes, respectively.

Preparation for the procedure

Permanent make-up with an arrow
Permanent make-up with an arrow

Before the procedure of applying permanent makeup on the eyelids, experts recommend styling the eyebrows so that the arrows are combined not only with the shape of the eyes, but also with the eyebrows.

The procedure is carried out in stages:

  • The master removes cosmetics from the skin of the eyelids and the area around the eyes;
  • The skin is degreased with a special solution that does not contain alcohol;
  • A sketch is applied with decorative cosmetics;
  • Use application anesthesia with a cream or gel;
  • After the cream is absorbed, the remnants are removed with a napkin;
  • Outline the contour along the lash line;
  • Drawing strokes from the contour according to the prepared form;
  • Removal of excision residues.

In general, the procedure takes about one and a half to two hours, depending on the desired result and the chosen technique.

After the procedure, the master must necessarily consult the client and familiarize him with all the measures for the care of permanent makeup for the next week.

Be sure to bring dark tinted glasses with you to protect your eyes from light and external irritants after the procedure.

You should also remain calm, do not twitch and do not make sudden movements, otherwise the result may be disastrous.

Contraindications for the procedure

The primary result of applying a permanent on the eyelids
The primary result of applying a permanent on the eyelids

Before carrying out the permanent make-up procedure, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with a number of contraindications and recommendations. According to the instructions of professional cosmetologists, it is forbidden to drink alcohol two days before the procedure, and coffee a few hours before the procedure.

You should also refuse drugs that reduce blood density, and be sure to pass a test for allergies to the selected pigment.

Contraindications to the procedure:

  • conjunctivitis;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Diabetes;
  • The presence of inflammatory processes in the body;
  • Exacerbation of skin diseases;
  • HIV infection and AIDS;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Diseases of the mucous membrane.

In some cases, people with neuropsychological disorders are not allowed to the procedure. Therefore, it is important to answer all the questions of the master about the state of health and provide, if necessary, a medical certificate.

What do the eyes look like immediately after the procedure?

The result of permanent make-up
The result of permanent make-up

Immediately after the procedure, the skin of the eyelids may not look the best way, but do not be afraid. This is a natural reaction of the skin to external interference. With proper care, residual effects will disappear within a week or two. However, in some cases, complications may occur.

The main symptoms after the procedure:

  • Bruising on the upper and lower eyelids is evidence of circulatory disorders in the epidermis associated with …

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