Permanent makeup allows you to always look beautiful and well-groomed.

Permanent makeup 2022: what every woman needs to know about it

All women want to wake up in the morning beautiful, and not waste time on a daily make-up. Permanent makeup will always look decent, regardless of the situation. After the procedure, evening washing and morning facials will become a thing of the past, because the pigment can last on the face for several years, which will allow any woman to always look spectacular.

Permanent makeup allows you to always look beautiful and well-groomed.

Features of permanent makeup

The procedure is quite simple, and you need to do it only with proven masters who not only guarantee quality, but also safety. Permanent makeup involves the introduction of pigment into the upper layers of the skin with the help of needles, so it is highly undesirable to trust your face and its beauty to a random “specialist”.

To get the expected effect of permanent makeup, contact only professionals in their field.

But if you go to a salon that values ​​its reputation and clients, you can get a fairly lasting effect on the eyebrows, lips or eyelids for several years to come. Many women confuse permanent makeup with a tattoo, so you need to know the difference.

Permanent makeup is considered a safe procedure for women.

Yes, in both cases, a pigment is injected under the skin, but the similarity ends there.

During the procedure of permanent makeup, it is also called tattooing, a sparing composition based on glycerin is used, which penetrates only into the upper layers of the epidermis. With the natural renewal of the skin, the pigment gradually loses its color intensity and dissolves.

When carrying out permanent makeup, the pigment is injected shallowly under the skin, so it disappears after a few years.

A tattoo is forever and such a make-up will have to be removed during the procedure, which is accompanied by pain and long healing of the affected areas.

The most durable is considered permanent makeup in the form of eyeliners, which can last up to ten years.

Advantages and disadvantages of permanent makeup on the face

Before visiting the salon, you must remember that any cosmetic procedure has not only advantages, but also has contraindications. Permanent makeup is also not without its drawbacks, which must be taken into account, because it will no longer be possible to wash it off with soap and water or other means, you will have to wait at least a few months, and a maximum of five years, when the pigment loses its color and comes off on its own.

If there are no contraindications, then permanent makeup is the best solution for a business woman.

But it is worth noting that the procedure has much more obvious advantages, as evidenced by the millions of women who make such a make-up on a regular basis.

Women often do permanent makeup in a complex - this is a tattoo of eyebrows, lips and eyeliner.

Benefits of permanent makeup:

  1. Saving free time. You don’t have to do morning makeup every day, which can smudge or leak at any time, which is not so rare. Evening washing off the owners of the tattoo is also not threatened, which can significantly save time for more important things.
Permanent makeup will minimize the use of decorative cosmetics

  1. Fortitude. On average, the effect of eyebrow architecture or lip contouring lasts about 4-5 years. During this period, you will have to visit the master only a few times for the necessary correction and you can forget about pencils, paints and lipstick.
Eyebrows after permanent makeup will not require coloring for the next 4-5 years

Permanent makeup on the eyelids in the form of eyeliners can last up to ten years

  1. Natural beauty. A well-executed permanent makeup will not look vulgar. The contour of the eyebrows, lips or eyes will acquire expressiveness combined with unobtrusiveness, which is difficult to achieve when using decorative cosmetics.
Properly done permanent makeup looks beautiful and natural.

Of the shortcomings of a persistent make-up, two aspects can be distinguished – this is the possibility of getting into a chair with an unscrupulous master, and there is also a risk that the pigment under the skin will not behave as expected.

To create an evening look, you can always complement permanent makeup with decorative cosmetics.

Permanent makeup rarely causes skin problems, but has contraindications.

With the choice of a specialist, everything is quite simple, you can not contact unverified salons or private individuals. But a negative reaction to the pigment under the skin is a rare occurrence and depends only on the individual characteristics of the organism. You will have to additionally invest in your beauty in order to minimize unwanted manifestations.

A professional master will not work with a face if a woman has contraindications

If the decision to carry out the procedure has already been made, then you need to know the contraindications. The master will refuse to tattoo if there are neoplasms at the injection site, these areas of the skin should not be disturbed.

A few hours in the salon will allow any woman to look spectacular in any situation.

It is also worth abandoning permanent makeup for women suffering from diabetes and diseases associated with blood clotting. It is advisable to postpone the procedure until better times during pregnancy and lactation.

 With permanent makeup, you can not waste time before work for “beautifying”

 Carry out the permanent makeup procedure only if you feel good, then the risks can be minimized
Carry out the permanent makeup procedure only if you feel good, then the risks can be minimized

How is permanent makeup done and what does it give

The procedure is carried out as part of the eyebrow architecture complex, as a lip tattoo and correction of the eye section.

Permanent makeup is very convenient during a vacation or a business trip.

It is worth noting that permanent makeup has little effect and tattooing does not mean that you need to completely abandon decorative cosmetics.

Permanent makeup can be worn as a daily make-up, and for parties use decorative cosmetics.

Permanent lip makeup

The procedure will allow you to forget about pencils, you will only need to use lipsticks or glosses. Permanent makeup will do a great job of correcting the shape of the lips to give more volume, and to make the contour clearer and brighter.

With permanent lip makeup, the contour is leveled and the volume is increased.

During the procedure, the dye is injected under the skin no more than 0.5 mm deep, and the effect lasts 4-6 years.

Lip contour correction is the main task of permanent makeup.

The master can work out the entire surface with pigment or bring out only the contour of the lips, which remains at the discretion of the client. It should be borne in mind that the paint under the skin can behave unpredictably, sometimes you have to make a correction a month after the procedure.

Permanent make-up of lips and eyebrows are the most demanded procedures in salons.

Therefore, many masters recommend to start tattooing only along the contour of the lips.

With full permanent lip makeup, you can significantly change the shape and add volume.

Eyebrow permanent makeup

Permanent make-up is carried out in a complex of procedures, when the shape has already been created, and eyebrow coloring on a regular basis is not included in the client’s plans.

The master of permanent makeup pays maximum attention to the tone of the pigment in order to achieve a more natural result.

When tattooing, the main thing is to choose the right color of the pigment, it should differ slightly from the hair, a maximum of two or three tones darker, otherwise it will not be quite an aesthetic result, which cannot be washed off.

Permanent eyebrow makeup allows you to adjust the shape and make them more expressive

A beautiful effect can last 2-3 years, while it will not be necessary to contact the master for hair coloring, it is enough to periodically visit the salon for eyebrow correction.

With properly done pigmented eyebrow makeup, they will look natural.

With permanent eyebrow makeup, you can forget about pencils for several years.

Permanent Eye Makeup: Arrow Tattoos

With the help of permanent makeup, the look can be made more expressive and the effect of thick eyelashes can be achieved. When performing the procedure, the master introduces pigment into the space between the eyelashes or outlines the contour of the eyes, you can also draw small arrows on the eyelid.

Permanent makeup on the eyelids requires high professionalism from the master

The result is quite natural and can last for 5-10 years, which will allow you not to use paints that adversely affect the condition of the hairs.

Permanent makeup between the lashes can make the look more expressive.

After permanent make-up of eyelashes, the visual volume will increase

Permanent make-up of the lower eyelids (concealer)

A great way out for women who see dark circles under their eyes in the morning. Permanent makeup will help to lighten these areas of the skin a little, which will eliminate the need to apply a thick layer of decorative cosmetics.

Evening skin color under the eyes can also be done using permanent makeup.

The procedure will not take much time, but the duration of the effect is strictly individual and depends on the characteristics of the client’s skin.

With the help of pigmented makeup, you can permanently get rid of circles under the eyes

At the same time, the effect will not show itself quickly, you will have to take a short vacation and wait until …

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