Eyebrow permanent makeup

Permanent makeup of eyebrows and lips: what is it and when is it needed, photo examples of 2022

Getting up early in the morning every day to do a neat make-up quickly gets boring. If you dream of looking amazing all the time, then permanent makeup is the best solution that will save you from having to use cosmetics.

Eyebrow permanent makeup

Features of permanent makeup of eyebrows and lips in 2022

The procedure is similar to the process of applying a tattoo: paint is introduced into the upper layers of the dermis using a special needle, which creates a pattern that is indelible for a long time.

Eyebrow permanent makeup with shading

Permanent make-up lasts for quite a long time, but the period depends on the technique and materials used. As a rule, it retains its original appearance for a year, and then gradually begins to fade. Sometimes makeup can last up to 5 years, after which adjustments will be required.

Lips before and after permanent makeup

Several factors affect the durability of permanent makeup:

  • Age. At a young age, the skin is quickly updated, so older ladies can do permanent makeup less often.
  • Skin type. Makeup lasts longer on dry skin than on oily skin.
  • Paint color. Light shades fade faster.
  • Technique. There are many ways to create permanent makeup, and they all differ in durability. For example, powder coating of eyebrows is the most short-lived.
  • Dye. Organic dyes hold less than mineral dyes, but are considered the safest and allow you to get a beautiful color without unwanted undertones.
Permanent lip makeup

The difference between permanent makeup and tattoo

Sometimes permanent makeup is called “tattoo”, which is why some people confuse it with tattoos. Permanent makeup is a temporary application of a pattern that disappears completely after a few years. Tattoos are not erased and remain for life. The only way to remove them is to reduce them with a laser, which is quite problematic. This durability is achieved through the use of chemical pigments that are injected into the skin to a depth of 1 mm.

Eyebrow tattoo

When tattooing, the pigment is fixed at a depth of 0.5 mm, so the process is less painful. However, discomfort can still occur because makeup is applied to sensitive areas.

Permanent eyebrow makeup

The main component of dyes is glycerin. Over time, it dissolves in the skin, which means it is completely safe. The exception is cases where there is an intolerance to the component.

Advantages and disadvantages of permanent makeup

Many girls choose permanent makeup because it greatly simplifies everyday life.

It has many advantages:

  • Convenience. Having done permanent makeup, you will forget about long preparations in the morning. You no longer have to spend a lot of time drawing eyebrows or arrows evenly. Moreover, in the evening, makeup also does not have to be washed off.
Eyebrow permanent makeup

  • Persistence. On average, makeup lasts about 3 years. Sometimes it may only take a few visits to the master to freshen up the drawing. And eyebrow tinting with henna, for example, is inferior in this parameter. It allows you to color the skin, but the result lasts no more than a week on it, so girls with thick eyebrows choose henna to color the hairs. Permanent makeup is suitable for everyone.
Shaded lip tattoo

  • Naturalness. High-quality permanent makeup always looks attractive and only emphasizes the natural beauty.
Natural lip tattoo

However, there are some drawbacks to permanent makeup. As with any other procedure, there is a risk of getting to an inexperienced master. Therefore, the first thing to do is to study the certificates of a specialist and examples of work, read reviews about him.

Permanent lip makeup in nude color

There is also a chance that you won’t get the color you expected. This can happen if the master uses low-quality materials. It is desirable that the dye be organic – it always gives the expected result.

Who Shouldn’t Get Permanent Makeup?

The procedure has a number of contraindications. So, permanent makeup cannot be done if you have:

  • inflammatory diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • poor blood clotting;
Permanent eyebrow makeup for blondes

Also, the procedure is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women and people who are recovering from surgery. The master can refuse, even if there are moles, warts and wounds at the place where the make-up is planned.

How is permanent eyebrow makeup done with hair technique in 2022

There are many different techniques for performing permanent makeup. Carefully study the features of each, so as not to be mistaken with the choice.

The pigment is applied with strokes, which results in an imitation of many hairs. Eyebrows look natural, acquire density and splendor. Hair technique is of two types: European and Eastern. In the first case, the strokes are short and equal in length, while in the second they are different. Preference is usually given to the eastern, as the result is more natural.

Permanent make-up of eyebrows in hair technique

Eyebrow permanent makeup

Received also the name “shadow technique”. The master uses several colors and then blends them, creating the effect of shadows for the eyebrows. The result is natural, because a smooth transition is formed from dark colors, which are located at the tip of the eyebrows, to light ones, located at the base.

Eyebrow shot

It is important that the first days of the eyebrows will be light, but later they will darken and acquire the correct shade. After about two months, you will need to make a correction to consolidate the result.

Fact about eyebrows

The main purpose of eyebrows is to protect the eyes from rain, sweat flowing down the forehead. Eyebrow hairs divert droplets towards the temples, allowing a person to see the surrounding space.

Permanent makeup 2022 using powder spray

This technique also helps to get a soft result. It consists in applying to the skin many small dots with paint, which are almost invisible. It looks like the eyebrows are lightly made up with a pencil.

Powder coating of eyebrows

Permanent make-up of eyebrows using the technique of powder coating

Watercolor technique for permanent lip makeup

Usually used for lip tattooing. The effect is obtained as natural as possible, and all thanks to the use of several shades close in tone. The contour is made with the darkest color, and the rest of the surface of the lips is filled with a lighter pigment. So it turns out to achieve a smooth “ombre” effect, which emphasizes the juiciness of the lips and makes them visually more voluminous.

Permanent lip makeup in watercolor technique

Permanent eyebrow makeup 2022 with microblading

This method of eyebrow design is most reminiscent of tattooing, because the procedure involves the use of special microscopic needles to inject pigment under the skin. With their help, an imitation of hairs is created.

A few years ago, microblading was one of the most popular types of permanent eyebrow makeup, but recently it has been losing popularity because the result is not always natural.

Eyebrow microblading

If you decide to do microblading, be serious about choosing a master and ask him to use paint a shade lighter than your hair.

Eyebrow makeup using microblading technique

Combined technique for permanent…

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