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Photo and video: how to make a bun on your head?

How to make a sloppy bun on your head with an elastic band?

Long hair is undoubtedly a beautiful decoration for a woman’s head, but it promises serious work in the care and creation of hairstyles. Today we propose to consider options for how to independently make a beautiful bun on your head at home in various ways: with the help of an elastic band, a donut, hairpins, on the side, high at the crown, etc. Consider options for medium (up to the shoulders) and long (to the middle of the back and below ) hair, straight and curly with step by step instructions. And also we will bring to your attention photos and videos on the topic.

How to make a bun on the head?

Before starting to create a fashionable image (including hairstyles), each girl needs to learn how to follow the advice of specialists (stylists, designers):

• you need to take into account the full image: makeup, clothes, accessories, styling, etc.;
• it is better to create a hairstyle on normal clean hairfor a sustainable effect, use fixatives: varnishes, gels, mousses etc., it is better for owners of smooth thin curls to use fleece;
• do not create an image on wet or damp hair, this will make it difficult to work;
• choose a hairstyle according to your data: dFor tall girls with a swan neck, top buns are not recommended, high hairstyles are great for short necks and / or short stature, voluminous hairstyles are not suitable for petite beauties, etc.33

Contrary to popular belief, such hairstyles can be built for any length of hair: short, medium or long hair. It looks most interesting if the hair has a modern color using the ombre, boho or highlighting technique. It can be complemented by various decorating means, a hat (with fur, with a multi-color handmade ornament (for example, tricolor), a veil or a shawl with a rose, a round yoke, etc.), for example.

How to make a bun on the head with an elastic band

The hair band is a unique tool for creating a beautiful look. There is a huge choice of options for its use, both in a single version and with the addition of auxiliary accessories, for example, hairpins. The simplest (classic), but elegant version is done like this (an ordinary vanilla toggle switch, based on a regular bun):

  • the whole mop is going to tail (you can choose the height at your discretion, but it is important that the tail is not tight), you need to comb the hair well before the process;
  • taking curls by the tips you need wrap the whole shock around the base of the gum, slightly scrolling the strands;
  • tips reliably to fix invisible under the tail, and the whole bunch with hairpins around the entire circumference;
  • pull out the time of the strands at the temple, so that they frame the oval of the face (you get a stylish, slightly untidy look);
  • sticking out tips no need to tuck into the hair, they spice up the image;
  • to make the hairstyle more volumetricuse a pencil, use it to slightly loosen the result (this method will give a slight sloppiness).111

The main principle of work, of course, is simplicity and ease. To get started, you can practice creating ideas on a doll (for beginners) or watch videos on YouTube.

Make a messy modern bun on your head

How to do ridiculous tousled bun on the heade? We offer a quick and simple option using a loop:

  • collect a mop in the tail at the crown (horse): in the first turn, thread it all through, and in the second, do it not completely (to make it look like a loop), so that the hairstyle turns out to be voluminous, moisten the mop with foam before this procedure;
  • on the loop and the remaining tips, make a light pile (give carelessness, you can slightly dishevel it with a pencil);
  • fix the result with varnish.

Such sloppy variations are great for a child (little girl) and for young people, both for every day and for special occasions. Another option: an inverted beam, made with a spiral or spring.6415563

A bun on the head with an elastic band for medium hair

The original idea of ​​​​creating hairstyles with plaits. It looks more elegant if you make it at the back of the head (you can on the side). The scheme is simple:

  • divide the mop into several strands (the more strands, the more original the result will look);
  • divide each strand into two more and scroll in different directions (make bundles);
  • tie knots (if the curls are short enough, one knot on each selected strand) from the created bundles;
  • fix the tips and hide with invisibility;
  • repeat the procedure with all strands.four

You can create both an ideal and vice versa – an imperfect image (stylish casual). For the second, you need a regular pencil, with its help you need to fluff the knots a little, make them careless.

How to make a voluminous bun on the head with a donut

The most common option for creating a bundle is a bagel (in the absence of a special elastic band with a sponge (bagel or donut), you can replace it with a rolled up sock). The result is feminine, neat and lush:

  • make a tail with an elastic band (top or bottom);
  • put a mop in a bagel / sock;
  • make a palm from the tail, moving the bagel to the tips (not all the way);
  • distribute the tips evenly around the entire circumference;
  • wrap them under a bagel and scroll until you hide all the curls under the roller;
  • on top of the structure, put on an elastic band in the color of the mop;
  • fix the contours with hairpins.


We will talk about how to make a bun on the head without a donut and a sock below.

Fashionable bun on the head: photo

You can create a modern look on one’s ownwithout resorting to the help of beauty salons. Many of the described methods are successfully used even by world screen stars. However, it is easy to verify this by looking at the photo illustrations of the results presented to your attention: here are ordinary bunches (classic), and using bagels, hairpins, with French braids, etc., etc.23

Varieties of a beam on the head: how to do it?

Hairstyles that you can do yourself a lot, you just need to choose the appropriate option:

  • bunches on the side (one or two vanilla);
  • with a French braid on the side or in the center;
  • disheveled (messy, fluffy);
  • bow;
  • released strands and without them, etc.

We have already described some options, and we propose to consider some more.

Two bunches on the head on the sides

This unusual model also has two versions: can be done high, in the middle, or at the bottom at the back of the head. To create a hairstyle, divide the curls in half (the asymmetric division (lightning) looks original), make ponytails with an elastic band on each separated strand and create a unique design of the chosen model (babette or cool elongated horns, for example). Perfectly suited sloppy option.

Such an appearance…

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