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Photo and video how to make a manicure with broths

Fashionable manicure with broths – nail design with broths

Bouillon manicure is very popular today. Small beads – broths allow you to create an interesting design that wins the hearts of fashionistas. Today, in specialized stores, you can buy beads of any color, which allows you to give free rein to your imagination.

And we offer you a large number of photos for inspiration, and most importantly, lessons on creating an interesting home design using broths with step-by-step photos and videos with master classes.

Nail design with broths – photo

Bouillons are very small balls (a very small smooth bead). Masters of the nail industry fantasize with them and come up with very interesting ideas that are worthy of attention.

A little more about each idea.

Beautiful manicure with rhinestones and bouillons

The design looks gorgeous in a combination of bouillon and rhinestones. Usually, rhinestones are used as a base, and beads are an additional decor.

Red, pink, purple, burgundy, mint, white, turquoise, nude, yellow polish in combination with black, blue, gold broths look very original.

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Bouillons gel polish

Shellac and gel polish in 2018 at the peak of popularity. It protects the nail from damage and retains a beautiful design in its original form for at least 2 weeks. With it, you can fulfill even the craziest ideas.

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French Style “French Bouillons”

French style options are classics of the genre. French manicure will always be fashionable, so you should pay special attention to it.

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Wedding manicure with white bouillons

Wedding manicure has long been not just a classic jacket. Modern brides fantasize adding bouillon to their wedding design in combination with noble pearls. You can draw a picture (butterflies, a flower) and decorate with beads or experiment with a liquid colored stone. Together they look amazing.


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Delicate caviar manicure for short nails

A small nail plate has one unusual, but huge plus – all the patterns and drawings on them look very neat and elegant.

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Caviar moon manicure with bouillons

Lunar dine does not lose its popularity year after year. It would seem, how could one not have guessed such a simple and beautiful design before, but nevertheless, the reverse jacket appeared all a couple of years ago, immediately becoming mega popular.

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New Year’s variant with broths

New Year is the season of holidays, and the soul requires more glitter and chic.

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How to do a manicure with broths at home

To create this type of manicure, you will need the following materials:

  1. Base coat (if you use gel polish)
  2. orange stick
  3. Base polish (regular polish or gel polish in the color scheme you like)
  4. Jar of broths (small balls)
  5. Paper
  6. Top coat or special fixer

The process of creating a design with broths:

  1. First you need to prepare the nail. You need to start by removing the cuticle, and giving the desired shape to the nail plate. You can simply use an orange stick to push back your cuticles and lubricate them with an emollient.
  2. The second step is always to think carefully about the stylish design. A pre-designed pattern eliminates the possibility of various unforeseen undesirable results for the beginner.
  3. Apply base coat and wait until completely dry.
  4. Applying a simple varnish or gel polish of a suitable color. After that, we begin to carefully lay out the broths. This is where you need a piece of paper. We put a sheet of paper and lay out the beads, scooping up an orange stick. With a finger, gently press them to the nail and correct the edges with an orange stick. After it is necessary to remove the excess with a soft brush. It may not work out neatly the first time, but over time you will get used to working with such an unusual bulk material.
  5. We apply a fixer-glue or a top coat (it can be a transparent varnish). You need to cover the nail with a completely thick layer. It will take a long time to dry, but your beads will be fixed securely.

Such a manicure will look chic and very unusual. Your image will definitely not be forgotten by anyone.

Step-by-step photo – how to make a manicure with broths with your own hands

And now a photo lesson step by step with a detailed overview of how to create a good and correct manicure with small beads.

Step-by-step technique of unique design.

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Video lessons “manicure with broths” (master class)

On YouTube, you can watch thousands of master classes and video tutorials from various masters of the nail industry (Svetlana Sokolova, Masha Krit, Anastasia Dailida, etc.) for free.

Let’s start watching the most interesting video ideas.

  1. The easiest option

2. Beautiful hearts

3. Caviar manicure

4. Design combined with stones and rhinestones

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