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Photo of ash-colored hair and ash blond dyeing technique

About fashionable hair color “ash blond”

To date, ash blonde is one of the most sought-after shades. You can completely dye your hair gray or make an ash ombre, balayage.

The main thing to remember is that you can’t immediately dye your hair in ashy color. In the beginning, you need to discolor them (they will be yellowish), and then tint them with the desired shade.

Is it true that ash blonde is the hottest hair color this year?

Chocolate hair color and red are in fashion today. And blondes are advised to choose warm shades, for example wheaten blond. Also relevant and strawberry blond.

How about ashen?

Ash blonde is popular regardless of fashion, because many blondes can not stand the yellow tint. For most, this is a sign of either poor-quality staining or the fact that it’s time to go to the master, since the ashes have washed off and yellowness has “climbed”.

Achieving an ash blonde is really difficult, especially if the hair is dark. You will need to bleach your hair several times to reach level 10, and only then you can tint it with an ashy shade.

Popular ashy shades for hair

Ash blond can be different, for example, give pink or purple. It all depends on what shade of paint you choose and what base you apply the dye to. Consider the most popular ashy shades for hair and discuss who they are suitable for.

Ash blonde – very light color with a grayish tint, natural and luxurious. This pastel, soft shade suits almost all girls. You can do the ombre technique or highlighting, which is based on platinum color.

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Cold ash blonde looks perfect on both long curls and short haircuts. This is a mesmerizing magnetic color that is impossible to resist. But to achieve this color at home is very difficult, so it would be better to trust a professional.

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Shade platinum blonde – deep, lively and alluring color. Looks very impressive and beautiful. Suitable for women with pale or pale pink skin.

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Crystal pearl shade – light, delicate and soft tone. It’s a beautiful, expensive color. Shades of this color are completely different from light gold to golden pearl. The pearl shade makes the hair color sparkle and shine in a new way, it seems to revive them. Hair dyed in a pearl shade looks simply gorgeous.

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Violet Ash Blonde – beautiful, delicate color with a slight silvery tint. This is a trendy youth color, bright and individual.

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What hair dye to choose to get an “ash blonde”?

Today there is a large selection of hair coloring products, from simple colors to professional ones, various in structure and components. It is best to use a paint cream, because it is they who carefully dye the hair, giving it the desired shade.

There are household dyes and professional ones. The difference is that the first ones contain both the paint itself and the oxidizing agent in the box, and for the professional ones you need to choose the right percentage of oxidant.

For home dyeing in ashy blond, you can use the following household dyes:

Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse
Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse (Schwarzkopf Mousse) is an ammonia-free paint with a pleasant smell.
Wella Wellaton
Wella Wellaton (Vella) – resistant cream paint. The elements included in the composition protect the hair from external factors, ultraviolet rays.
Garnier Olia
Garnier Olia (Garnish) – resistant cream-color with a high content of nutrients. Colors well, while nourishing and protecting from damage.
Garnier Color Naturals
Garnier Color Naturals – resistant, nourishing paint, the unique formula of which softens and nourishes the hair. Works well with gray hair.

It is important to understand that this hair dye is not able to lighten dark hair. Therefore, if your shade is below level 8, you must first bleach your hair. For this, a powder is used. A 3% or 6% oxidizing agent will do. You can also make a wash, for example, Estelle has a good drug.

In general, if you plan to lighten your hair and only then tint it into an ashy blond, it is better to choose professional paint and a low percentage of oxidizing agent of 1.5% or 3% for this procedure. From paints, you can choose Igora, Estel, Estel Esex or De Lux, Wella, Koleston, etc.

How to dye your hair ash blonde at home?

It is quite possible to dye your hair yourself if you follow the rules and follow the instructions:

  1. First you need to buy an ashy or purple tonic paint and the most gentle, gentle oxidizer with powder in order to bleach your hair. (If you want to test the dye, then you need to apply a small amount of the product to a separate strand of hair and skin behind the ear).
  2. We dilute the powder with an oxidizing agent and apply it to the curls, starting from the tips. Wash off and move on to the next step.
  3. The next step is to apply paint to the roots of the hair, moving smoothly towards the tips (divide the strands into partings for this). It is advisable to apply the dye to dry, unwashed hair, because if you dye clean, washed hair, you can burn the scalp, especially for those who have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies. If you chose not a paint but a tonic, just after washing your hair, apply a tint tonic and hold for a couple of minutes.

After dyeing your hair, we recommend using a shampoo specifically for colored hair, because regular shampoo washes away the dye and vitamins contained in the dye. (This applies to the first shampoo after dyeing.) Well, to keep the hair shiny, you can use a balm or conditioner after dyeing.

Girls who are afraid to experiment with paints and dye themselves blond, but want to change something in themselves, can first try a tint balm (tonic) for hair.

Watch the video on how to dye your hair ash blonde:

Good hair care products

Coloring in light shades is always accompanied by a preliminary bleaching of the hair. And only after that, with the help of paint, by toning, you can achieve the desired result.

Ash hair requires special care, firstly, to keep the color as long as possible, and secondly, to restore it. Suitable for the following:

Diva Mask

Diva Mask

Diva Mask for strengthening and hair growth will be needed, as it stimulates growth and strengthens the hair follicle.



SILK HAIR is a hair growth serum that will help restore curls and give them shine.

Scalp Active Toner

Scalp Active Toner

Hair tonic Scalp Active Toner – preserves color and nourishes each strand. especially effective for damaged hair.

Oil complex for hair strengthening Head&Hair


Head&Hair Hair Strengthening Oil Complex is ideal for all hair types and is considered a real lifesaver for blondes.


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