Photos of the novelty of 2019: nail design with rhinestones

Photo of nail design with rhinestones

Women love everything shiny and sparkling, reminiscent of precious stones. With the advent of rhinestones, we were able to fulfill an old female dream – to decorate nails with beautiful stones. Of course, Swarovski remains the most beautiful and in demand, so if you decide to make your claws super fashionable and sparkling, choose small rhinestones from this manufacturer.

French with rhinestones – photo of the novelty of 2019

French manicure is the most favorite type of nail design, and a jacket with rhinestones beats all possible records of popularity, regardless of trends. By the way, rhinestones on nails do not need to be glued with superglue, as many people think. The pebbles are fixed on the last layer of gel polish, and then the base is applied. This way they will last as long as possible.

Set for shellac CND Shellac
For home use, the CND Shellac set is suitable. There are the most top shades and the necessary tools for working with a nail, so you can make a beautiful manicure at home.

White sparkling French manicure

The design of a classic jacket can be diluted with rhinestones of absolutely any shade, which will give them a more festive look. Often, craftsmen decorate only the ring finger – a trend that has been holding positions for the third year.

2 3 5 7

Red shiny french

Everyone is getting a little fed up with the French manicure in red shades, but adding “glitter stones” will make a simple boring design chic.

eight 9 ten eleven

Seasonal French Manicure Ideas with Rhinestones for 2019

Fresh seasonal nail design ideas inspire us. In spring and summer, I want to add a little warm shades and colors, in autumn and winter, I am drawn to pre-pearl cold shades.

Autumn-winter 2019

2 17 eighteen 19

Spring-summer 2019

12 13 fourteen fifteen

Modern ideas for drawings with stones

A beautiful pattern will stand out if you decorate it with rhinestones. So you pay attention to your well-groomed hands and conquer men who love to kiss the hands of beautiful girls.

Nail design – flowers

Flowers will always be relevant, regardless of the season. For the warm season, you can add an image of seasonal flowers by adding a couple of Swarovski. In the cold season, flowers of cold shades and rhinestones are ideal.

twenty 21 22 23

Hit of the season – dragonfly

This year, the image of a dragonfly is incredibly popular. The wives of the whole world remembered such a beautiful noble insect, which is associated with those who enjoy life and live to the fullest.

24 25 26 27

Delicate butterfly for everyone

Butterfly is a symbol of tenderness, lightness and beauty. It looks especially chic on the nails, and if you also decorate it with shiny little pebbles, your hands will delight you and bring a lot of positive “cute” emotions.

28 29 thirty 31

For lovers of the unique Chanel style

Fans of Chanel products often prefer designs inspired by the brand’s logo and classic patterns.

32 33 34 35

New Year’s manicure – fresh ideas for the New Year 2019

New Year is the most favorite holiday for adults and children. In anticipation of the great fun, we, women, are thoroughly preparing ourselves, decorating our nails with thematic drawings and patterns.

36 37 38 39

Fresh youth ideas

Young people are always aware of all the latest innovations in manicure art. therefore, such fresh ideas as shellac and gel polish are preferred by young people.

Trendy shellac and gel polish with glittery pebbles

Shellac has long supplanted gel extensions, gel polish is simply adored by all fans of the unique glossy effect, and if you add rhinestones to all this, you get a very original design.


40 41 42 43

gel polish

44 45 46 47

Nail design on legs

I decided to attribute the sparkles on the legs to fresh youth ideas, since not every mature lady dares to add such a bright decoration for a pedicure. But if you are bold and bright, with the onset of warm days, when we start wearing open-top shoes, feel free to decorate your toenails with all sorts of shiny rhinestones and stones.

48 49 fifty 51

Fashionable color manicure (many photos)

Companies that produce nail polish pamper us with a large assortment and a huge selection of shades.

bright red

Classic red can be made ultra fashionable and stylish by adding rhinestones.

52 53 54 55

Combination – rhinestones and sparkles

Sequins will add even more celebration and solemnity to such a design.

56 57 58 59

Gothic black

The most beloved color of all times and peoples has the right to show off on our fingers.

60 61 62 63

For lovers of blue

Blue is chosen by daring and fashionable beauties.

64 65 66 67

White design

If you are a bride, a white manicure would be perfect for a chic white dress.

68 69 70 71

In soft pink

Little princesses grow up, but the love of pink remains. By the way, it is considered the color of 2019.

72 73 74 75

black and white

Two chic contrasting colors will make everyone pay attention to your hands.

76 77 78

The shape of the nail matters

When creating a beautiful nail design, it is very important to consider the shape. For long ones, you can use larger rhinestones, for short ones, small neat ones.

Jewelry for short nails

Tiny neat nails are easy to make fashionable and stylish by adding just a couple of shiny pebbles.

one 2 3 four

Long sharp nails design

Long sharp nails are back in fashion. They are much more noticeable than small ones, so when decorating them, do not be stingy with decor.

5 6 7 eight

Newfangled “bouillons”

Masters offer to decorate the nails with small balls, which have become absolute favorites this year.

9 ten eleven 12

Manicure with rhinestones at home for short nails (photo and video)

If you want to make a beautiful manicure at home, pay attention to our video tutorials with detailed instructions, but I dare say that the technique of gluing rhinestones is very simple. Paint the nail with the varnish you like and wait until it dries completely. After that, apply a transparent varnish and glue the sparkles (glue is not needed for this, a transparent coating acts as its role). Top with another layer of clear varnish. Ready!

Light manicure with rhinestones

French with a butterfly

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