Pink pedicure - tenderness itself

Pink pedicure: trends 2022, color combinations, fashion ideas, photos

Pink is a traditional nail polish. He is always relevant and is not going to give up his positions. Nail art designers have enriched the tradition with new techniques and decor, and we’ll talk about this in the article.

Pink pedicure - tenderness itself

Features and shades of pink pedicure 2022

Features of a pink pedicure are that it will suit any outfit and any look. It is associated with purity and defenselessness, with lightness and airiness. Women’s feet with a pink pedicure are a reliable weapon for men’s hearts.

Cold pink pedicure

Another feature – it is suitable for any skin. The main thing is to choose the right shade. Lighter and colder shades are more suitable for fair-skinned girls, dark shades of pink are more suitable for girls with swarthy skin. And the palette of pink is surprisingly diverse. Judge for yourself. Cold shades of pink: ash pink, lilac, orchid color, pink cotton wool, fuchsia, lingonberry, raspberry.

Warm shades: peach, strawberry, mother-of-pearl, coral, carnation, sakura, salmon, flamingo, clover. This is not an exhaustive list. Agree that even the names caress the ear and evoke wonderful associations. Choose what you like best.

Color combinations of pink pedicure, relevant in 2022

Are you an active person and pastel colors seem too insipid to you? The pink palette is able to offer brighter, “acidic” tones. And, of course, the coating does not have to be monophonic. It’s easier to choose a partner for pink polish than, say, for burgundy, there are more options here.

White and pink pedicure

The most popular color combinations are:

  • Pink with white. What color doesn’t go well with white? There’s no such thing. White and pink pedicure – the very sophistication and tenderness.
Pink with yellow

  • Pink and yellow is a good tandem, but care is needed: combine cold pink with cold shades of yellow, warm pink with warm yellow.
Pink with blue

  • Pink with blue – bewitching tenderness.
Pink with black

  • Pink with black – such a pedicure – for a spectacular and aristocratic look.

Actually, here, as in the interior, you can use the Itten circle to select the right color combination. He will suggest the most harmonious options. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try others. In the end, what is not suitable for the interior can be an interesting experiment on the nails. It all depends on the selection of accessories and clothing.

Pink pedicure techniques popular in the current 2022 season

We figured out the color combinations, but what techniques are in trend now?

French pedicure classic

French style does not go out of fashion in the design of nails. French is universal, it suits any outfit and any skin color. And at work in the office, and at a friendly party, and at a gala event, your legs will look impeccably well-groomed and attractive.

Gentle French pedicure

Now French pedicure (and manicure too) has become more diverse. And although the favorite shades are still pastel, but it also allows bright multi-colored tones. The tip of the nail can be painted in different colors. French “moon design” can be very interesting and varied.

Gradient in pink pedicure

The gradient, or ombre, also confidently holds the lead among pedicure techniques. You can use a smooth transition between shades of pink, or you can use two colors, for example, pink and gray, pink and white, pink and purple, and remove the borders between colors or make them almost invisible. There are opportunities for an abundance of non-standard solutions and combinations. In this case, the gradient can be both horizontal and vertical.

Matte pink pedicure

Matte pink will create the effect of velvet nails. Matte pedicure is on the wave of popularity today, why not use this technique? What’s more, it’s easy to implement. It is enough to apply a matte top coat on top. Glossy coating can also be monophonic.

Bright rich pink color does not need any additional decorations, it attracts attention in itself.

Pink Pedicure Design 2022

For those who certainly want to decorate their pink nails, nail art designers offer many options.

Fact about pedicure

The first sets of pedicure tools appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, in the wake of interest in foot care. At the same time, the first colored varnishes appeared, which became a breakthrough in nail design.

Pink pedicure with rhinestones

Pink pedicure with rhinestones. With such legs, you will definitely become the queen of the beach or the dance floor. Swarovski stones, beads, crystals are used. All toenails should not be covered with rhinestones, limit yourself to your thumb.

The sizes, arrangement of rhinestones can be very different – chaotic or in the form of a pattern. A combination of stones of different cuts and different sizes looks good. But don’t overdo it. Busting with jewelry on the legs can make the image vulgar.

Pink foil pedicure

Pink foil pedicure. This is one of the most affordable options to give your nails a unique look. Foil can be of different colors, but most often gold or silver. Cut any figures from foil and carefully lay them on the nail with tweezers. Top with top coat. The variety of options and the resulting effect are mesmerizing.

Pink glitter pedicure

Pink glitter pedicure. It is always solemn and attractive. You can buy glitter varnish, or glitter separately, they are sold in all colors in jars. Cover a monochromatic coating with sequins, and they will transform your look. Sequins can be combined with rhinestones, with drawings. The “stretch” design is very effective when there is a gradual transition from shiny to plain.

Pink pedicure with rubbing

Pink with rub. Rubbing is a very fine powder that is sold in small jars. It can be pearly, glossy, metallic or mirror shade. A layer of powder is applied with a brush to the nail, and then rubbed with fingers until a uniform coating. The result – your nails sparkle like a mirror or shimmer like pearls.

Pink glitter pedicure

Pink with glitter. Glitter is also a powder, but larger. It is not applied with a brush, but poured onto the sticky layer of the nail. It gives a very textured matte finish. You can make it monophonic, or you can make it with a smooth transition from one color to another. Such a gradient will look especially unusual.

Pink pedicure with kamifubuki

Pink with kamifubuki. A very popular technique, reminiscent of rhinestones and foil, and applied in the same way, that is, laid out on the nail manually.

Pink pedicure with drawings

Pink with a pattern. This is where you can let your imagination run wild! Drawing techniques:

  • With an ordinary brush – everything here is like a real artist: a nail is a canvas, varnishes are a palette. The subject matter is different. Geometric patterns are very popular. Floral motifs do not lose their relevance; on a pink background, they look especially feminine and gentle. In summer, a marine theme appears on the nails: waves, palm trees, fish. And also fruity: berries, orange and watermelon slices, and so on.
Pink with patterns

  • Airbrushing – drawing is applied using a stencil. A part of the nail is closed with a stencil, airbrush paint is applied to the open one. The stencil is then removed.
  • Stamping – drawing …

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