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We know how difficult it is to have dry skin on the face. No moisturizer option seems to work long term for skin problems.

Dry skin is when the top layer of skin lacks the proper amount of water (hydration) it needs. This layer begins to break down and develop a layered texture and/or with visible fine lines or cracks.

Causes of dry skin

The lack of moisture in the skin is the result of a decrease in the content of fatty acids (lipids) in the skin, which are responsible for locking in moisture and keeping the skin soft and supple.

Many causes can lead to xerosis, which is an alternative term used for dry skin.

  • Weather changes, especially during the cold and dry winter months
  • Dry air in arid and semi-arid regions throughout the year
  • Heaters (either central or portable)
  • Hot tubs / showers
  • Chlorinated water from swimming pools
  • Harsh chemicals in soaps and detergents
  • Skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, etc.
  • Excessive use of skin cleansers

Apart from these causes, medications for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, allergies, and acne can also make your skin dry.

Dry skin care tips

Don’t clean your face too often

Cleansing your face too often removes all the moisture from your skin. Wash your face just twice a day with a cleanser. If you feel the need to wash your face several times a day, just wash it with plain water.

Do not use harsh detergent

Not all cleansers are suitable for all skin types. Stop picking just any random cleanser off the shelf based on how it smells or its texture. Get the right cleanser for your skin type. Otherwise, it may dry out your skin.

Exfoliate your skin

You need to get rid of dead skin cells on your face. Otherwise, cells will build up on your skin, making your face look dull, dry, and flaky. Hence, stop avoiding the scrub. Apply it gently and avoid aggressive rubbing.

Get the right makeup

Even if you follow a strict skincare routine, the wrong make-up can leave your skin dry, blotchy, and puffy. Avoid using matte makeup if you have dry skin. Choose liquid products that create a dewy finish.

Don’t spend a lot of time in a dry environment

If you spend a lot of time in an air-conditioned room, this one is bad for dry skin. We know this is sometimes inevitable, especially in your workplace. To combat this, carry a face spray with you and spray it on your face from time to time.

httpsmakeupkeyrulicopravilnyj uxod za ochen suxoj kozhej lica v domashnix usloviyax v salone kompleksnaya programma uxoda luchshie uxodovye sredstva prichiny

Comprehensive program and scheme for dry skin care

Maintain Your Natural Oils

Your body naturally produces oils that keep your skin protected and prevent it from drying out. However, you do many things during the day that remove these natural oils. The biggest threat to your skin’s natural defenses is your bathing routine. Soaps that remove a lot of oil from your skin and water that is too hot can be dangerous. Lower the water temperature as much as you can and use only soaps that contain moisturizers or are labeled for “sensitive skin”.

Gently exfoliate your skin

You’ve probably seen advice for exfoliating dry skin. This removes dead skin, preventing infection and allowing moisturizing products to be absorbed properly. This is good advice, but you must follow it carefully. First, you shouldn’t exfoliate too often. Once or twice a week may be sufficient, especially for sensitive areas such as the face. You also shouldn’t use harsh exfoliators like loofahs or pumice stones. Instead, a baking soda paste or a clean washcloth will do the job.

Dry your skin thoroughly.

When you dry your skin be careful. Vigorous rubbing with a towel can not only irritate your skin, it can also remove too much moisture and oil. This can cause dryness or aggravate an existing problem.

Apply moisturizer.

After washing your face, you should always apply a layer of moisturizer to help lock in moisture and bring back natural oils. This base layer need not be thick.

  • Lanolin cream is one of the best products to protect your skin and keep it moisturized. It is a natural product that is produced by animals to protect their own skin.
  • For your face, however, lanolin should only be used occasionally and in very severe cases. Otherwise, you should use a lighter product that is oil-free and not designed to block pores.

Apply a thicker layer at night.

If you can, try applying a thicker layer of the product overnight. However, keep in mind that most of these moisturizing skin products stain, so be sure to cover your skin with clothes that you don’t worry about, like old pajamas.

Moisturize your skin regularly.

If you want to have real results that will last longer, it is important to form the right care. You will need to moisturize and care for your skin regularly and for a long time before you can see real results. Be consistent, persistent, and above all, patient. You will see results, but you need to be sure to moisturize every day for a long time.

Check your home for hard water

Hard water, or water containing a high concentration of calcium, is common throughout the world. This excess calcium (which is not technically harmful) can irritate and dry out your skin.

Maintain healthy humidity in your home

Just as dry winter air is bad for you, any dry air can also cause dry skin. You can combat this by using a humidifier in your home or office.

Drink more water

Dehydration can cause dry skin problems very easily so make sure you drink plenty of water. However, how much this is the right amount depends on each person. The recommended eight glasses is a starting point, but you may need more or you may need less.

Day care steps for dry skin

Stage 1: Cleanse your face

This is the first thing you need to do after you wake up in the morning. If you have dry skin you need to use a mild, gentle and moisturizing face wash.

Step 2: Apply serum

Since you will be going out and your skin needs to be protected from environmental factors, you need to apply a serum….

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