Summer version of a pedicure in light shades of lilac

Purple pedicure 2022: beautiful ideas and color combinations for 100 photos

Purple is one of the most mysterious and extraordinary. Two completely incompatible colors converged in it: red (bright, passionate, with excess energy) and blue (calm, serene, created for meditation). Lilac, having absorbed a combination of two opposite colors, as if balances them with each other. They don’t call it stealthy for nothing.

Summer version of a pedicure in light shades of lilac

Violet has always been credited with a mystical and magical effect on a person. Not without reason, in children’s fairy tales, wizards and magicians were dressed in cloaks of purple hues. In Europe during the Middle Ages, purple in clothes expressed mourning for deceased family members.

Pedicure in pastel shades of lilac

It was used in their clothes by the clergy for rituals. Modern stylists use shades of purple to give the image of girls femininity, mystery. The nail industry also did not disregard this color of unearthly origin.

 Lilac pedicure with a blue tint

Nails with a purple coating speak of the bold character of a young lady who dared to attract attention with the bright design of nail plates. A non-standard choice of coating only emphasizes the sophistication of the taste of its hostess.

Elegant lilac pedicure with rhinestones

A beautifully applied pedicure is able to focus on beautiful graceful female legs, to complete the chosen image.

 Lunar pedicure in lilac color

The combination of purple with other colors and shades in pedicure 2022

Despite its richness, which attracts the attention of others, purple shades go well with other colors:

  • orange, turquoise, red, which are able to emphasize the exotic origin of purple tones;
  • green, which by its presence only complements and enhances the depth of purple;
  • yellow, next to which purple, as it were, begins to move, merging into one whole, highlighting one another;
  • blue, which, paired with purple, look royally rich, tinted with gold.
Mint lilac pedicure in combination with white

Light shades of purple, combined with bed tones, acquire airiness. Saturated light greens, yellows and blues look natural next to light purple tones. They are often used to highlight certain fragments.

Pastel lilac pedicure

The softness of the color is well emphasized by brown and beige shades. With their presence, they give purple tones softness and similarity with natural color saturation.

Solid color lilac pedicure with a pattern on the thumbnail

Combining dark purples with bright shades of other colors is highly undesirable. The brightness of other colors suppresses purple, makes it fade into the background, make it the background. Mint colors are the easiest to pair with others, especially with closely spaced shades. These are peach, lemon, pink, blue tones. A pastel palette of mint lilac shades is combined with similar pastel tones of other colors.

The combination of pastel shades with gold in a pedicure

The combination of lilac color with imitation of gold can turn any design into a work of art. Gold is used in the application of monograms on the base coat, in geometric patterns, in French style and many others.

Pedicure with a pastel shade of lilac and a foil pattern

The combination of lilac and silver looks no less beautiful. Glitters, foil strips, rubbing, figurines cut out of foil are used as silver jewelry. Silver tones can be used to cover the entire nail plate or as an additional pattern for the main color.

Lilac pedicure with a silver pattern on each finger

Shades of purple in pedicure, trendy in 2022

According to the Pantone scale, purple has 196 shades, bright, light, dark. A monochrome pedicure in itself looks like a decent coating for nail plates.

Pedicure in delicate shades of purple

At the same time, it is the basis for various techniques used in the nail industry, a flight of fancy in decorating.

Pedicure in eggplant color on the verge of burgundy

Pedicure in dark purple on the verge of blue

Pedicure in bright purple (purple) color

Fact about pedicure

If a person does not consume enough water during the day, the toenails and hands become brittle, brittle. In addition, the plates are an indicator of human health.

Pedicure in amethyst color with a lilac tint

Bright lilac pedicure with holographic sparkles

Pedicure in light purple with a hint of lavender

Fashion design photo ideas 2022 for a purple pedicure with decor

Purple pedicure with its variety of shades has long been in vogue. Its design options are very diverse. Designers successfully use different shades of purple in the application of base coats.

Dark lilac pedicure with floral ornament

As decorations, you can use various kinds of decor, floral and plant motifs, sliders with the image of the animal world. The main thing is not to overdo it with decorations, as the color itself is expressive and very noticeable.

Delicate lilac pedicure with drawings of twigs

Pedicure in light lilac color with a sticker of cherries

Pedicure in the most delicate colors of lilac with a bow pattern and rhinestones

The choice of shade is influenced by the tastes and preferences of each woman, the solemnity of the event, the seasons. For daily coverage of nail plates, it is preferable to use light, delicate lilac shades.

Pedicure in light shades of lilac with foil decoration on the big toes

For evening events with friends, it is more appropriate to use dark, rich tones of lilac.

Purple pedicure with sequins and rhinestones

Lilac pedicure with decoration of the nail on the thumb

 Bright lilac pedicure with a pattern on the thumbnail

 Delicate lilac shade in a pedicure with rhinestones

Lilac pedicure with a pink tint

Pedicure in delicate shades of lilac with kamifubuki

Delicate lilac pedicure with stucco

Pedicure in light lilac color with a smile line highlighted with rhinestones

Lilac floral pedicure

Bright lilac pedicure with broken glass decoration

Stylish pedicure design in lilac tones

Pedicure with a geometric pattern in shades of lilac

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