rating of effective lifting masok for face and domestic conditions and cosmetics

Lifting face masks can be an effective way to deliver nourishing skin care ingredients in a highly concentrated form.

They work by covering the face with the chosen formula for a set period of time, usually 10-20 minutes. This gives the ingredients more time to penetrate the surface of the skin and affect its condition.

While they can be a quick fix for inflammation and dry patches, their benefits are temporary, which means you should use them alongside other effective skin care products.

Features of a face mask with a lifting effect

While deeper wrinkles will likely require a trip to your dermatologist’s office, some face masks can help minimize the appearance of fine lines.

Vitamin C is, again, an ingredient to watch. As an antioxidant, it boosts collagen production to help firm skin. Vitamin E is also an effective anti-aging agent. They work to protect the skin from things that cause fine lines, like pollution and sun damage.

How often to use a lifting face mask

How often you apply a face mask depends on the formula of the mask and your skin type. For example, those with sensitive skin, for example, may want to stick with weekly usage to avoid overusing things. But the best way to approach the application of the mask is to read the instructions. Some face masks, such as clay and those made with moisturizing formulas, can be safely applied two or three times a week. Others, such as exfoliating or anti-aging types, should only be used once a week to avoid irritation.

Types of face masks with a lifting effect

Cream masks with lifting effect

With the addition of hyaluronic acid, thicker creamy masks can be great for particularly dry skin that needs a healthy dose of hydration. Gel formulas typically include cucumber and aloe vera to soothe the skin, making them ideal for sensitive types.

Lifting sheet masks

First popularized in Korea, most sheet masks contain moisturizing hyaluronic acid, ceramides to help repair the skin’s barrier, and antioxidants to protect against free radicals.

They tend to be deeply hydrating and are great for:

  • dry skin
  • inflamed skin
  • fine wrinkles

Night masks with lifting effect

Overnight formulas, also known as sleep masks, pack even more. By allowing ingredients like turmeric and shea butter to soak in for hours, they allow more time for skin benefits to reap.

Alginate masks with lifting effect

Fruit enzymes, such as those derived from pineapple and papaya, are another way to exfoliate. Typically they remove dead skin cells in order to tone the skin.

Mud masks with lifting effect

Ideal for all skin types, mud masks are designed for deep cleansing. While these masks look similar to a type of clay, they are water-based, making them more hydrating. Different mud formulas contain different ingredients, but you will likely find different acids and fruit extracts on the list.

Recipes for lifting face masks at home

Lifting mask with honey, yogurt and lavender

What you will need:

– 3 tbsp. l. natural live yoghurt
– 1 tsp honey (manuka is best)
– 2 to 3 drops of pure lavender oil

Yogurt contains protein, it is also full of antioxidants and vitamins, as well as lactic acid, which gently exfoliates dead, dull skin. Natural butterfat hydrates and soothes, while its antifungal and antibacterial properties help stimulate new skin.

When it comes to essential oils that help turn back the clock, lavender tops the list. This powerful purple herb creates a regenerative oil that helps with signs of aging. A natural humectant (meaning it attracts moisture) and a powerful antibacterial, honey is loaded with antioxidants to help improve and protect against the aggressors of aging.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and apply a thick layer on the skin. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse with clean warm water.

Lifting mask with avocado, wheat and lemon

What you will need:

– 1 tbsp. l. wheatgrass juice (or powder if you prefer)
– 1 ripe avocado
– ½ lemon

Avocados are amazing when it comes to anti-aging. This tropical fruit contains phytochemicals, antioxidants and amino acids to nourish skin cells, prevent and heal damage, and hydrate. It is high in vitamins B and E. It is also high in fatty acids to nourish and repair the skin, restoring that youthful plumpness we all want.

With its countless vitamins, amino acids and proteins, wheatgrass infuses this mask with an anti-aging punch, while natural antibacterial lemon helps brighten, reduce discoloration and fight blemishes.

Mash up your avocado and mix in lemon juice and wheatgrass powder before applying to clean, dry skin. Leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse with plain water.

Lifting mask with egg white, banana and papaya

What will you need

– 2 tbsp. l. papaya pulp
– ½ banana, mashed
– 1 whole egg
– 1 egg white

Banana is rich in potassium, antioxidants, and natural oils, as well as vitamins A, E, and C. Bananas also contain 75 percent water, which makes them a good moisturizer. It helps firm the skin, prevent damage and stimulate new cell growth while helping to maintain skin elasticity.

An egg on your face isn’t always bad, especially when it’s in your face mask. This is a surefire way to get brighter, younger-looking skin as eggs are packed with protein and moisture-sparing potassium, not to mention vitamin B, to increase oxygen to the skin and protect against environmental stressors. Papaya is commonly used in facials for its amazing exfoliating properties. It helps get rid of dead skin to restore your radiance and smoothness.

Whisk egg and egg white and combine with pureed banana before adding papaya pulp and applying to skin. Leave on for ten minutes before rinsing off.

The composition of lifting face masks at home

You can make a safe and effective face mask at home. Just be sure to first apply a small amount of the ingredients behind the ear to test them for unwanted reactions.

Ingredients for use in lifting face masks

To exfoliate and brighten the skin,…

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