Рекомендации после чистки лица у косметолога

Recommendations after facial cleansing by a beautician

What can and cannot be done after cleaning by a beautician?

Skin imperfections need to be eliminated by a complex method, providing cleansing, nutrition and care. Facial cleansing is an effective weapon of a cosmetologist in the fight for the beauty of a client.

The most popular cleaning methods are: manual, vacuum, laser and ultrasonic. With any, even the most gentle cleaning, the top layer of the skin suffers. If proper care is not provided after the procedure, then an undesirable reaction and complications may occur.

Facial care after cleansing

Skin after cleansing

Each organism reacts differently to external stimuli. The keratinized top layer, to some extent, protects the skin from harmful external factors. After active cleansing of the face, the skin becomes more sensitive and, at first, is not able to withstand exposure to irritants.

In order for facial cleansing to not give complications, you need to follow the general care instructions:

  • In the first 24 hours after the procedure, it is recommended not to touch the skin, not to expose it to chemical or mechanical stress. During this period, the person is especially sensitive to any factor;
  • It is not necessary to clean the skin with alcohol-containing products, as they greatly dry the skin and cause discomfort during the rehabilitation period. Only local areas for disinfection, such as wounds or open pimples, can be treated with alcohol;
  • During the rehabilitation period, it is recommended to rinse the face in a decoction of medicinal herbs. It is better to use soothing mixtures with: chamomile, calendula, plantain, St. John’s wort, etc.;
  • For the next few days after the procedure, it is recommended to wash your face only in water with the addition of lemon juice or vinegar. It is more useful to replace ordinary water with mineral or melted water. There are many impurities in tap water that can become an additional irritant for the face;
  • After cleansing, the skin needs intensive hydration, so the cream must be applied 1-2 times a day;
  • Make nourishing and soothing face masks several times a week. It is best to use not purchased, but homemade masks. It is better to add fruit pulp, chicken yolk, honey, etc. to the mixture.

If you follow these rules, then after active exposure to the upper layer of the skin, the face will not feel stress and will recover faster. The following are more detailed recommendations appropriate for the facial cleansing method.

After mechanical cleaning

Before and after facial cleansing

Mechanical (manual) cleaning face is an effective method of fighting open and closed comedones. The procedure has a number of pros and cons that must be considered before the procedure.

With its obvious effectiveness, the method is quite traumatic. Scarring may occur, which will be more difficult to deal with than acne. Only an experienced beautician will ensure safe cleansing.

After the procedure, you should follow a series of rules:

  • After cleaning, open wounds can get infected, so you need to follow the rules of hygiene. You can touch your face only in extreme cases, a large number of microbes accumulate on your hands throughout the day, which can penetrate the skin;
  • During rehabilitation, you need to make compresses from soothing components. You can also wipe your face with ice cubes. This will help narrow the blood vessels, get rid of swelling and redness;
  • In order to get rid of fat on the skin, it is necessary to use alcohol-free lotions or a solution of chlorhexidine bigluconade;
  • Problem areas should be treated twice a day with Metrogyl Gel. For faster healing, it is recommended to use aloe juice or products based on it;
  • In order to reduce the secretion of sebum and accelerate tissue regeneration, it is worth making masks from cosmetic clay;
  • Do not use scrubs and brushes, as this injures sensitive skin. Also, the first day it is better not to use tonal means;
  • A couple of days after the procedure, it is better to refuse to visit baths, saunas and swimming pools, as well as to exclude active tanning and a solarium.

With proper care, the skin is restored within 5-7 days.

After ultrasonic cleaning

Before and after ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic facial cleansing is a painless procedure that includes a minimum rehabilitation period. Compared to manual and vacuum cleaning, hardware cleaning is considered more gentle.

Before cleansing, the skin does not need to be steamed, which greatly simplifies the procedure, saves time and reduces the risk of infection in the tissues. The hardware procedure cleanses the pores from impurities and sebum, from dead cells and clogged sebaceous glands. Ultrasound cleanses the skin without stretching, squeezing and breaking the epidermis.

Caring for your skin after ultrasonic cleaning is quite simple, you just need to be guided by the following rules:

  • Do not wash your face for 24 hours after the procedure;
  • Do not use tap water, only mineral water. Use cleansers that do not contain alcohol and have a neutral pH;
  • To remove sebum, wipe the face with tonic and lotion (also without alcohol);
  • Several times a week, make homemade masks that relieve inflammation and swelling. The following ingredients are recommended: clay, raw potatoes, oatmeal, honey. Prepared masks cannot be stored for more than a few hours, so a fresh mixture must be prepared before each procedure;
  • Use sunscreen with a high SPF factor. Direct sunlight will cause pigmentation on the skin.

With proper cleaning and hygiene, the procedure does not cause complications.

However, there are many contraindications to its use. Before ultrasonic cleaning, be sure to consult a doctor.

After vacuum cleaning

Before and after vacuum cleaning of the face

To cleanse the skin with this method, an apparatus is used that creates the effect vacuum. A drainage pipe is applied to the face, through which dirt on the face is drawn out. The procedure lasts no more than 30 minutes and is considered painless. In its action, vacuum cleaning is similar to mechanical cleaning, but it has its pros and cons.

During the procedure, with the help of a vacuum, the metabolism in the skin and blood circulation are improved. Cleansing does not take much time – about 20 minutes. But, compared to a manual procedure, cleaning will not provide deep cleansing from comedones and milia.

In order to speed up the recovery period after cleaning, you need to be guided by the following rules:

  • Provide nourishment and hydration to the skin. It is necessary to use daily creams and homemade masks. Choose products according to skin type and age;
  • Protect your skin from the sun by using sunscreen with an SPF factor. If necessary, you can use Panthenol;
  • In the first couple of days after cleaning…

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