relieve fatigue and nervous tension

relieve fatigue and nervous tension

We talked a lot about the beauty of our hands and nails, but we completely forgot about one more feature of our fingers. The fact is that the fingers contain a large number of receptors that can stimulate the normal functioning of internal organs. This ability is achieved due to impulses in the central nervous system. Not everyone knows, but massage of the fingers can relieve fatigue and even cheer up.

It is advisable to massage the hands and each finger individually at any free time. Each finger has a relationship with a specific organ, so the massage of the entire hand affects the healing of the body as a whole.

The thumb is responsible for the bronchi, lungs and liver. By massaging it, you can relieve your condition when you cough. It is advisable to lightly press on the edge of the hole at the base of the nail plate.

The receptors of the index finger affect the human digestive system, starting with the teeth. To get rid of a toothache or other painful sensations in the oral cavity, you can use pressure on the point under the nail. The middle of the index finger stimulates the activity of the stomach, liver and gallbladder. If you need to act on the large intestine, massage the lower part of the index finger and the area between the index and thumb.

The middle finger is responsible for the circulatory system. By massaging this finger, you can normalize blood pressure and have a tonic effect on the brain.

The ring finger is closely connected with the nervous system. It needs to be massaged with increased nervous tension, stress, and just in a disgusting mood.

The little finger will become your invaluable assistant when you need to normalize the work of the heart and small intestine. Gentle pressure on the point at the base of the nail will help you get rid of chronic constipation.

A point located in the center of the palm affects the tone of the whole organism as a whole. Massage of this point will help to cheer up, get rid of fatigue and increased heart rate.

Brush massage is much more accessible than other types, because you can do it yourself, in any position and at any free moment of time.

Hand massage gloves

It is better to start it with a general massaging of the hand, just to warm up the fingers a little and provide the necessary blood flow. Further, it is recommended to perform a strength exercise for squeezing fingers into a fist. To do this, quickly squeeze your fingers and slowly unclench. Then we do the opposite – slowly clench our fingers into a fist, and unclench them with a quick movement. This exercise helps to stretch the joints well.

After you need to massage each finger separately. Movement should be directed from the base of the finger to the tip. Next, we perform pressing movements on all sides of the finger. If an impact on a specific organ is required, then we perform the necessary pressings for this. Massage is performed on the fingers of both hands.

We knead the wrists in a circular motion, paying special attention to pain points.
Massage must end with rubbing.

After massaging the hands, be sure to use a nourishing hand cream. At the end of the massage procedure, the effect of any cream will be more beneficial.

Self-massage does not take much time. In addition, it will not bring you any material costs, but at the same time it will relieve you of a slight indisposition.

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