Expressive eyes with eyelash extensions

Review of eyelashes 2022 for the extension procedure with photo examples

With the development of the beauty industry, the eyelash extension service has ceased to be a priority for the elite. Now every visitor to a beauty salon can give their eyelashes extra length along with volume, and openness and expressiveness to their eyes.

Expressive eyes with eyelash extensions

More recently, girls enlarged their eyelashes with false eyelashes, which were not entirely reliable, could peel off at any time due to poor-quality glue. And they looked far from natural. It was easier to apply mascara in the morning and wash it off in the evening.

Coloring eyelashes with mascara

Unlike false eyelashes, extensions do not fall off, do not lose their appearance for a long time. With the classic method of extension, the fibers of the consumable are attached to each natural eyelash. One artificial per one native.

Extension classic

At the same time, their natural bend remains unaffected. Extended eyelashes focus on the eyes, while leaving a look unburdened by consumables.

 Open look from under eyelash extensions

The main thing is to choose the right material for building, which is now produced in many varieties. The optimal selection of artificial cilia will not only save the money spent, but also preserve the health of the eyes.

Types of eyelash extensions

Competent selection of eyelash material for extensions in 2022

Let’s start with the fact that eyelash extensions have different parameters. The base is round and flat.

Different base for eyelash extensions

Both synthetic and natural materials are involved in the manufacture of cilia for extension.

Synthetics include:

  • polished acrylic – hard, glossy, dense material, which was first used for building. Now it is practically not used.
Eyelash extension material

  • PBT fiber – a crystallizing type of polymer, the most popular among extension masters. It crystallizes quickly, has a wide range of modifications, and is inert to chemical and aqueous solvents. Its flexibility allows it to shape any curve. The hypoallergenic material has good wear resistance, it is allowed for allergy sufferers to build up, foreign odors are not absorbed into it. In addition, PBT fiber is cheaper than natural building materials.
Different degree of bend

  • Polyester – material of a synthetic group with giving any shape to the material for building. Lavsan eyelashes are produced in a uniform color, starting from the base and ending with the tips. The material is hypoallergenic, does not cause irritation in sensitive eyes, the color is not affected by direct sunlight.
  Monochrome brown eyelash extensions

Natural fibers for extensions include products made from rubber juice. The special processing of the raw materials makes it possible to produce exquisite eyelashes that are not inferior in quality to polyester and PBT fibers, but at a price far superior to synthetic ones.

 Eyelash extensions made from rubber plant sap

Natural eyelash extensions also include wool made from specially treated animal fur. The villi are light, soft, but not uniform in length and without a characteristic bend.

Animal fur eyelash extensions

Allergy sufferers and people with eye sensitivity may experience swelling and redness of the eyelids. In addition, eyelash extensions fade in the sun and do not hold their shape in wet weather.

So before giving preference to natural materials, it is worth weighing everything and thinking several times before moving on to execution.

 Think and cock the pros and cons of eyelash extensions

What is the difference between mink, sable and silk in eyelash extensions

Silk is not a material for building, but a kind of cilia, very thin and soft. They give the look of any girl expressiveness, while not much different from the natural look of eyelashes. One gets the impression of their painted eyelashes.

 Material for building silk and mink

Silk eyelashes are firmly attached to natural ones, do not peel off during operation, fall out only together with natural ones when their life cycle ends.

Extraordinarily thin and light silk eyelashes

Sable extensions can be attributed to the golden mean between silk and mink. They are lighter and thinner than mink, but inferior in parameters to silk.

Fact about eyelashes

The color of the eyelashes can be very different from the shade of the hair. So, blondes often have chestnut or black eyebrows, and burning brunettes have reddish cilia. The color depends on the amount of melanin.

Silk eyelashes are hard to distinguish from natural ones.

They are most often used for those who want to give their cilia volume and length for the first time. Sable eyelash extensions, just like silk look natural, do not weigh down the look, leaving it open.

Difference between silk and mink

 A look from under sable eyelash extensions

Fans of especially long eyelashes with maximum volume should pay attention to the extension material called mink. Their volume exceeds silk and mink. The thicker the artificial eyelash, the more volume it gives to the natural one.

Eyelash effect with 3D volume

Black, shiny thick eyelash extensions are preferred by girls who love to be in the center of everyone’s attention.

Draw attention with eyelashes

But giving preference to mink, you should know that their service life is more limited than that of silk and sable. Their rigidity and volume lead to flaking, so they often need to be corrected.

 Eyelash line correction

Influence of the diameter of the extended eyelash material on the duration of their operation

The diameter of the material to be built up usually has parameters. The main dimensions vary between 0.03-0.3 mm. The thicker the consumable material, the more unnatural the eyelashes look after the extension procedure, the more damage they cause to natural cilia.

 Consumables should not weigh natural eyelashes too much

Under the weight of artificial eyelashes, natural eyelashes can not only sag, but also break off. Therefore, it is better to give preference to a natural volume that does not weigh down the eyelashes given by nature.

The diameter of the consumables offered by the manufacturers

Large diameter eyelash extensions are mainly used when gathering for special occasions. Then it is better to replace them with the average thickness of the material.

Eyelashes for a party with friends

For women with weak sparse eyelashes, it is better to give preference to thin material that will not burden the weight of relatives.

Add volume to sparse eyelashes

Their appearance will be similar to thick natural healthy cilia. Additional expressiveness of the eyes can be given by tinting with liquid mascara.

Eyelash extensions with thin materials

Sometimes it is better to replace the extension with lamination, which will transform rare cilia beyond recognition without any additional consumables. The procedure will not only add volume and rich color to the hairs of the cilia, but will slightly lengthen them.

Type of eyelashes before and after lamination

Strengthen your own eyelashes, nourish them with vitamins, you can improve your health with the help of Botox cosmetic procedure.

Eyelashes before and after Botox

In addition to the diameter of the circumference of artificial eyelashes, fixed with adhesive tape on palettes, manufacturers prescribe the length, thickness and bend of the consumable on the package. The time when jars were used for eyelash extensions is long gone. It was inconvenient to get them out of such a package and dip them into the adhesive.

 The length of the build-up material suggested by the manufacturers

As for the color of the source codes for building, in addition to the popular black and brown tones, colors of other shades are also produced, mainly used by extreme people or lovers to attract increased attention to themselves.

 The choice of color depends on the taste of the client.

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