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review of the best gels for washing nivea

Every day, your skin struggles with dust, pollution, UV rays and environmental damage. Therefore, she needs special care. Soaps and soap-based cleansers can strip your skin of its natural oils and moisture. So, you need something soft and gentle to pamper her. And what could be more gentle than washing Nivea? This brand is popular for skin care products that are suitable for every skin type. Nivea has a range of face wash gels on the market and I have listed the best Nivea cleansers in this article.

The essence of a facial cleanser is to remove dirt, sweat and makeup without completely drying out the skin.

First, note that many products are made for specific skin types. Some help with heavier cleansing while others are better at protecting delicate skin. Here’s how to choose depending on your skin type.

Dry skin is difficult to moisturize because it lacks lipids (fats), water, or both. Your skin may feel tight and look flaky. Often, dryness or symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema worsen during the winter. When winter hits, switch to an oil-based cleanser and a heavier face cream to moisturize multiple times throughout the day as needed.

If you have dry skin, look for cream or milk-based cleansers to retain your precious oils and prevent further drying.

Oily skin overproduces sebum and is more prone to breakouts but retains moisture fairly well. We do not fully understand the relationship between sebum and acne development. Acne is affected by many factors, including genes and hormones, so the best thing to do about it is to work with a dermatologist and wash your face properly.

For oily skin, choose an oil-free foaming cleanser that won’t clog pores but also contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. This may help prevent acne.

For many people, different areas of your skin can be normal, dry, or oily. The most common oily areas are the forehead, nose, and chin (nicknamed the “T-zone”), while the cheeks, neck, and eye area tend to be dry or normal. It is recommended to choose a mild cleanser that is not too heavy on the skin and does not remove a lot of sebum. You will know that the product is not suitable for you if your face is left with a feeling of “tough” after washing.

Most people will have reactions of varying severity to specific cosmetics, soaps, lotions, and other common household products and then think they have sensitive skin. However, this is not necessarily the case. Sometimes the annoyance is a matter of overusing a particular product or simply using the wrong product for them. Check with your dermatologist or immunologist to run patch tests to see what might irritate your skin if you’re unsure or think you might have sensitive skin.

In most cases, people with true skin sensitivity also have skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis, among others. They tend to have a thinner outer layer of skin that is easily irritated and easily reactive. Stay away from products that contain fragrances or alcohols, and look for “soothing” ingredients like green tea polyphenols, chamomile, and aloe. In general, the fewer ingredients on the label, the better. Some active ingredients such as lipoic acid, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid are well-known skin irritants.

This type of skin becomes neither very oily nor very dry. Most cleansers will work for you, but as with combination skin, look for mild cleansers that remove dirt and oil but retain the natural sebum you have. The usual recommendation is a neutral cleanser, but I encourage you to try a variety of gentle cleansing products—be it a gel, cream, or foam.

This Nivea 5-in-1 face wash promises a thorough and complete cleansing. It contains magnolia extracts and offers many benefits. You can use it as a face wash, face mask or scrub (all instructions mentioned on the tube). It is soft and gentle on the skin and has exfoliating particles that remove blackheads and unclog pores.

  • Multifunctional tool
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Pocket-sized and travel-friendly
Nivea facial cleanser for oily skin
Nivea Cleansing Face Wash - Nivea Face Wash


  • Gentle
  • Can remove light makeup
  • Keeps skin hydrated

Nivea Aqua Sensation Moisturizing Wash, 200 ml

Formulated with Hydra IQ moisture technology, this Nivea face wash respects your skin’s natural moisture balance and keeps it hydrated all day long. It contains vitamin E which keeps your skin soft and supple.


  • Paraben free
  • Refreshing aroma
  • Affordable


Not suitable for dry skin

Gel for washing matting Nivea (Nivea Visage) for normal and combination skin

Nivea Visage Refreshing Cleansing Foam-Nivea Face Wash

This Nivea foam face wash is designed for normal to combination skin. It has a hydro-balance system that gently removes all impurities and dirt from your face and keeps it hydrated. It contains lotus extracts along with vitamins B5 and E.


  • Very soft
  • Doesn’t irritate your skin
  • Soap free
  • Pleasant aroma


Not for oily skin

Nivea Skin Cleansing Gel Scrub

This is an extremely gentle scrub (more like a facial cleanser containing microbial heads) that is enriched with Hydra IQ and vitamin E. Nivea scrub face wash not only thoroughly exfoliates your face and removes all dead skin cells, but also moisturizes the skin and evens out the color faces.


  • Protection against acne and blackheads
  • Good exfoliator
  • Extremely soft


Doesn’t lather much

Washing your face is an important step in your skin care regimen….

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