Создание профессионального макияжа

Rules for creating professional makeup

Professional makeup: subtleties and differences

Professional makeup can be done not only in the salon at the master, but also independently at home. Creating such a make-up involves the implementation of proper facial skin care. Also important is the use of high-quality cosmetics and a special set of brushes. Under all conditions, it is not difficult to make a professional make-up.

Features of professional makeup

Types of professional makeup

Every woman wants to be beautiful and successful. Applying a high-quality make-up will help create a suitable image. With the help of cosmetics and the correct placement of accents, you can both hide flaws and emphasize advantages.

Distinctive feature of professional make-up is not only a selection of cosmetics, but also hairstyles, manicures, outfits. Additional differences:

  • Use of high quality cosmetics. As a result, the make-up will be persistent and will not lose its brightness during the day;
  • Correct face shape. With the help of cosmetics, individual facial features are favorably emphasized and imperfections are masked;
  • Creation of a holistic image. When applying professional makeup, it is worth considering not only external data. It is also recommended to be based on the style of clothing and personality;
  • A selection of cosmetics of the corresponding color palette. Make-up should be in harmony with the color of the skin, eyes, hair of the girl;
  • Application of professional make-up according to the event. For example, an evening look is only suitable for a date or a social event. During the day, it will look out of place and sharp.

Professional make-up stays on the face better than regular make-up.

It is not recommended to use highly professional cosmetics on an ongoing basis. For thin and sensitive facial skin, it will be too heavy. Professional makeup is great for special occasions, but completely unacceptable for everyday application. Day makeup should be light and natural, for example, nude.

Necessary cosmetics

Necessary cosmetics for creating a professional make-up

Creating an image suitable for the occasion directly depends on the quality of the cosmetics used. For applying professional makeup, only branded cosmetics are used.

Branded cosmetics differ from conventional ones:

  • High quality. Professional cosmetics has a special composition that is hypoallergenic and odorless;
  • Fortitude. Components used in the manufacture of cosmetics make makeup more resistant. This plays an important role at various festive events, when it takes a long time to be in the spotlight;
  • high cost. Highly professional products, due to the special composition, are many times more expensive than conventional cosmetics.

To do professional makeup at home, you need to purchase good cosmetics. The mandatory set includes: foundation, powder, blush, shadows, eyeliner, lipstick.

Makeup base

Makeup base

Applying a foundation on the face will help to get a more resistant professional make-up. This will prepare the skin for the application of the main cosmetics and make its tone uniform.

Different foundations are used for different skin types.

Makeup base selection rules:

  • For oily skin type, a more leveling gel, a liquid consistency, is more suitable;
  • For dry skin type, it is recommended to apply a plant-based cream, dense in consistency;
  • For combination skin, a light cream will suffice.

After applying the foundation, it is advisable to wait a few minutes so that the product is well absorbed and has time to dry. Do not forget about the eyelid area. By processing this part of the face, you can achieve a better application of shadows.


Eyeshadow Palette

Every girl should have a palette of shadows in her arsenal of cosmetics. With the help of various shades, you can create both daytime and evening makeup. Creating a suitable image largely depends on the ability to apply and blend shadows.

When selecting shadows, eye color should be taken into account. Shade selection rules:

  • For brown-eyed, chocolate, brown, dark green, plum, silver, sand shadows are suitable;
  • Blue-eyed people can experiment with shades of rich brown, golden, lilac, peach, pinkish;
  • For gray-eyed girls, golden, pink, gray-blue colors are suitable;
  • Owners of green eyes can use shades of brown, golden, violet, emerald, purple, lilac.

Applying shadows is not complete without the use of a good base for the eyelids. This will increase their durability and the color will become more saturated. Shadows are cream, crumbly and baked. The latter are more preferable, because they keep well and for a long time on the eyelids. The only downside is the high price.



The arrows will help to make the look deeper and more expressive. Beautifully summed up eyes will create the desired image.

For eyeliner use:

  • Pencil. There are soft and hard lead pencils. The first type is suitable for the inner eyeliner, the second – for the outer eyelid. It is easy to make a soft line with a pencil and shade the outlines;
  • Liner. This type of eyeliner has a liquid consistency. With the help of a liner, a smooth, clear line is obtained. However, it may not be possible to make arrows the first time. For beginners, practice is essential.

To draw a beautiful arrow, you should stretch the skin a little over the eyelid and make a line with a firm hand. You need to move from the inner corner of the eye to the outer. In this case, a thin line is made, which thickens slightly towards the end. Gradual drawing of the arrow will help to avoid mistakes.



Applying mascara to the eyelashes does not require special preparation. A beginner will cope with this task. This cosmetic product will help to make the look open, and the eyelashes more voluminous.

Secrets of using mascara:

  • The cosmetic product is recommended to be applied starting from the base of the eyelashes. This will paint over the voids between the eyeliner and eyelashes;
  • To give the eyelashes naturalness, it is better not to paint over them completely, but only to the middle;
  • When creating a spectacular professional make-up, you can make up your eyelashes with mascara of different shades. The roots of the eyelashes are stained with a classic black color, and the ends are bright – for example, red or golden.

When choosing a mascara to create a professional make-up, much attention is paid to the shape of the brush. Some can add volume to eyelashes, others are convenient to twist the tips.


Applying lipstick on lips

Professional makeup will look complete if you tint your lips. For this purpose, gloss or lipstick is suitable. Glitter is easier to choose by color and easier to use. It gives volume and brightness to the lips. Cosmetic…

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