Long eyelash extensions

Rules for the care of eyelash extensions in 2022 (with photo examples)

Caring for artificial eyelashes is of course different from caring for your own. It takes some time and some discipline. Care is needed to extend their life and keep them in their original condition.

Long eyelash extensions

Topical tips 2022 for the care of eyelashes immediately after extension

After the first few hours after the procedure, you can begin to live a more or less ordinary life, but first you need to strictly follow some rules so that the glue fixes the hairs.

eyelash extensions

  • Immediately after the end of the procedure, the master needs to comb the eyelashes. Thus, the quality of work and the adhesiveness of the adhesive are checked. If there are such and such inaccuracies, a specialist on site will be able to eliminate them.
Combing eyelash extensions

  • To maintain the correct position of the eyelashes on the ciliary edge, it is advisable not to touch the eyes or scratch them.
Eyelash extensions sable

  • It is better to postpone washing the next day after building up in order to allow the glue to grab. Rainy weather should also be avoided. The swimming pool can only be visited on the 3rd day after the procedure.
Washing with extended eyelashes

  • To avoid infection in the eyes, you need to thoroughly wash your hands or treat them with antiseptics.
hand washing

  • It is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the eyes so as not to miss the occurrence of an allergic reaction and stop it in time.
Allergy to eyelash extensions

In the cold season, it is necessary to approach the extension procedure especially carefully:

  • Before the extension, it is necessary to strengthen your own eyelashes so that the artificial ones hold on to them better. For this, it is recommended to take vitamins A and E.
Eyelash extensions in winter

Vitamin E

  • You can use burdock or castor oil to strengthen your eyelashes, but such care should be started long before the extension process.
Applying oil to eyelashes

  • Most often, for winter weather, glue for building with a special composition is used.
  • To protect the face from chapping, you can not use creams, you need to choose another remedy.

These actions are not so complicated, but they affect not only the quality result of the extension, but also the health of the eyes, which is more important. In addition, the frequency of visits to the salon, which means the amount of time and finances, depends on the proper care of eyelash extensions.

eyelash extension procedure

Mistakes and recommendations for the care of eyelashes after the extension procedure

Of course, the master will definitely tell you how to behave with a new acquisition or even issue a memo on paper. Nevertheless, it will not be superfluous to repeat the main care steps and common mistakes in handling artificial eyelashes.

eyelash extensions

The main mistakes after the procedure seem ordinary, but often the clients do not make them, which leads to the premature need to replace the material.

  • You need to try to touch your eyes and eyelashes less, and even more so to press them hard.
  • The glue does not tolerate the effects of any fat, its properties deteriorate significantly upon contact, so it is not recommended to use oily cosmetics for care, waterproof mascara or eyeliner.
Using mascara on eyelash extensions

  • Gentle products with a light texture are suitable for removing makeup, you do not need to use discs or napkins, we remind you that you should not rub your eyes.
Washing with foam

  • If there is any problem with the eyelashes, you must contact the master, without trying to remove the material yourself. This can lead to deformation of natural hairs.
Removal of eyelash extensions

  • No need to additionally use false eyelashes. When they are removed, the extended villi can also peel off.
False eyelashes feathers

Careful interaction with extended eyelashes will help to record no procedures less often, once every 1-1.5 months.

Volume eyelash extension

Here are some hair care tips.

  • You need to try to get rid of the habit of touching your eyes, which is quite difficult, especially the first few hours. But in this way the glue will grab better and the cilia will remain in place.
  • A day after the procedure, it is desirable to protect the eyes from moisture, because. it is detrimental to uncured glue.
  • It is necessary to limit visits to places where sudden changes in temperature and high humidity are possible, because. under their influence, artificial eyelashes can be deformed.
Eyelash extensions and sauna

  • With oily skin, it is necessary to additionally remove the released fat with special means.
Removing makeup from the face

  • Cosmetics and care products should not include oils.
  • Artificial eyelashes need to be combed with a special brush several times a week to avoid tangling and sticking.
  • Nevertheless, you need to get rid of dirt on the villi, for which special means or gentle ones are suitable. The procedure for washing the eyes can not be carried out every day.
Cleansing of eyelash extensions

Top tips for taking care of your eyelash extensions

There are several rules that must be observed throughout the time you wear artificial eyelashes.

Long eyelash extensions

Their implementation is inevitable if you plan to keep the appearance as long as possible:

Fact about eyelashes

Eyelash curlers, which modern fashionistas use to curl hairs every day, break them. It is much safer to go through the procedure of lamination or Botox eyelashes, with the formation of the desired bend.

  • You need to rethink your sleeping position. The best option is on the back, which allows you not to touch the pillow with your eyelashes.
Sleep with eyelash extensions

  • In addition, it is necessary to use pillowcases made of a sliding material, preferably natural silk. Such material does not deform the hairs in case of accidental contact, in addition, silk cares for the face and hair.
Sleep pillowcase

  • Exclude from use care and decorative cosmetics with oils or aggressive components in the composition.
  • It is necessary to use an eyelash strengthener daily to maintain natural condition.
Using eyelash oil

  • It is advisable to do without tears, because. their composition and wetting of the eyes adversely affect the condition of the extended hairs.
Tears on lash extensions

2 major myths about eyelash extension care in 2022

There are quite a lot of different tales around the extension procedure that keep girls from carrying it out. And the main ones are that with artificial eyelashes you can’t apply makeup and you can’t wash your face.

girl with eyelash extensions

Let’s dispel these tales and give some practical advice.

1. Is it possible to paint

Often, masters do not recommend the use of decorative cosmetics along with extended hairs. Their precaution is explained by the fact that many will not be able to do makeup neatly without touching the cilia. However, its use is not prohibited.

Makeup with eyelash extensions

  • Make-up products should not contain oils and aggressive ingredients so as not to affect the properties of the glue.
  • It is better to use cosmetics for eyelashes no more than 2 times a week.
Using mascara with eyelash extensions

  • The mascara should be applied in one layer so as not to give a lot of additional load to natural eyelashes. they are removed with special formulations containing oils.

2. How often can I wash my face with eyelash extensions

Naturally, limiting the number of water procedures will not work. In addition, it is necessary to remove sebum from artificial hairs and …

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