Eyelash extension procedure in a beauty salon

Rules for using eyelash extension glue 2022: why it stretches, thickens and how to avoid it (with photo examples)

Eyelash extensions are a popular procedure today. Artificial hairs look neat and amazing, allowing you to forget about makeup for a whole month. Unlike mascara, which often falls into ugly lumps, requires curling and tinting, and is afraid of moisture and high temperatures.

Eyelash extension procedure in a beauty salon

Like many other beauty procedures, successful eyelash extension depends not only on the quality of the material, but also on the skill of the master. Experienced specialists work in beauty salons, who have thoroughly studied all the subtleties of the art of building.

Artificial eyelash with a drop of glue

Women of fashion, who decide to hold it at home, often complain about poor-quality glue, failures due to rapid solidification.

Work area with a set of artificial eyelashes and extension glue

As a rule, the reason is simple: lack of skills in handling glue, its improper storage and use.

Colored eyelash extensions

The advice of experienced lash makers will help you understand the nuances of gluing eyelashes.

Thick doll eyelash extensions

The composition and features of glue for eyelash extensions

For eyelash extensions, specialized adhesives are used. They are safe for the structure of hairs and skin, in rare cases there is an allergy to individual components.

In no case should you glue eyelashes with other types of glue!

Fast setting eyelash extension glue with black pigment

The modern market offers a wide range of adhesives that differ in their properties and composition.

As a basis are used:

  • organic resins or silicone;
  • natural rubber or latex.

All adhesives contain cyanoacrylate. This is a rapidly evaporating substance that is responsible for the adhesion of the composition to the surfaces of natural and artificial hair.

Transparent silicone glue for eyelash extension

The polymerization time, that is, the speed of the adhesive, depends on how high the content of this ester is.

According to the purpose and speed of polymerization, they are divided into four groups:

  • 2-5 seconds – for beginners. This speed allows you to work very slowly and carefully. However, with volume build-up, hands get very tired, tension appears. For masters who have already mastered the basics, these compositions are too slow;
  • 1-3 seconds are universal. They give a chance to correct a mistake when placing a hair, so that the quality does not suffer;
  • 0.5-1 second – professional. These compositions are intended for specialists who are completely confident in their skills and abilities. The glue polymerizes almost immediately, when combined with a natural eyelash;
  • instant third generation. They are chosen by high-class lashmakers who are able to work accurately and quickly without losing quality.

Many novice masters and fashionistas trying to make extensions at home make a gross mistake when choosing glue. They take professional compositions, being sure that they are better.

Fact about eyelashes

For the first time, eyelash extensions using modern technologies were carried out in Korea in 2004. It was there that an innovative method of fixing artificial material to natural hairs was tested.

Super long lasting eyelash extension glue

But in the absence of a “full hand”, it is impossible to work with such glue. He very quickly begins to stretch, freezes. And the mistakes made have to be corrected with a remover, completely destroying the results of labor.

Why does eyelash extension glue stretch and dry quickly?

The structure of the adhesive is specially designed in such a way that it hardens quickly upon contact with weak alkalis. The moisture contained in the air is quite enough to start the process of its solidification – polymerization. If the eyelash extension glue begins to quickly stretch, harden, then the humidity in the room is increased.

eyelash extension process

In addition, a too high ambient temperature has a negative effect.

Here are some tips from experts that allow you to work with glue without problems:

  • The optimum room temperature is 20-220. If the weather is hot outside, and ventilation does not help, you need to turn on the air conditioner;
  • the optimal level of air humidity is 40-60%. The polymerization rate can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing it. If the drop solidifies slowly, you should turn on the humidifier. Polymerization going too fast? You can lower the humidity level;
  • inexperienced and novice lash makers are better off working with slow adhesives, the polymerization time of which is extended. They stretch less, do not thicken so quickly;
  • palettes or crystals, bottles of glue are placed on a chilled surface. To do this, use ice, cold gel batteries.
Transparent glue for eyelash extension on glass

To know the exact level of temperature and humidity in the room, a special device is installed – a thermohygrometer. Or two separate meters – a thermometer and a barometer.

Optimal temperature for eyelash extensions

At home, an ordinary room thermometer and a humidifier with a built-in air humidity meter (or any other similar unit) will do.

Room thermohygrometer

Conditioner for creating an optimal microclimate for eyelash extensions

Basic rules for handling glue for eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are a delicate procedure that requires accuracy and attention to detail. It is enough to lose sight of an insignificant factor so that painstaking, hours-long work goes down the drain.

Drops of glue in a palette and material for eyelash extensions

Proper work with special adhesives is of great importance.

  • The common belief that glue must be kept in the refrigerator is wrong. It is enough to store it in an upright position, placing it in a cool, dry place without access to direct light rays.
  • The drop must be changed frequently, about once every 20 minutes, as its edges quickly harden, forming thick lumps. Even if it looks liquid, it’s not worth the risk.
Dip eyelashes in extension glue

  • Direct sunlight should not fall on the workplace during eyelash extension – they contribute to rapid polymerization.
  • The included air conditioner dries the air, so the glue can harden for a long time. To correct the situation without turning off the unit, you can put a wide container with poured water next to it, or turn on the humidifier.
  • The glue has two expiration dates – from the date of manufacture and from the moment the bottle is opened. Various compositions are stored after opening from one to two months, more precisely, you can find out in the instruction manual. For initial use, be sure to record the current date on the vial. Do not use expired glue!
Self-creation of a bunch of eyelashes when building

It is advisable to build eyelashes in a separate office or in a well-ventilated room. Many beginners make the mistake of not paying attention to airborne sprays and hair sprays, fumes from various nail polish removers, degreasers, hair dyes. However, they all affect the rate of curing of the adhesive.

Eyelash Glue Storage Container

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