Российские знаменитости с татуировками

Russian stars with memorable tattoos

Our celebrities with memorable tattoos

The presence of a tattoo today does not surprise anyone. Some of them have so many that it is difficult to count, while others are content with one – the only one. Although the second option is a rarity, since it is believed that a person who has made at least one tattoo will definitely return for the next drawing.

It used to be that having tattoos in a conspicuous place with a certain publicity is bad manners, since they will distract attention, they may not be combined with the chosen dress or suit. But times have changed, and today many representatives of show business and cinema not only do not refuse tattoos, but also stuff them on the most unusual parts of the body, and then “light up”, literally, in every frame.

We have collected the most memorable tattoos of our celebrities, which they show most often.

Dmitry Nagiev

Nagiyev tattoo

Dmitry Nagiev is a bright representative of Russian cinema. He is in excellent physical shape, dresses stylishly and, at any opportunity, focuses the viewer’s attention on his own arms, where not only a noticeable biceps flaunts, but also a couple of distinctive tattoos.

Agree that it’s simply impossible not to recognize Nagiyev’s cross in the frame!


Natalya Ionova tattoo on the arm

Singer Natalya Ionova is not old to decorate her own body with large tattoos. She does not have inscriptions with the names of her daughters, and she did not imprint the date of the wedding on herself either.

Natalya Ionova tattoo on the buttock

Glucose chose micro-tattoo, which, by the way, is very relevant now, and made the right decision. Her star in the palm of her hand and a diamond on her buttocks quite often fall into the lenses of photographers.

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Sergey Lazarev

Lazarev tattoo photo

A favorite of women of all ages in our country, Serezha Lazarev has not only a gorgeous voice, but also stylish tattoos. His wings, made on the inside of the biceps, look memorable. True, they appear in the frame mainly during the holidays, where the artist walks around with a naked torso or in sleeveless T-shirts.

Nastya Ivleeva

Ivleeva tattoo heart with a plane photo

Blogger and TV presenter Nastya Ivleeva will always be associated with the Eagle and Tails travel show, because it was thanks to this project that the girl gained great popularity. Symbolically, a heart with an airplane flaunts on the blonde’s hand, which she so often shows to fans.

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Jigan tattoo on stomach photo

It is difficult to consider one specific tattoo on the body of rapper Dzhigan, because the artist is almost completely “clogged”. Although the date of birth is still highlighted. For some reason, the artist stuffed 1985 on his entire stomach. The rest of the tattoos against this background are definitely lost.


Timati naked torso photo

Timati has a long-standing love with tattoos, so it is extremely difficult to count their exact number, as well as to single out one specific one.

Seeing a body in the frame, completely clogged with drawings, there are not so many options to guess who it is. Almost immediately the name of the rapper comes to mind. By the way, one of Timur’s cutest inscriptions is his mother’s name. Simone is always with him, but the women he loves change quite often.

Egor Creed

Creed tattoo Valentine photo

Another rapper who has a lot of tattoos, despite his good looks and blond hair, is Yegor Creed. This artist has recently become the most memorable tattoo “Valentine”. The fans decided that it was in honor of their beloved girl – Vali Carnival. In fact, the artist made a tattoo a long time ago and dedicated it to his grandmother.

But maybe this is a sign and the name is really fateful?

Oksana Samoilova

Oksana Samoilova tattoo with birds photo

Oksana Samoilova, a mother of many children, imprinted the dates of birth of all children on her own body. However, fans consider the birds to be the most memorable tattoo, which flaunt in the frame in almost all beach shots of the instadiva.


Morgenstern face tattoo photo

Scandalous, but very popular among young people, rap artist Morgenstern has a memorable appearance. An unusual hairstyle, mustache and, of course, the “666” tattoo above the eyebrow do not allow him to merge with the crowd.


aljay face tattoo photo

Another owner of a memorable facial tattoo in our show business is Alexey Uzenyuk, acting under the pseudonym Eldzhey. His paw and the stars on his cheekbones are visible in any light.

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Denis Shalnykh

Son of Elena Yakovleva face tattoo photo

The son of actress Elena Yakovleva became famous for his unusual appearance. Most of the questions and indignation were caused by the image of the coffin on the face, which, according to the latest data, the guy plans to reduce.

The star mother never complained about her son’s passion for tattoos. On the contrary, the actress always supports him and proudly publishes joint pictures on her Instagram page.

Whose tattoos do you recognize out of a thousand, and do you have your own? Share in the comments!

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