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Salon Hair Straightening Treatments: Top 5

Popular salon treatments for smooth hair

There are two main types of hair – straight and wavy (curly). Further, the second type can be divided into hair with a slight curl, medium, afro, etc. It just so happens that straight hair attracts women more than wavy hair. And demand, as you know, creates supply.

We tell you what methods of hair straightening exist, and how the effect of the procedure is preserved.

How to straighten your hair for a long time: salon procedures

Hair straightening before and after photos

Today, women who are tired of the daily use of a hair straightener can turn to masters who offer one of the procedures for leveling curls for a long period. The most popular salon procedures:

  • lamination;
  • shielding;
  • botox;
  • keratin straightening;
  • nanoplastics.

Let us consider in more detail each type of hair straightening in order to understand what are its advantages, disadvantages and differences from others.

Method 1: hair lamination

Lamination before and after result

we’ll immediately clarify that home lamination of hair with gelatin has nothing to do with a salon procedure. Yes, a positive effect can be achieved, but it will not last long. A detailed recipe on how to make hair lamination at home HERE.

Hair lamination is the process of applying a special composition to the curls, which makes them smooth and silky.

There are two types of lamination – cold and hot. The second option involves pulling the entire hair with a hot iron, after applying the composition. With a cold type of procedure, the use of forceps is not required.

Contraindications lamination does not, but there are caveats.

  • For example, it is not recommended to do the procedure in front of the sea, since salt water washes out the composition faster.
  • It is also worth dyeing the hair at the beginning, and then doing lamination, since aggressive dyes “push out” keratin particles.
  • Toning ammonia-free composition at a low percentage is allowed.

It is believed that the effect of the lamination procedure lasts up to 4-5 months (everything is very individual), although a lot depends on home care. Experts recommend using sulfate-free shampoos, high-quality masks, tint balms.

Method 2: Shielding

What hair shielding looks like before and after the procedure

Following lamination, the possibility of shielding hair appeared. This procedure is similar in technique to its predecessor, but there are differences.

The main difference between shielding and lamination is the color composition. The product applied to the strands not only preserves the shade of the hair, but can also change it. When laminating, the ash becomes warmer, and dark shades lose about one tone.

For shielding, special sprays, oils, emulsions are used, which penetrate deep into the structure, providing a restoring effect. The procedure is carried out in several stages. Each tool performs its own function: opening the scales, filling voids, closing and fixing. When laminating, a one-component composition is used, which envelops each hair, forming an invisible film. There is no therapeutic effect, but visually it seems that the quality of the hair has improved.

Learn more about the hair shielding procedure at THIS ARTICLE.

Method 3: Botox

Keratin hair straightening

Many women are accustomed to associate Botox with beauty injections, but in the case of hair, this is a different story. So:

Botox for hair is a recovery process. It involves applying a special serum over the entire length and processing each strand with a hot iron.

Botox restores elasticity and shine. Curls become straight, smooth, silky, easy to style, do not look dry and brittle.

The preparation contains only natural ingredients: vitamins, healthy oils, amino acids. There are no toxins and aggressive chemical compounds, so there are no contraindications to the procedure either, but there are warnings. For example, it is not recommended to repeat it more often than once every 3 months. Since a vitamin cocktail that penetrates deep into the hair structure can have the opposite effect. It’s like taking vitamins thoughtlessly without consulting a specialist. It is important to take only those supplements that our body needs and not abuse them.

Method 4: Keratin straightening

Keratin hair straightening

Another way to get smooth and manageable hair is to do a keratin straightening.

The essence of the method is to apply over the entire length of a product with a high content of synthesized keratin, which, under the influence of high temperatures (each strand is carefully ironed with an iron), melts and envelops each hair. As a result, they become smooth and even, though not forever.

The effect lasts up to 3-4 months. It all depends on the care and individual characteristics of the hair. It is also important how often during this time the hair will be dyed (the less often, the more the effect will last).

Method 5: nanoplastics

Nanoplasty on hair photo

Nanoplastics – another fashionable treatment for smoothing, straightening prone to dryness, frizzy and unruly hair.

Nanoplasty is the latest in salon hair straightening. The main difference from its predecessors in the form of lamination and Botox lies in the composition.

The composition of nanoplastic products includes keratin, collagen, amino acids, silk and wheat proteins, oils, etc. But the main advantage is the absence of formaldehyde, which makes the composition harmless even for pregnant and lactating mothers.

The method of application is standard – wash your hair well with shampoo for deep cleaning, dry it, then apply the composition and “pull out” with an iron at maximum temperature (220-230 degrees).


Today, there are many salon procedures that involve improving the condition of the hair by applying certain compounds and exposure to hot temperatures.

In fact, lamination, shielding, Botox and nanoplasty are identical procedures that differ in name.

When choosing, it is recommended to pay attention to the composition of the drug that the master plans to use, since this is what matters. The more natural and non-aggressive the composition, the safer the procedure for the hair and the client (no harmful fumes will be inhaled).

The time during which the effect lasts for everyone is individual and depends on home care. The better the products, the longer the effect will last.

Important: hair straightening procedures negatively affect color, or rather hinder high-quality coloring. Many masters do not take on lightening their hair if Botox, lamination, nanoplastics, etc. were made less than 6 months ago.

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