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Scheme for dyeing hair roots at home

A simple scheme for staining the roots so that the result is like in the salon

Root coloring is a procedure that needs to be repeated every 4 weeks if there is gray hair. In the absence of gray hair, you can afford to update the shade less often or perform not classic coloring, but toning.

All the nuances of home hair tinting were told in THIS ARTICLE.

Features of staining the roots at home

Coloring roots before and after photo

  • Before you start coloring the roots, it is important to remember a few nuances and clarify a couple of important points.
  • Primary coloring of natural hair and regrown roots is performed in different ways;
  • There is also a difference between dyeing the roots in blond, natural and dark;
  • Hair should not be heavily polluted, why explained HERE;
  • First you need to carefully comb your hair;
  • We mix the paint with an oxidizing agent immediately before the procedure. The composition does not have to be prepared in advance;
  • The exposure time depends on the dye used (everyone has instructions in the instructions for how many minutes to keep the composition on the hair) and the base on which it is applied. For example, lightening and coloring gray hair takes longer than darkening or coloring tone-on-tone when there are no gray hairs.

Steps to follow

Root coloring before and after

Root staining is not a complicated procedure, however, if you do not prepare for it, you can get an unexpected or poor-quality result.


How to dye hair roots

Before you start painting the roots yourself, you need to prepare the necessary tools. This:

  • Plastic or glass bowl. It would be a mistake to use a metallic one, since such a dye can change color;
  • Clips: it is better to prepare 4 pieces;
  • tassel;
  • Comb with rare teeth.

On the edge line at the forehead, you can apply a dense layer of face cream or foundation. This will protect the skin from staining. We put special mini caps on our ears that resemble shoe covers (they are sold in a large package, so they will last for a long time).

Dye application scheme

When the hair and the necessary tools are prepared, you can start mixing the dye and oxidizer. It is not recommended to do this in advance, as the composition may disappear, and the result will be less stable. The color is not as bright as expected.

Scheme for applying dye for dark hair and light hair on the roots:

1. Divide the head into 4 parts using a comb with a thin tail and clips. To do this, we find the highest point of the head, vertical parting in each direction to the ear. The occipital zone – into two parts;

The scheme of dividing the head before staining

2. We paint over the partings. At the same time, we do not go into previously dyed hair by more than 0.5 cm;

Parting coloring

3. We choose one of the four selected zones (it is better to start with the front ones) and with diagonal partings we move from the highest point of the head to the edge line, shifting the neatly dyed strands;

Root coloring

5. Repeat this with each zone.

We do not collect dyed hair in a ponytail or bun, we do not comb it! Leave it free for a while. specified in the instructions.

Usually coloring dark hair without gray hair takes 40 minutes, with gray hair 45-50 minutes.


Hair emulsification – This is the process of stretching the dye from the roots to length in order to update the existing shade.

Hair emulsification

To do this, it is necessary to spray a small amount of water over the length and distribute the paint along the length with a comb. Leave on for the remaining 10 minutes and rinse with water. then wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

The emulsification procedure can only be carried out with dark dyes. Light compositions do not stretch to length due to the high percentage of oxidizing agent used in staining the roots. If you distribute it along the length, the structure of the hair will suffer.


To qualitatively dye the hair roots, you must follow a number of recommendations:

  • Distribute them into 4 zones and move with diagonal partings in each of them;
  • No need to collect hair or stab with a hairpin for the duration of the exposure of the composition;
  • 10 minutes before the expiration of the appointed time, wet the length and pull the dye from the roots onto it with a comb;
  • Withstand the remaining time and wash off the composition.

This procedure will avoid spots and gaps. the whole hair will turn out to be monophonic and beautiful. The main thing is to use the same paint number if only the roots are updated. To completely change the color, you need to apply the composition not only to the roots, but also to the length. In this case, you will need 3 times more paint.

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