Мужские образы на зиму: подробные схемы

Schemes of fashionable men’s images for cold weather

6 clear schemes for everyday men’s looks for cold weather

Everyone and everywhere talks about women’s fashion, but tips for men that allow you to look stylish and modern have to be looked for long and carefully.

We decided to correct this injustice and made 8 simple but relevant male images.

How should a man dress in cold weather?

Photo fashionable men's scarf

To look stylish, a man needs to take care of two components of his own image first of all: outerwear and shoes. They should be clean, up-to-date and comfortable.

Follow the proposed schemes so as not to suffer with the choice of clothes and get ready in 5 minutes. By the way, the proposed options are suitable for working in an office where there is no strict dress code, walking, gatherings with friends, going to the cinema or theater. All images are composed mainly in the style of smart casual, which involves the combination of sportswear with everyday items. Also in the images there are elements of the classics.

Features of modern insulated images for men:

  • The ankles are necessarily covered with socks to match the boots or a bright accent pair;
  • You can roll up jeans, but carelessly;
  • If we put on a shirt under a jumper, then it must be loose, and not tight-fitting;
  • Wearing light jeans in winter is fashionable with brown boots;
  • Jeans with fading are obsolete, while those with slits in a small amount are not;
  • If there are slits, the cut should be loose, not skinny.

Now let’s look at all the fashionable tricks with examples.

Coat + hoodie + jeans + sneakers or boots

How to wear a hoodie for a man
How to wear a hoodie for a man in winter

This image has a number of features. For example, you should give preference to sports shoes and not come to the theater in this form. But, if you replace sneakers or sneakers with actual Chelsea or Martins, you get an acceptable outfit not only for attending a performance, but also for a date.

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Shirt + Jumper + Parka + Boots

How to wear a parka in winter
How to wear a parka in winter photo

The peculiarity of the male image, which involves layering in the upper part, is that the jumper and shirt should be loose. It is also recommended to give preference to a non-classical shirt, and a casual one with a cage or stripe print. So the image will acquire zest.

Coat + sweater or turtleneck + skinny jeans + chelsea boots

Smart casual look for men
Smart casual look for men photo

If you want to look as strict as possible, but do not put on a suit, choose the proposed scheme. Here you can play with color: everything is black, a combination of light and dark, monochrome. It is recommended to avoid prints, they can give the outfit a relaxed look, but we do not need this.

Short down jacket + sweater / jumper + jeans + sneakers / sneakers / boots

How can a man wear a short down jacket in winter
How can a man wear a short down jacket in winter photo example

The most popular winter outfit among our men is a short down jacket and jeans. But does everyone look as cool as the guys in the photo?

So, the peculiarity of this set is in choosing the right jeans. They must be free. The model of the boots also matters. For the most modern outfit, you need martins or any other with lace-up rough soles. Jeans are tucked carelessly or tucked into boots without much care.

A high-necked sweater looks prettier than a scarf, so we use this technique.

Coat+pants+oxfords+sweater/jumper and shirt

Stylish men's outfit in black
Stylish men's outfit in black photo

A winter look that can replace a pantsuit is an option with a sweater or jumper and a shirt. Here the secret lies in the coat: choose a free and elongated one (2 palms below the knees).

Jacket with fur collar + jeans + boots

How to wear a denim jacket for men in winter
How to wear a jacket with fur in winter: men's fashion

We choose a jacket with fur from denim or velveteen, preferably a size larger, since in most cases they run small from a warm lining.

Between jeans and boots, of course, there should be no gaps. Bare ankles in the past, now we all monitor our health and cover bare parts of the body.

What do you think of the ideas: which of the images are ready to “walk” tomorrow?

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