Трендовый мужской образ на осень

Schemes of popular autumn outfits for men

Schemes of popular autumn outfits for men

Have you already studied the stylish autumn pieces for women and introduced them into your own everyday looks? And what does your spouse / boyfriend / fiance or friend look like against your background? Maybe you should tell him what is in trend today, and which combinations are hopelessly outdated.

How to dress a man in autumn to be in trend: 6 schemes

Male look with a beige coat

Men’s fashion is not as fast-paced as women’s, but still every season is replenished with new images. In order not to stay behind the fashionable line and match a stylish wife or girlfriend, we suggest adopting several current schemes. Such outfits are suitable for office work, visiting cultural events and restaurants.

Coat + boots + high neck sweater

Man in coat and boots
To correct the first image, it is necessary to replace the coat with a longer, loose-fitting model.

A high neck knitted sweater is a must-have for the modern man. First, it is warm and comfortable. Secondly, it looks very seductive, according to most women.

It is recommended to wear such a sweater paired with lace-up boots and a coat. By the way, how to lace up autumn shoes in an original way was shown in detail in THIS ARTICLE.

Jacket shirt + skinny jeans + boots

Male image with skinny
To fix the first look, you need a loose jumper and a shirt jacket. This will get rid of excessive fitting and add “air”.

Men continue to have a reverent feeling for skinny jeans, despite the recommendations of stylists and designers to abandon them.

To make men’s skinnies look relevant in an autumn look, we wear them with boots (no sports shoes!) and a loose elongated top. A stylish shirt jacket worn over a fine jersey sweater, T-shirt or turtleneck is the perfect solution.

On a note: Skinny jeans are skinny, skinny denim jeans with added stretch. Skinnies repeat all the curves of the body, fitting snugly not only on the hips, but also in the knees and ankles, which is why they are called the “second skin”.

Jumper + shirt + protruding edges

How to wear a jumper and shirt for men in autumn
To fix the first look, you need to replace the tight-fitting pullover with a loose fit and skinny jeans with a modern loose fit.

One of the most relevant men’s looks of the season is a jumper and a shirt. What’s new here, you ask. There are actually two big remarks about this image:

  • the jumper should be with a neckline (not to be confused with a V-shaped pullover);
  • we choose a loose shirt and do not tuck it into trousers / jeans.

The slight casualness that can be achieved with the free edge of the bottom layer helps to comply with the conditions of the office dress code, but not seem boring, pinched and insecure.

Puffy vest + shirt

The image for men with a vest
To create an actual image, choose a vest of the right size

It would seem that a shirt and an exaggerated vest have in common? Previously, they were not even on the same hanger. But times have changed and today this pair is one of the main favorites of the season. We add actual jeans with a belt and a bag in a casual style to the “dutik” and the shirt.

Jacket with patch pockets + jumper + shirt or T-shirt

Fashionable men's jacket for autumn
In the first image, the top layer is obsolete.

Multi-layered complex images are in trend. When compiling them, it is important to take into account the proportions and compatibility of colors. In order not to miscalculate, stylists recommend paying attention to plain products. They are easier to combine with each other, avoiding congestion.

Cardigan + t-shirt + high socks

How to wear a cardigan for men
The first image is devoid of brutality due to bare ankles.

Instead of a pullover or jumper, men are advised to wear cardigans. Stylish models include free-cut products with large wooden or plastic buttons. High socks are a great addition to this look.

Modern autumn looks for men

We have collected additional male images for you. Get inspired and remember: clothes should be comfortable. Gone are the days when everyone was chasing over-fitting, let your body breathe.

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