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Schemes of stylish female images for this summer: 25+ cool ideas

Schemes of stylish female images for this summer: 25+ cool ideas

In summer, you want to wear a minimum of clothes, as the heat, especially in the city, is unbearable. But the dress code at work, and in such public places as restaurants and theaters, has not been canceled. You can’t go there in a short top and mini-shorts, you need to remember about decency. In order not to stand for hours in front of an open closet with the eternal question: “What to wear”, we suggest you remember (or better write it down!) A few stylish schemes that will help you quickly create a fashionable look.

Sleeveless T-shirt + Pintuck Pants + Small Heel

Stylish office look for the summer

How to wear a sleeveless t-shirt

Stylish summer bow

Cool look in white for the summer

This look is perfect for working in the office as it fits in with the dress code but doesn’t look boring and featureless like the typical white shirt pantsuits.

Feature the look in a fashionable T-shirt with shoulder pads and high-waist trousers with tucks at the front. They visually make the waist thinner and the hips appetizing. Choose shoes according to the degree of comfort, but preferably with a closed nose.

White shirt + nightgown + flat shoes

What to wear with a combination dress
Slip dress with shirt

A white cotton or linen shirt is an indispensable thing for the summer. It does not burn the shoulders and at the same time it gives the image a certain charm. In combination with a linen-style dress with thin straps and flat shoes (sneakers, sandals), a white shirt looks stylish and relevant.

Fashionable nightgown
Fashionable nightgown
Silk dress
Silk dress

Shirt dress + belt + straw bag and hat

What to wear with a shirt dress
What to wear with a shirt dress photo

The shirt dress is very popular this season. The cut must be free, and the length is midi (to the middle of the calf). The standard belt from the dress should be replaced with a leather belt. A stylish straw bag of a round shape or in the form of a pot will successfully fit into this image.

Round straw bag
Round straw bag
Stylish straw bag
Stylish straw bag

Doll dress + Cossacks

Short dress and Cossacks
Light summer dress with boots
White dress and black Cossacks
White dress and black Cossacks image for the summer

If the previous image is ideal for women 40+ and 50+, then this option is exclusively for youth. A dress with a high waistline and imitation of layering is now very relevant. It is best to wear these with rough shoes – Cossacks, lace-up boots.

T-shirt + slouches + mules or flip flops

How to wear slouchy jeans
Trendy summer look with jeans
Slouch and T-shirt
Stylish look with pink color

Slouch jeans give volume to the hips, for which most young fashionistas immediately fell in love. It is best to wear these with shoes with heels, so as not to weigh down the bottom. Mules or sandals will do.

Slouch jeans
Slouch jeans
Slouch jeans
Slouch jeans

T-shirt + satin skirt

White T-shirt and leopard skirt
White T-shirt and leopard print skirt and boots
Satin skirt and t-shirt
Very stylish summer look with a midi skirt

The lingerie-style dress was at the peak of popularity last year. In this, all the main fashionistas wear skirts made of silk, satin. They look great with regular cotton t-shirts. Shoes depending on activity – sneakers or sandals.

T-shirt + denim skirt

Light youth look for the summer
What to wear with a white skirt
Stylish bow for a girl for the summer
Easy look for the city

This is really a win-win option, which is suitable for the office, if you choose a longer skirt, and for a party, if the length of the denim product is mini. But put aside T-shirts with cartoon prints, they are irrelevant this season. Monochromatic neutrals are on trend.

Shirt + linen shorts

Very stylish bow with shorts
What to wear with linen shorts
Beautiful summer look for the office
beach look

This is one of the most stylish looks for the city. We select shorts according to age and figure: “trapeze” for young beauties, and “bermuda” or culottes for adult women. It is better to choose shoes on a flat sole – flip-flops, sandals, sandals. By the way, this option is also ideal for men.

How do you like the schemes: which option did you like the most: write in the comments!

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