Thick eyebrows

Scouse eyebrows: what is it, how to create and how to care (photo examples 2022)

Fashion is changeable. Until recently, the trend was artificially created, extremely clear contours of the eyebrows. And now fashion trends are taking a sharp turn, offering beautiful ladies a classic naturalness. It is no longer necessary to carefully smooth and fix each hair, to endure painful depilation procedures, when even barely grown, fluffy hairs are removed. Imperfect eyebrows, with bumps out of the general range, not very regular shape, have become relevant again.

Thick eyebrows

Even after all the procedures for correction and coloring in a beauty salon, the eyebrows should look natural. Ladies who naturally have thick, luxurious hairs can breathe a sigh of relief: for the coming seasons, their natural look will be the most fashionable.

Girls with sparse, thin or faded brows will have to work hard to follow new trends.

Natural eyebrows with natural makeup

However, modern technologies of the beauty industry, including lamination, botox and tattooing, can successfully cope with most problems. And proper care restores damaged hairs, stimulates the growth of new bulbs. How to create lush, wide eyebrows, we will tell in this article.

Wide thick eyebrows

Beautiful scouse brows for a casual look

Natural eyebrows

Eyebrows “Scouse” – the fashion trend of the season 2022

The origins of this trend appeared about ten years ago. It was then that the fashion world embraced a boom in everything natural, natural. Carefully plucked or drawn, thin eyebrows are no longer relevant.

The famous actress and model Cara Delevingne was able to reveal the full potential of thick and wide, natural eyebrows. Her “boyish” eyebrows have become a trend, the banner of the updated beauty canons of a woman’s face.

Scouse trendy eyebrows without correction

Instead of destroying the hairs, ruthlessly plucking them and bringing them to an ideal invented by someone, Kara showed her signature feature with dignity. She was noticed and appreciated by well-known fashion houses, and show business stars began to imitate the British. Thus was born a new fashionable style that welcomes natural, thick, “sable” eyebrows.

Fashionable eyebrows

A few years ago, makeup artists went even further. They suggested that the ladies stop stressing and creating perfect shapes. Today, the trend is not just a recognizable image from Cara Delevingne, but a little careless, bushy, slightly disheveled “boyish” eyebrows. Roughly natural contours, the absence of clearly defined boundaries – all this is a direct embodiment of the fashion trends of the last decade called “scouse”.

Day makeup with scouse eyebrows

Scouse eyebrow features in 2022

Such eyebrows can be described in a few words: natural straight or slightly curved shape, significant width and length, no pronounced correction.

Natural eyebrows

There are several rules that will allow you to follow the fashion trend without much effort and expense.

  • “Scouse” does not tolerate artificiality. You should not make pointed tips, move away from the form given by nature in the direction of dramatic breaks, surprisingly raised arcs or completely fantastic designs. Light negligence gives the image of girls and young women a special charm, which is completely lost when ideal contours are realized.
  • If with the health of the skin and hairline, the general condition of the body is all right, the eyebrows themselves take on a fashionable look. You just need to stop removing them with tweezers, wax or other methods. When signing up for eyebrow architecture, it is necessary to warn the master about the desire to follow the newfangled trend. In this case, the specialist will simply give the hairs a slightly more pronounced look.
  • Healthy, strong hairs – This is the result of proper care, nutrition, the absence of bad habits. To get the desired result, it is worth taking care of them with the help of cosmetic, restorative products.
  • Women aged you should be careful – eyebrows “scouse” can “add” them a few years.
  • This is the perfect shape for big-eyed ladies with expressive features, sharp, wide cheekbones, plump lips.
Straight eyebrows

Since not every lady can boast of thick, beautiful eyebrows, fashionistas have to resort to modern methods and tools. To determine which technique is suitable for giving volume and density to hairs, it is best to consult with a specialist. Today there are a lot of interesting and successful solutions, from the usual corrective makeup with suitable means, to extensions, eyebrow Botox and microblading.

Thick eyebrows

Natural make-up with eyebrows

Thick eyebrows

How to Create a Trendy Scouse with Eyebrow Makeup

To embody a fashionable novelty at home, you will need a set of tools and cosmetics. If before that depilation procedures were carried out, a thorough correction, you will have to be patient and wait until the removed hairs grow back. And before that, limit yourself to care products and tinting.

Fact about eyebrows

Eyebrows, like hair, facial skin, need nourishing and regenerating masks. It is important not to leave decorative cosmetics overnight, removing paint with micellar water.

Wide scouse brows

Before starting makeup, you need to prepare:

  • tweezers, flat or round brush-comb for eyebrows;
  • flat brush for shadows or applicator for gel products;
  • pencil or felt-tip pen for eyebrows of the desired shade.
Creating wide, natural eyebrows with a pencil

Creating eyebrows “scouse” consists of the following steps:

  • Correction. It will still have to be carried out, but within reasonable limits. All excess vegetation is removed, which greatly goes beyond the intended contour, or negatively affects the general expression of the face, its perception. At the same time, part of the hairs can be left only by thinning them out;
  • Coloring. If the eyebrows are naturally dark, thick, then this stage can be safely skipped. Color correction is required for light, translucent eyebrows with “voids”, traces of old injuries. Tint in any convenient way, including lipstick or powder. The lines are applied with short, jerky movements, in the form of hatching, but without pressure;
  • Laying. Mandatory stage for “boyish” forms. With the help of a brush, the hairs are combed up to give them greater bushiness, to expand.

Finally, the position of the hairs is fixed with a transparent gel.

Scouse eyebrows in a beauty salon

Tinted wide and thick eyebrows

What cosmetics will be needed to create eyebrows “scouse” in 2022

To give the desired color and additional volume, you will need decorative cosmetics.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of convenient and inexpensive tools:

  • Eyebrow pencil 2 in 1. A soft and thin lead is inserted at one end of it, and a powder-impregnated sponge at the other. With light movements, the paint is applied to the hairs, and shaded with the reverse side.
  • Eyebrow pencil with notched applicator allows you to apply four parallel stroke lines at the same time. It turns out a kind of effect of home microblading, however, its duration is short – until the next wash. Even if the applicator teeth accidentally go beyond the contour, such a result …

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