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Self-cut bangs: why you should not do it

Why you shouldn’t cut your own bangs

Bangs are not only fashionable, but also a great way to quickly change your hairstyle, mostly keeping the length. Bangs also have such advantages as:

  • The ability to adjust the shape of the face: cover the cheeks, draw out a round face, etc.;
  • Hide forehead wrinkles;
  • To divert attention from the eyebrows, which, for example, after a fashionable hair transplant procedure (it looks creepy, by the way).

A woman who decides that she needs bangs always has a choice: entrust the haircut to the master or take up the scissors and upgrade the hairstyle on her own. We explain why the second option is not the best idea.

5 reasons not to cut your own bangs

Contouring if there is a bang

So, having given the idea of ​​cutting bangs on their own, many women do not even suspect how important and responsible a step this is. After all, it seems: “What’s so complicated: I singled out part of the hair and shortened it with scissors. Is it really worth signing up to the master and spending half a day because of such nonsense … ”.

In fact, a beautiful bang that will not irritate after an hour or after the first hair wash is a difficult job, so you should think twice before deciding to cut it yourself. And it is better to abandon the idea and go to the hairdresser. After all, this is a bad idea, not because an independent haircut according to signs provokes loneliness. There are other reasons not to take scissors:

Difficulties of laying

Selena Gomez bangs

When cutting bangs for yourself, it is difficult to correctly select the zone, since you need to take into account the shape of the head, the nuances of hair growth. If this is not done, styling will become a real test, and the bangs will still not lie, as planned.

Cannot be combined with the bulk of the hair

Very short straight bangs photo

Bangs should not live a life separate from the hairstyle. The bottom line is to smoothly connect it with the crown and temporal-lateral zones. Only in this way the hairstyle will look stylish and neat, and styling will be easy.

Easy to miscalculate with length

Baby bangs trend 2020

When cutting bangs, it is important to consider the structure of the hair. Remember that they will rise when dried, so initially you need to cut a little longer than you want to see the final result. It is difficult to do this on your own.

Can’t “thin out”

Very short baby bangs and long hair

Today, the trend is not thick bangs, but rare ones. To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to thin it out, and for this the hand with the scissors must be perpendicular.

Difficult to get in shape

Very short bangs

Straight bangs are different: one is longer, the other is thicker, the third starts almost from the highest point of the head. The selection of the most suitable option is carried out by the master, who knows perfectly well what nuances to take into account so that in the future the bangs lie well and be practical.

Photos of fashionable bangs for 2021

If you don’t know which bangs to choose in 2021, they told about all the fashionable options HERE.

Bangs on the side with an angle photo Volume oblique bangs photo Rita Ora bangs photo Long oblique bangs on the side photo Eva Longoria bangs photo Short side bangs and pixie haircut photo Long bangs for straight hair Side bangs and medium length hair photo Medium length hair and side bangs Long bangs obliquely photo Long hair and side swept bangs Torn oblique bangs photo Bangs on the side and long hair photo Very short bangs on the side Oblique bangs for straight hair photo Short bangs on the side photo Beautiful oblique bangs with curls Oblique bangs with a corner Long bangs Straight bangs


In order for the bangs to look stylish and be comfortable, it is necessary to correctly select the zone, correctly make a guy when cutting and not miscalculate with the length. It is difficult to cope with this task on your own, especially if it has never happened before. Shortening an existing bang is another matter. It remains to acquire good scissors and follow the instructions.

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