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Shades in manicure that you need to have time to do this summer

The summer season is a great time of the year when you can indulge yourself with the most amazing colors and shades in manicure. The color palette is so diverse that every fashionista will be able to choose the most interesting option for herself. We present the top 5 most popular shades in manicure that you need to have time to do this summer.

Top 5 most trendy shades for summer manicure

In hot weather, it is very important to choose light sparkling shades that will emphasize the airiness of the summer bow. Leading designers of the fashion industry offer a huge selection of colorful art. Ideas for manicure 2021 are perfect for a fun party, and for relaxing on the sea coast. The top includes the most trendy colors and shades that will help make your look perfect.

Colors of rainbow

Summer is a time of bright colors that sometimes create unique combinations. The latest trends in manicure: classic combinations and contrasts, patterns and ornaments on a marine theme. Do not forget about geometric shapes that can be painted in different shades.

color manicure

color manicure

bright manicureUse all the colors of the rainbow to create unique looks. Do not be afraid to experiment with classic nail. Beat the moon manicure and classic jacket. A special chic of the season is a mosaic of many different shades.

neon jacket

If you tell everyone about your great mood, draw attention to your image. Manicure is a great way to express your feelings. Summer 2021 trends provide a great opportunity to show off your own character.

neon jacket

neon jacket

A bright neon jacket will tell you about your mood better than words. The classic French manicure is perfect for summer looks. Use bright neon colors, and do not forget about acid shades.

Nude shades in a new way

geometry on nails

nude manicure

nude manicure

Nude is still in trend. Natural colors and shades are in perfect harmony with light airy bows. Add some neon paint or glitter to the usual pastel colors and your manicure will sparkle with new colors. Nude manicure is a classic in decorating nails. It is suitable for all women, regardless of age and mood. Treat yourself this summer.

Combined manicure

The 2021 trend allows you to mix different shades of color, even those that contrast with each other. Combined manicure is ideal for women of any age and character. You can also use a two-tone manicure when creating a classic look.

As an example, the designers offered several ideas for trendy combinations, such as:

    • red+pink


    • yellow+orange


    • pink+green


    • purple+blue


    • red+black


    • black+white


    • gold+white


    • silver shades+purple/pink


bright manicure

bright manicure

Due to the absence of any canons, each fashionista can choose and create her own combination. Experiment with sparkles, combine warm and cold shades, but don’t forget about the classics.

Glitter and shine

glitter manicure

glitter manicure

Paying tribute to the year of the metal bull, the designers came up with a number of interesting ideas. The basis of manicure is sparkles, gold and silver colors and shades. Glitter helps gracefully in almost any color of nail polishes and coatings. This will make the image even more mysterious and exotic.

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