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Shades of hair that have completely lost their relevance in 2020: top 5 unfashionable colors

Shades of hair that have completely lost their relevance in 2020

Quarantine will end sooner or later, you just need to be patient. And also, in order not to be bored, while sitting at home, you can be inspired by ideas for manicure, pedicure and, of course, hairstyles. After all, during the time of self-isolation, everyone already has the roots of the industry. And in order not to choose outdated and irrelevant coloring after quarantine, succumbing to the persuasion of the master, we will discuss these options in advance.

So, top 5 stains that are outdated:


celebrities with red hair

It was fashionable to dye hair from roots to tips with Ruby color paint about 15 years ago. a lot has changed since then…

Now staining in bright shades is performed according to a more complex scheme. To be in trend, you need to prepare your hair by lightening it with one of the techniques (highlighting, balayazh, shatush), and then toning. Moreover, the roots are painted in their native shade, and the clarified strands in the desired bright, for example, ruby.


Black hair Cardi B

Black color not only ages, it also has an extremely negative effect on the structure of the hair. It is almost impossible to get rid of black color without negative consequences for curls, especially if household dye (Palette, Garnier, etc.) was used. Also, split ends, regrown roots, porosity are more noticeable on black hair, so stylists recommend giving preference to more noble dark shades, like chestnut, walnut, chocolate, coffee.


Gray gray hair

A few years ago, coloring in cold shades of blond gained popularity. And then all the young girls began to repaint in gray. It looked interesting on the one hand, and very strange on the other. It is good that the fashion for artificial gray hair has passed, now natural gray hair is slightly tinted with the help of complex techniques and correctly selected dyes.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blondes - Celebrities

Finally, platinum blonde coloring has lost its relevance, because maintaining such a shade not only took a lot of effort, but also cost a fortune. You need to tint your hair at least after 2-3 weeks, as yellowness appears. Care procedures should be regular (1-2 times a week), as the hair structure suffers greatly during lightening.

Rare highlighting

Failed celebrity highlights

Highlighting, as a technique for hair coloring, is not only relevant, but also in demand more than ever. The main thing is that the master makes it frequent and does not forget about tinting the length and coloring the roots. Without this second step, coloring will look sloppy and old-fashioned.

How do you like the listed coloring techniques and shades, will you be bored?

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