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Shea butter for face and body – Shea butter for hair

Shea butter properties and home use

Shea butter is an essential cosmetic product. It is obtained from the fruits of the African karite tree. Refined and unrefined oils have been used. The latter is completely natural and contains more useful substances. Let’s learn how to use shea butter for hair and read reviews about it.

Shea butter properties and uses

This indispensable cosmetic product has one feature. Its composition is 80% composed of triglycerides. The rest are unsaponifiable fats. The fruits of the African tree also have vitamin E, F and A. Unfortunately, cosmetology has replaced the shea tree from the medical field. However, skin care is also useful in this case due to its healing properties:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • healing;
  • emollient;
  • moisturizing;
  • protective;
  • restoring.

Shea ether is used both in undiluted form and in fat-free compositions. The range of application is quite wide. Processed shea butter is added to face and body creams, hair masks, shampoos, balms and shower gels. The Avon company produces a whole series of spa products based on the properties of the African tree.

Application of shea butter for hair

Shea butter properties and home use

Shampoo, balm or hair mask restores its structure and protects against ultraviolet exposure. For dry scalp and split hair, a mask is prepared with shea ether and jojoba taken in the same amount. It is better to apply it at night. Reviews advise applying this method all summer.

A mask against split hair with an egg will be effective. In a beaten egg, put 2 tbsp. l. melted shea butter and almond ether. Whisk well and add a few drops of ylang ylang. Apply the product to damaged hair, insulate with a film and hold for at least an hour.

An excellent result will give a mask of their tandem of vegetable fats. Connect 1 tbsp. l. burdock, apricot, oil vitamin E and 2 tbsp. l. flax. Separately, you need to melt 40 gr. shea milk and add to the rest of the mixture. Use as above. Some reviews write that African fruit milk should be added to baby shampoo.

Recipes for face and body

Shea butter properties and home use

Cosmetics from the medicinal properties of shea butter perfectly soften and nourish the skin. Reviews say that a face cream based on it is ideal for sensitive skin. They can wipe the eyelid area and heal the lips. Unrefined raw materials are used and combined with other esters. It can be cocoa ether, apricot, ylang-ylang and chamomile. Shea butter for face and body in creams can be found in the Avon catalog.

To prepare a cream for sensitive and aging skin, use this recipe. Combine 2 tsp. shea butter and 4 tsp. almonds. Drop 2 drops of lavender ether and 3 drops. chamomile. Apply daily for 30 minutes. Huge benefits of shea for a mature face. Melt 2 tsp in a water bath. unrefined shea butter and combine with the same amount of macadamia. You also need to mix in 1 tsp. cocoa ether and avocado. Remove the mixture from the bath and cool. After drip a couple of drops of rose oil. Reviews advise using this face cream no more than 3 r. for a week.

For dry and rough skin of the face and body, a mask with banana pulp is well suited. Make a puree from a banana (you will need 2 tbsp.) And add 1 tsp. liquid shea. Also put 1 tsp. wheat germ and baked honey. If the product is very thick, then beat in half the yolk. Lubricate the problem areas with the mixture and hold for 20 minutes.

Very good lip balm from our component. Melt 0.5 tsp. beeswax and shea butter. In a warm mass, put 0.5 tsp. honey and cocoa ether. As all the ingredients are melted, you can add a drop of lemon balm or chamomile etherol for odor resistance. This tool is used before bedtime and in windy weather. Reviews write that its effect is much stronger than hygienic lipstick. Many used it to heal hands after burns.

How to choose a cream with shea butter?

Shea butter properties and home use

It should be noted that this raw material is not easy to extract. Many manufacturers use low-quality (diluted) oil in order to save money. The industry defines 5 classes of shea. To benefit from a cream, soap, spray, or shampoo, choose a product that contains grade A or B shea butter. Reviews for commercial varieties are not good.

Which oil is better refined or unrefined?

Refined raw materials are recycled. Unrefined is obtained with water. It retains all the useful substances, so it will be much more useful.

Balm and shampoo with shea butter prepared at home

Shea butter properties and home use

Hair care products at home are easy to prepare. For balm you need 250 gr. shea butter, 50 gr. castor oil and 5 cap. cocoa ether, apricot. Melt the fatty oils, and then pour in the essential oils. Lubricate the scalp and wet hair with a mass for 30 minutes.

When washing your hair, pour 1 tsp into the usual portion of the base shampoo. baked shea butter. Such a shampoo will strengthen the bulbs and add moisture to the curls.

Shea butter for hair reviews

Feedback from people about this raw material is very good. Girls praise the shampoo with shea fruit from Planet Organica. Avon shampoo with shea butter and apricot is also in great demand for restoring strands. Reviews say that this product significantly reduces hair loss, makes hair thick and healthy.
Not a single shea cream or mask has damaged the skin. They are suitable for use at any time. Avon even produces sunscreen with the fruits of an African plant.

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