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Short-term salon beauty treatments: Top 5

Impractical: beauty treatments that have to be repeated too often

Today, in a beauty salon, you can not only get a fashionable haircut, but also take advantage of a number of other services that help improve your appearance. True, the effect of most of them is so short-lived that many women, after several visits to the master, refuse them.

We tell you which beauty procedures require regular updating, which is not always convenient and practical.

eyelash extension

Blue eyelash extensions

Not every woman has lush eyelashes, so the appearance of such a beauty procedure as extension was received extremely positively. True, over time, the number of women who want to increase eyelashes has become much smaller. And it’s not just the high cost of the service. Mostly ladies refuse to build up because of the short duration of the effect.

Masters assure that the cilia will last at least 5-6 weeks. In fact, after 10-15 days, you can see how their ranks thinned out, and the look ceased to be so alluring and attractive. So you have to run to the salon in order to regain that very puppet look, without which now your own reflection in the mirror seems boring.

What to replace?

Today there is such a beauty procedure as eyelash lamination. Thanks to the application of a special composition to them, they are strengthened, seem longer, and over time, many even become thicker. And there is no more need to wear artificial hairs on yourself.

Eyebrow coloring with henna

Eyebrow coloring with henna

Another popular procedure in the salon is henna tinting of eyebrows. The effect is really amazing, because the dye not only gives a shade to the hairs, but also fills the voids on the skin. The truth is washed off literally in 5-7 days, although they usually offer to sign up for a correction in a few weeks. So we have the remaining time to tint the eyebrows with shadows and a pencil. Well, what is this time saving?

What to replace?

If your own eyebrows look sparse, and you literally have to create the shape from scratch every day with the help of shadows and a pencil, you should think about permanent makeup. This is a long-term procedure that will allow you to forget about eyebrow correction for a long time and wake up every morning with a ready-made beautiful shape.

All about permanent makeup eyebrows told in THIS ARTICLE.

Eyebrow lamination

Eyebrow lamination

Recently, in the salons of browists (a master in creating and correcting the shape of eyebrows) a new service has appeared. Now they offer not only to color the hairs, but also to do the lamination procedure.

Eyebrow lamination – This is a procedure in which the hairs become softer and more manageable, and styling is easier.

It is believed that the effect of lamination tends to accumulate, however, not a single master says how many procedures need to be done in order to then forget about lamination for at least six months. All write down for correction in 3-4 weeks. And this is not always convenient, and quite expensive.

What to replace?

Today, literally all cosmetic brands produce eyebrow gel, which helps to quickly set the desired shape of the hairs. And it remains to go to the salon only to correct the shape.

Haircut with hot scissors

Haircut before and after

One of the most controversial services at the barbershop is cutting hair with hot scissors. They will certainly improve the appearance of the hair, but they do not have a healing effect. Therefore, it is not worth counting on the fact that the tips will not split for a long time. They will “bloom” at the same speed as usual, because the reason lies in the wrong care.

What to replace?

If you perform a regular haircut, and then carry out the salon hair care procedure, the effect will be more noticeable. The strand along the entire length will be saturated with useful microelements and will acquire a smoother structure.

Botox for hair

Beautiful shaggy haircut

Another popular salon service is hair botox. As a result of applying a special composition, the hair takes on a smooth appearance and is easier to style. True, there are several nuances. For example, hair after Botox is recommended to be protected from hot styling devices. But who is ready to give up blow-drying and ironing? As a result, you have to repeat the procedure earlier than planned, because the effect of Botox quickly “comes off”.

What to replace?

The effect of Botox for hair does not last long. It is better for the amount that is planned to be spent on such a procedure, to purchase from the master professional products for home hair care – masks, shampoo, balm. They can not only visually improve the condition of the hair, but act from the inside, improving the quality of the hair.


Today, when choosing a salon service, preference should not be given to those options that promise instant results, but to procedures that have a restorative and therapeutic effect. And although initially the effect will not be so noticeable, but over time it will be possible to improve the quality of hair, eyelashes, skin, nails, etc.

The times when the puppet appearance was in trend are passing, giving way to naturalness and uniqueness. Therefore, everything should be done to preserve its natural beauty.

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