Medium length hair is considered the best option for creating a variety of hairstyles.

Simple and beautiful hairstyles for every day 2022: how to quickly put your hair in order (with photo examples)

Creating a day or evening look can take a lot of time, which a modern woman is sorely lacking. Stylists have found a way out and developed a huge number of hairstyles for medium length hair, which can be done quickly, neatly and look like after visiting a hairdresser. Of the several options, you can definitely find something of your own and apply it to your image and not take up the morning hours with a hairdryer and styling.

Medium length hair is considered the best option for creating a variety of hairstyles.

Hairstyles for every day on your own: fast and original

Hairdressers love to work with medium length hair, you can create a lot from it. If a short haircut involves styling, and on long curls, pigtails are most often braided and bunches are made, then the middle allows you to perform a lot of options.

A carelessly braided pigtail in a hairstyle can transform the image of a woman

Even adherents of wearing loose hair sometimes want to collect it in a beautiful hairstyle, with which you can go to work or study and will not be ashamed to show up at a party.

Even a simple bun on the head can look spectacular if you add novelty to your hair.

Simple hairstyle for every day “pigtail bun”

To create a classic look, it will take no more than ten minutes and the average length of hair for a hairstyle will not become a hindrance. Such a bundle would be appropriate to wear both in everyday life and at work or on holidays.

An ordinary bun can look unusual if made from braids.

To create, divide the hair into three parts, each of which must be braided into a weak braid, which is fixed with an elastic band at the end. Gather all three pigtails into a bun at the bottom of the back of the head with hairpins and stealths.

If you add a little imagination and braid pigtails in an unusual format, you can create an author's hairstyle

You can use hairspray to make your hair look neat even in strong winds outside. To create an evening look, the beam can be supplemented with any decor – these are flowers, rhinestones or sparkles.

Braids can be a salvation for hairstyles for every day

Quick hairstyle for every day “Greek bun”

A great option to transform your hair in five minutes. When performing the “Greek” hairstyle, you will not need any devices, except for the usual elastic band.

Greek hairstyle creates a feminine look, and a little carelessness is welcome.

Gather your hair at the back of your head and pin, but not too tight, so that the ponytail can be easily split in half. Pull the ends of the hair into the resulting hole several times to get a small bun.

Greek hairstyle is done in five minutes, but can be worn as a festive option

From below, you can leave a small ponytail or completely hide it, and fixing such a hairstyle is easy with the help of varnish or hairpins. The Greek tail will look great as a casual option, will pass the most strict dress code at work and make the image of a woman sweet and spontaneous.

Greek bun is suitable for a woman of any age and status

Light bouffant

Lovers of high hairstyles and owners of medium hair length should like this option. To create, it is worth separating the conditional bangs from the total volume, while the larger it is, the higher you can create a pile.

Light hair can visually change the shape of a woman's face

When creating a hairstyle, it must be borne in mind that it will not suit women with a triangular face shape, it will make it narrower.

Light bouffant on medium length hair can look a little casual and natural.

Comb the front strands at the roots, fix with varnish. Separate two strands at the temples from the total volume of hair and collect with an elastic band or invisible in a light ponytail. For the smoothness of the hairstyle, it is worth combing the voluminous part a little, the curls at the back are left falling or going into a ponytail.

If you need to add smoothness to bouffant hair, use a fine comb

Hairstyle-braid for every day “twisted crown”

The average hair length allows you to perform such a hairstyle, while it does not take much time to create it. Separate two strands at the temples and braid them into light pigtails. Connect at the back of the head and secure with an elastic band or a beautiful hairpin.

Hairstyle Twisted crown may look different, depending on the number of braided braids

To save hair from the wind, you can use varnish. This hairstyle looks quite simple, but spectacular, while it is done in five minutes.

There are a lot of modifications to the “twisted crown” hairstyle, so finding your own version is not difficult.

Simple hairstyle for every day “French shell”

The hairstyle is slightly careless, which looks amazing. To add volume, you can first comb your hair a little and collect it in a ponytail at the back of your head, but without fixing it with an elastic band.


Twist the strands into a vertical shell, starting at the ends of the strands, and secure it to the head with hairpins. When fixing the hairstyle, you do not need to be especially careful, slight negligence is acceptable.

French shell is suitable for everyday life and festive events

To complement the image, you can release a couple of curls at the temples and fix everything with a small layer of varnish. Such a French shell will be appropriate not only in everyday life, but also at festive or solemn events, often done to create a wedding image for the bride.

Hairstyle French shell can be complemented with braids or beautiful hairpins.

Daily bun hairstyle

This hairstyle looks very elegant and is suitable for women of any age, and it is performed no more than five minutes. Divide your hair into two equal parts, which you need to twist into tight bundles and fix them with elastic bands.

Thanks to the bundles, an original bundle is obtained from the hair

Further, depending on the length of the hair, the resulting bundles are placed on the back of the head in a chaotic winding.

The bundles in the bundle can be strongly twisted or weak, which affects the final result.

The hairstyle is easily fixed with invisible hairpins or hairpins and covered with a light layer of varnish. If the hair is below average length, the same can be done from not very tight braids, braided from the temples and gathered at the back of the head into a ponytail, from which a careless bun is subsequently made.

Differently wound braids create unusual effects in the hairstyle

Hairstyle for every day “reverse braids”

An easy-to-do hairstyle, but it looks quite impressive and original. If the length of the hair allows you to braid the braid, then you should try to do it yourself.

Depending on the type of weaving, you can vary the effects in the hairstyle

To perform, collect all the hair from the back of the head in front and braid a not very tight braid under the chin.

To create a hairstyle, you can use any braid weaving technique.

Fold the pigtail back and fix it with an elastic band or a hairpin at the back of the head. You will get a reverse version of the classic hairstyle of Russian beauties, which will look quite unusual.

Back braids look quite unusual, but spectacular

Simple hairstyles for every day with original ponytails

The simplest is to collect the hair at the back of the head and secure with an elastic band, but you can add it with an unusual detail. Such a hairstyle will already look extraordinary and spectacular, but it is done easily and does not take much time.

Any ponytail can be transformed and make the hairstyle original

A little imagination and any ponytail can be a worthy end to an evening look.

  • ponytail with pigtail

Gathering the hair at the back of the head and fixing it with an elastic band is a matter of one minute.

A ponytail with a hidden elastic band looks more natural and original in the hairstyle

But so that the hairstyle does not look too simple, pull out one strand of hair and braid a pigtail out of it. Next, you need to wrap it around the elastic band and fix it with hairpins, the result will pleasantly surprise and make the hairstyle more original.

A simple hairstyle can become a lifesaver on weekdays and holidays

  • braided tail

To create, you need thin elastic bands and a little time. Gather your hair into a ponytail, which you need to conditionally divide in half along the entire length. The upper part must be twisted with a not very tight tourniquet, which is fixed with an elastic band, at the bottom you can leave the curls free.

You can twist curls in a braided ponytail in different ways

If the length of the hair allows, then such plaits can be wound countless times, which will make a simple hairstyle very effective, which will look great in an evening look.

Light negligence in a braided ponytail is welcome

  • Knotted tail

An excellent solution when you need to collect hair at the back of your head, but at the same time leave falling strands. Such a hairstyle will not require anything other than a pair of hairpins or invisible.

If you divide your hair into two tails, you can create a beautiful hairstyle in a couple of minutes.

Detach two strands at the temples and tie a knot from them at the back of the head, fix with a small amount of varnish and a gentle daytime look is ready. Such a hairstyle…

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