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Skirts for obese women: fashionable styles for 2019

Skirts for obese women (photo)

A stylish skirt can work wonders, and a well-chosen style can successfully adjust the figure, beautifully emphasizing curvy shapes.

Among the various models, I would like to highlight the classic U-pencil. It is perfect for any type of figure. You can also pay attention to the “sun”. Of the prints, small peas, a flower, a cage and a vertical strip are preferable. From the year of medium length and ultra-mini stylists are advised to refuse.

Warm elegant skirts (autumn-winter season)

In the cold season, warm knitted and woolen knitted models are relevant, which perfectly warm in winter and cold autumn. The autumn-winter season is an abundance of, oddly enough, bright colors and interesting patchwork design creations.

Ideas in the style of “winter’s tale”

In winter, you can give preference to the classics, but choose warmer material. It can be tight knitwear or knitted wool products.


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Beautiful leather models

Leather clothing warms up perfectly in the cold, so if the temperature is below zero, you should not switch to trousers and jeans, just choose the right material.

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Fashionable spring-summer skirts for obese women

Spring-summer collections offer fashionistas long maxi and interesting models with a deep cut. Full girls may well follow the trends, as they will look just as impressive on appetizing forms.

Summer skirts for obese women

Skirts made of tulle, chiffon of the brightest shades are ideal for hot sunny days. During this period, it is preferable to choose juicy prints, creating fashionable bright images.

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Long spring models to the floor

Maxi from flying fabrics are suitable for both summer and spring. But the spring trend is a long year. Such a style requires a beautiful tight-fitting top, and if the bottom is a sprint, then the blouse must be plain.

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Skirt-pants – the trend of 2019

Very wide trousers made of thin fabric, preferred by lovers of comfort. She is visually no different from a skirt, for which everyone loved her. Every year designers delight us with new interpretations of this style. This is how U-shorts appeared.


Favorite “Sun” – a classic for summer

Pyshechki just love the “sun” flare. And if you are the owner of a thin waist, you simply must purchase such a model. For example, a red Yu-“sun” complete with a T-shirt in a small red flower is a great look for the warm season.

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Classic style – pencil skirt

Classics in clothes are straight silhouettes and discreet shades. And stylish women of fashion are increasingly giving preference to classic things, for example, a U-pencil. It is ideal for both overweight women and those with standard sizes. It is number one on the must have list.

And in 2019, the couturier added a peplum to the classic cut and got a chic version of the old style.

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Favorite denim models

Denim has become a favorite material and for many years beauties from all over the world have chosen it to create stylish everyday bows.


We correct the figure correctly

A curvaceous lady should know what to wear with skirts, but if you are short or have a big belly, you should know little secrets to help hide it.

Skirt styles for overweight women with a big belly (photo)

A large belly can hide slimming underwear and a well-chosen style. Among such “tulip”, “pencil”, flared.

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For small girls

Short curvy babes will love the vertical line print and the heel that makes them look taller.

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