Универсальные модели юбок на все времена года

Skirts that can be worn all year round. Model overview

Skirts to wear all year round

A skirt is an essential item in a woman’s wardrobe. True, many people neglect buying skirts, deciding at the last moment that jeans are more needed, because they are universal. They can be worn in winter and summer!

And who’s stopping you from doing the same with a skirt?

👇 We made a selection of skirts that are suitable for both winter and summer. The main thing is to choose the right components of the image – shoes, tops, accessories, twist, etc.

Top 6 skirts to wear in winter and summer

Do you think that among the models of skirts presented below are universal ones? To answer this question, you need to familiarize yourself with the selection below.

Beach top and skirt
Knitted suit with a skirt
What to wear with a brown skirt photo
What to wear with a black and white skirt
Printed pleated skirt
Polka dot skirt: image
Victoria Beckham in a skirt and sweater photo
What to wear with a pleated skirt
Beautiful look with a pleated skirt
Delicate suit with a jersey skirt

So, for starters, let’s clarify the general parameters of fashionable skirts.

  • Firstly, they should emphasize the figure, but not hinder movement. Accordingly, overly tight-fitting models and those made of dense, non-stretching fabric are swept aside.
  • The second important parameter is the length. Despite the fact that minis are back in fashion, choosing a universal model, we rely on midi length. This skirt ends at mid-calf.
  • The third parameter to pay attention to is the color. In order not to limit himself to the time of year, he prefers a monophonic product. So it will be easier to “fit” it into various images.


Versatile knitted skirt

One of the most versatile models of skirts for all seasons is knitted. It is recommended to choose a product made of dense material that can hold its shape.

An important detail is the belt, not the elastic band. The second option will emphasize the stomach and create an unnecessary emphasis in the area that is problematic for many women.

The recommended length is midi or something in between midi and maxi. A style that will be relevant in both winter and summer P-silhouette and A-silhouette.

If you want the image to be accent, choose a jersey with side slits.

Linen style

How to wear a lingerie style skirt

A linen-style skirt is a product that has not gone out of trend over the past 3-4 years. It goes well with sneakers, flip-flops and boots. It can be paired with a sheepskin coat-aviator and a summer cropped top.

The main requirements for the style are a moderate fit to the body. A lingerie-style skirt should not hinder movement. At the same time, oversized is also not about silk products.


Choosing a versatile denim midi skirt

The denim skirt is a classic. True, in order for the model to be considered universal and can be used both in summer and winter wardrobe, it is necessary to choose it taking into account a number of requirements.

A denim skirt for all seasons should be black or dark, without scuffs and decor. The waist is medium or high, the shape of the U-silhouette or a slight expansion from top to bottom. A slit in the front or back will be an advantage, as it will facilitate movement.

Why not blue or gray?

The fact is that blue, gray and other shades of denim are not considered universal. They need a certain pair to create a harmonious image. In winter, a skirt is usually worn with tight tights, due to weather conditions. Light denim in combination with tight tights and shoes will make the look heavier, making it squat and massive.


Pencil skirt for all seasons

If you need to create an actual office look, the first thing that comes to mind is a pencil skirt. This model is relevant in both winter and summer. The main requirement is a comfortable cut, the presence of some kind of zest, since the days of overly tight pencil skirts are long gone. Today, a slight asymmetry, patch pockets, cuts, ruffles, stripes, etc. can be a highlight.


A-line skirt for all seasons

A-line skirt – a product that can be worn all year round, provided that the fabric is dense, not translucent. In summer we complement with a jacket or denim jacket. In winter, we wear with thick tights and voluminous outerwear.

With small floral print

Floral print skirt

The model of the skirt, which has become a real hit of the last two years, is a midi with a small floral print. Features of the style – a neat belt, flowing fabric, a slight expansion downwards (sometimes flounces or asymmetry). As an addition, there may be elements such as drapery, tucks, cuts.

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