Classic smokey eye makeup

Smokey ice (or “smoky”) makeup for brown, green, blue and gray eyes: step by step at home with photo examples

The modern beauty industry offers beautiful ladies a lot of amazing techniques for creating incredible, intriguing makeup, as well as all the necessary tools to bring the most fantastic ideas to life. One of the most popular and attractive styles for decorating the eye area is smokey ice or “smoky” make up.

A deliberately careless technique gives the look a mystery, creates the effect of a magical haze, riveting the attention of others to the eyes of the lady. It is universal, suitable for young girls, respectable business women, and mature ladies.

Classic smokey eye makeup

Due to the pronounced emphasis on the eyes, the face becomes visually neater, sharp or heavy cheekbones and the chin line are hidden. Smokey ice makeup can be done by a professional makeup artist in a beauty salon. Also, the technique can be mastered independently, based on the instructions and advice of specialists.

Smoky makeup for special occasions

Smokey ice: what is this makeup and when did it appear

Translated from English into Russian, the phrase “smokey eyes” literally means “eyes in a haze.” Indeed, paints in the eye area are applied in such a way that light colors imperceptibly turn into more saturated, black ones. In this case, from a couple to several dozen different colors are used, combined with each other.

Lilac smoky eye for a daytime look

Smokey Ice is a timeless classic in the beauty industry. This technique appeared more than 100 years ago, at the beginning of the twentieth century. The trend for “haze” around the eyes was created by famous silent film actresses: Clara Bow and Theda Bara. To look more expressive on the screen, they came up with a dramatic, mysteriously outrageous eye makeup.

Smokey eye makeup in the style of Chicago 20-30s

Until now, the classic smoky make-up is done in jet black, dark gray or bluish gray tones. At the same time, modern fashion trends allow you to use the whole variety of color palettes.

Smokey eye makeup

Fashionistas create original masterpieces from nude and chocolate brown, bright scarlet and orange, turquoise colors, complement them with sparkles, pearls, radiant pigments. With such a variety, it is easy to create not only evening and stage designs, but also discreet daytime looks.

A set of tools and cosmetics for applying smokey-eye makeup

Eminent cosmetic brands offer thoughtful, professional kits for creating flawless smoky makeup. But you can make your own makeup bag.

Smokey eye makeup with smoky blue shadows

To do this, you need to buy:

  • base for eyelids;
  • 2-10 or more shades of suitable colors, with a transition from darker to lighter;
  • soft contour pencils kajal for eyeliner;
  • black ink;
  • a set of brushes for creating makeup and shading.

It is also worth having a highlighter on hand to create a radiant effect, light products with a shimmer.

How to choose the right smoky eye shadow for eye color

Suitable color combinations are selected to match the shade of the iris.

  • For gray-eyed ladies, ideas using black and dark gray tones are ideal, but only with tanned or swarthy skin. Chocolate, golden and lilac-purple shades are suitable.
  • Blue-eyed, fair-skinned blondes look great with a combination of soft, warm tones – silver gray, pearly, pinkish. For tanned or swarthy skin, bronze, chocolate and gold are suitable. But black and dark graphite should be abandoned.
  • Green-eyed persons can safely experiment with lilac and purple, lilac and plum shadows. Emerald, turquoise and olive look great. On weekdays, beige, brownish and gray colors are used.
Smoky eye makeup in lilac shades

  • Brown-eyed brunettes are free to choose. In addition to the black and gray classics, the whole rainbow palette suits them, including extreme, richly bright shades with glitter. For light brown eyes, warm caramel and honey tones are preferred, while dark, almost black eyes go well with silver, gray, blue and violet.
Golden tones for festive smoky eye make-up

The subtleties of choosing smokey eye makeup brushes

To correctly apply shadows, smooth out the borders of colors, you need a good, professional tool.

  • To work, you need a flat brush with a rounded end, a little larger than your little finger. The pile should be soft, natural.
  • For shading, they acquire barrel brushes with a rounded end, elastic and soft enough.
Daytime make-up for green-eyed ladies

Specialists never save on brushes by purchasing professional sets. The quality of makeup depends on the tool.

Features of creating smokey ice makeup

There are a few secrets that master makeup artists know about. They allow you to get an incredibly attractive result at no extra cost.

  • Be sure to use a primer base as a base. It provides durability to multi-layer makeup, does not allow smearing and crumbling.
Makeup black and silver smoky eyes

  • The colors of the shadows are chosen so that they organically complement each other. Dark tones are applied to the outer borders, light tones are applied to the inner corners.
Festive smoky eye make-up with elongated arrows

  • The arrows are drawn after the shadows, but before painting the eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • Particular attention is paid to careful shading so that there are no pronounced boundaries between colors.
Shading shadows when creating a smokey eye makeup

  • After cleaning the areas under the lower eyelids from pigment particles, all visible imperfections in the area are masked with a concealer. Remove bruises and black contours, bags.

The final touch is the application of a transparent fixative powder.

Dark brown smoky eye makeup for brunettes

What is the difference between festive and everyday smoky eye makeup

The evening look is characterized by rich dark or, conversely, festive bright tones with sparkles. To create a smoky make-up for a business meeting, job interview or a work day, pick up neutral colors of shadows, light brown or gray pencils and ink.

Bright evening

The best options are a nude palette, delicate pinkish, cream and peach tones, discreet matte lipstick.

Types of “smoky” eye makeup by color

To emphasize, reveal the bewitching shade of the iris, you need to choose the right colors for the shadows. Not all of them are universal.

  • Gray colors are suitable for blue-eyed persons. Pearl and silver gray tones are offered for green-eyed, and brown-eyed ones should stop at dark, graphite tones.
Smokey eye makeup with silver gray tones

Silver smokey eye makeup for brown eyes

  • Brown is universal if you correctly determine the desired tone. For brown-eyed people choose beige, bronze, chocolate and tan. Green eyes are combined with copper, shades of brick and rust, pinkish brown tones. Gray-eyed girls can use any tone.
Smoky make-up in brown tones for gray-eyed


  • Blue is ideal for blue and brown irises. And the green iris is emphasized with turquoise or blue-lilac shades.
Bright blue smoky eye for sultry brunettes

Smokey eye with light blue eyeshadow

  • Green is a great solution for brown irises. It is combined with the natural green of the eyes.

  • Red and lilac shadows perfectly emphasize the charm of chocolate brown or dark gray eyes.
Lilac chocolate festive smoky ice

For festive images, colors are chosen bright, saturated. Ideas with sparkles and crystals, tiny pearls, pronounced arrows are popular.

New Year's makeup in the style of smokey ice

Multicolored smoky eye

Smokey eye makeup for different shapes of eyes

Choice of design and color…

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