Easy styling for long hair

Spectacular and simple hairstyles for long hair 2022 with photo examples

Long hair is beautiful. But behind the external attractiveness is the hassle with multi-stage care and the complexity of doing hairstyles. Usually, the owners of such hair pull the curls into the tail or leave them loose. This article is designed to help girls with long hair look different every day, changing their hairstyle to fit their image.

Easy styling for long hair

What you need to create simple hairstyles for long hair yourself

Long hair, if it does not just lie on the shoulders, requires fixing. When weaving, forming a beam or everyday ponytail, special tools and devices are used.

Spectacular hairstyle for long hair, straightened with an iron

Which of them will be needed for the hairstyles listed below:

  • invisible;
  • hairpins;
  • elastic bands (preferably black or transparent);
  • small hairpins;
  • elastic bands;
  • styling foam or mousse;
  • hair spray
  • curling iron.

The last 3 positions will help give some hairstyles a finished look and prolong their wearing.

Variants of simple and beautiful hairstyles for long hair

If you have long wanted to give your hair an interesting and elegant look or try something new in the field of hairstyles, then we offer you stylish ideas that can be used not only for daily trips to study, work, walking with a child, but also in the evening. image.

Hairstyle for long hair “low braided bun”: create step by step

This is a versatile and easy-to-perform hairstyle that is appropriate for an office “dress code” and for a romantic date. It fits any face shape, and most importantly – even on long hair it is done in less than 10 minutes.

A simple hairstyle for long hair step by step: a low bun of three braids

You will need: invisible, rubber bands, hairspray.

Before creating this hairstyle, wash your hair, dry your hair and comb it.


  1. Divide your hair into 3 parts so that the volume of each is approximately the same.
  2. We braid 3 braids, the ends of which we fix with thin elastic bands.
  3. In turn, we turn the braids into “bagels” and fix them with invisibility on the head.
  4. For reliability, spray varnish on the curls.

If you have the skill of fast braiding, then this hairstyle will not take more than 5 minutes.

Low bun from one braid

A braided bun will look different, but no less beautiful, if you try to make it in a different way:

  1. It is necessary to separate the middle part of the hair from the side ones so that it has more volume.
  2. Tie a ponytail without touching the strands at the temples. From the resulting tail, start weaving a braid, securing it with an elastic band.
  3. Next, wrap the braid around the base of the tail and secure with invisibility.
  4. Fold the left strand with a tourniquet and let it go at the bottom of the knot, attaching an invisible tip. Pull the right strand up and fasten in the same way.

Simple low ponytail hairstyle

When tying a low ponytail, many do not think that it can be modified and turned into a beautiful and sophisticated bun.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Grasp the beginning of the tail, located above the elastic, and divide it into 2 equal parts with your fingers.
  2. In the resulting gap, carefully thread the tail, avoiding strong dishevelment and sticking out strands.
  3. Wrap the tip of the tail remaining outside in the same way inside the tail. For volume, makeup artists recommend putting 1 or 2 fingers on the base of the tail and threading the hair into a loop, wrapping it around.
  4. Use hairpins and varnish to fix to the head.
Bundle for long hair from a low ponytail in 4 steps

Loose long hair with braids

For those who like to show their long luxurious curls instead of collecting them, there are several types of hairstyles with delicate pigtails.

Hairstyle with two braids for long hair

The first option involves the following steps:

  1. On both sides, separate the temporal strands from the bulk of the hair.
  2. Then, on each side, braid one thin pigtail, choosing strands located just above the ears.
  3. Tie the braids with sheer or black elastic bands and start creating a small bouffant in the back of the head.
  4. At the last stage, take the pigtails back, placing them crosswise and connecting them with invisibility.
Hairstyle with two delicate braids: side view

The second version of the hairstyle is created like this:

  1. Separate the hair with a side parting and separate the strand near the ear.
  2. Braid a loose braid using any technique you like (you can straighten it for volume) and secure with an elastic band.
  3. Comb loose hair slightly and fix with varnish.

This everyday hairstyle will look especially successful if the curls are pre-curled with a curling iron.

Hairstyle option for loose long hair with one braid

Third variation:

  1. Choose a strand of hair that is closer to the neck;
  2. Braid a thin braid and stretch it to the opposite side of the head, securing the tip with an invisibility.
Creating a simple braid hairstyle for long hair

As in the previous method, here you need to curl your hair a little for elegance and showiness.

Hairstyle for long hair “bagels”

This is a very girly and cute way to tie your hair up so that it doesn’t get in the way or get in your eyes when it shouldn’t. Suitable for sports or outdoor activities. The hairstyle is done in a matter of minutes and does not require any additional means for fixation, except for invisibility and elastic bands.

Two high buns for long hair

To get “bagels” on your head, you need:

  1. Separate the curls with a straight parting and tie two high ponytails.
  2. With a comb, give volume to each tail and twist, making a couple of lush balls.
  3. Fix the resulting “bagels” invisible.

Original hairstyle “mother of dragons”

Nowadays, style is set not only by fashion shows, but also by the creations of cinema. For example, the series “Game of Thrones” gained fans among millions of people around the world and, of course, the image of the heroine Daenerys did not go unnoticed.

Simple double ponytail hairstyle

Her hairstyle, which will decorate both light and dark hair, can be repeated without much difficulty:

  1. After combing your hair back, separate its upper part and fix a small ponytail with an elastic band.
  2. Next, you need to turn it inward, simultaneously removing protruding hairs.
  3. Under this tail, make a second one of the same volume and tuck inward.
  4. Now re-twist both ponytails and enjoy a feminine hairstyle.

Hairstyle for long hair with braids

In order not to weave braids, you can make simple flagella from your hair: it looks very concise and gentle. To form a hairstyle, a pair of elastic bands and invisibles is enough.

Action algorithm:

  1. Select a strand near the forehead, lift it up and comb it.
  2. Now take on the creation of flagella. At both temples, separate strands, twist the bundles and secure their ends with a thin elastic band.
  3. First, pin one of the harnesses to the opposite side of the head with an invisibility, and then place the second one under the first and also fix it at the far temple with the help of an invisibility.

Voluminous and long ponytail

The way to collect hair at the crown in a ponytail has been known for a very long time and does not lose its relevance. If such a hairstyle is used every day, it, like any other, can quickly get bored.

Volumetric ponytail for long hair step by step

Volumetric ponytail for long hair step by step

A more voluminous version of the ponytail is capable of correcting the situation, which is easier to “build” on the head:

  1. Curl your hair a little beforehand.
  2. Divide into two parts with a horizontal parting.
  3. On the top strands…

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