Red pedicure with original design

Spectacular red pedicure design 2022: the most original design ideas (200 photos)

The best way to cheer up and attract favorable attention is a bright, unusual “zest” in a female image. That is why red, fiery shades of coatings for marigolds remain relevant from ancient times to the present day.

Red pedicure with original design

When ordering a manicure from a nail master, do not forget about the legs. A pedicure made in a similar style literally transforms the toes, makes the feet more elegant and refined.

Red pedicure with floral decor

We will talk about the most fashionable and relevant combinations for a delightful, feminine and original pedicure in this article.

Stylish red-green pedicure with sparkles

Secrets of the perfect red pedicure

Properly selected shades of the red palette are wonderfully combined with any designs and clothing preferences. However, such coatings do not like negligence and haste.

Juicy dark red pedicure with cherry

To make a pedicure really pleasing to the eye, you should follow a few rules that experienced nail masters are well aware of.

  • Choosing the shade of the coating, it is necessary to take into account the color type of the skin, the presence of a tan. For light, grayish or bluish tones, cherry, carmine, beetroot, purple, burgundy, crimson, alizarin and red-lilac paints are excellent. For skin in warm colors (pinkish, yellowish, swarthy), coral, pomegranate, carrot, terracotta, scarlet and titian tones are the best choice.
  • In the spring-summer period, bright, rich-contrast solutions are more relevant. In autumn and winter, they prefer delicate pastels, muted brownish colors.
  • The fiery red palette is always in the spotlight. And this means that the nail plates, the skin of the fingers and feet must be in perfect condition. In addition, coatings of saturated colors highlight, emphasize the slightest flaws and shortcomings of the nails.
Expressive pedicure with crystal and foil

Red shades are equally good for fair-skinned blondes, swarthy brunettes and brown-haired women. Such a pedicure can be worn with white, black or shiny shoes, and bare feet look simply divine with it.

Trendy color combinations for red pedicure in 2022

Despite the catchy appearance, the red gamma is perfectly combined with most of the colors that are relevant this season. Therefore, nail designers recommend not to limit yourself to monophonic solutions, but to use interesting, unusual combinations.

Exquisite autumn pedicure in scarlet-brown colors

Fact about pedicure

The first sets of pedicure tools appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, in the wake of interest in foot care. At the same time, the first colored varnishes appeared, which became a breakthrough in nail design.

Chic scarlet pedicure with color painting

  • White goes well with all shades of red, highlighting their beauty, making the pedicure cooler and lighter.
Scarlet pedicure with white dots

Casual pedicure with a white pattern on a red background

  • Black and red is a classic for an elegant evening look. You can put a subtle knit of patterns or lace on a monochrome background, or use interesting nail art ideas.
Black and red foil pedicure

Intense red pedicure with trendy butterflies

  • A duet with yellow is an original, cheerful solution for a spring-summer or holiday pedicure.
Bright summer pedicure with butterflies

  • Dark blue looks great with scarlet or purple elements.

  • Green and fruity-red shades are a natural combination that makes the pedicure especially expressive, aesthetically pleasing.
Bright spring-summer pedicure with fruits

  • Golden sheen gives red tones solemnity, a sense of luxury and prosperity.
Bright scarlet pedicure with gold glitter

  • Silver decor is a great option for a casual or festive look.
Light scarlet pedicure with silver foil

Bright red pedicure with silver and matte top

  • Many mistakenly believe that pink does not go well with red. However, soft pink, powdery pastels are perfectly combined with such a pedicure, making it more gentle and romantic.
Fashionable red-pink ombre

  • The neutral beige tone perfectly softens the glow of fiery colors, makes the pedicure more modest, suitable even for a strict work bow. These combinations include designs using transparent coatings.
Scarlet Beige Ombre Pedicure

Trending techniques 2022 for red pedicure

Today, the following options for nail designs are in fashion:

Gorgeous red pedicure with gossamer and rhinestones

  • exquisite monochromatic solutions;
Summer bright red pedicure with a matte finish

  • brilliant decor – rhinestones, sparkles, kamifubuki;
Solid bright red pedicure with kamifubuki decor

Scarlet Glitter Pedicure

Dark Red Glitter Pedicure

  • immortal, elegant French pedicure with variations;
Colored pale scarlet jacket with rhinestones

Elegant French pedicure with a red background

  • highlighting holes with negative space, contrasting colors or shiny decor;
Scarlet pedicure with geometric holes

Lunar matte pedicure with rhinestones

  • nail art – drawings and patterns in various subjects;
Summer red pedicure with white flowers

Festive berry-themed pedicure

  • velvety, mesmerizing matte top;
Noble red matte pedicure for every day

  • laconic and elegant, universal geometric shapes;
Stylish dark red pedicure with geometry

  • the whole variety of foil elements, from transfer sheets to holographic or mirror;
Laconic red pedicure with foil and stripes

  • delightful color play of amber or gradient;
Beautiful pedicure with black and red ombre and rhinestones

  • all types of powdered pigments.
Festive red pedicures with a mirror and pearl rub

Red pedicure rightfully holds the position of popularity, winning the hearts of girls and mature women with its versatility and expressiveness. Properly selected shades and combinations of colors, fashionable techniques allow beautiful ladies to look elegant and fresh in all life’s vicissitudes.

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