Curly hair with messy hairstyle

Spring effect: hairstyle ideas 2022 for curly and curly hair with photo examples

Curly and curly hair always add zest to the appearance. They can be difficult to style, because curls are often naughty and difficult to comb. However, if you learn how to cope with such hair, you can make many interesting and original hairstyles that are suitable for both everyday looks and evening dresses.

Curly hair with messy hairstyle

How to choose a hairstyle for curly and curly hair according to the shape of the face

To emphasize the beauty of the face, you need to choose the right hairstyle. And the main parameter that you need to focus on here is the oval of the face.

Curly hair styling

  • Round face

For owners of this type of face, you need to choose a hairstyle that will visually stretch the face. For example, a cascading haircut is suitable. In this case, it is better not to curl the hair too much, it will be enough to make light curly waves.

Curly hairstyle for a round face

You can also do thinning – this is a procedure in which the hair is thinned. With its help, either increase or, conversely, reduce the volume. You need to focus on your hair density. This procedure is best done in the cabin, because it is quite difficult to do it yourself.

Owners of a round face should not do a straight parting. Parting on the side will look more appropriate – it will correct the shape of the face and visually stretch it.

  • Oval face

It is considered the most harmonious, but not every haircut is suitable for an oval. The task of the hairdresser here is to visually stretch the face wide. For this, it is best to use medium-length hairstyles, strong curls are also suitable.

Hairstyle for curly hair for an oval face

In case you need to divert attention from a high forehead, you can make an elongated bob or an elongated bob with a cascade. These haircuts also help correct a sharp chin.

  • triangular face

The main feature of a triangular face is a sharp chin. Often with this form there are also wide cheekbones, which stand out especially against the background of the chin. For girls with a triangular face, cascading haircuts, bob and bob are very suitable. Long hair should be curled as much as possible to increase the splendor of styling.

Curly curls in a hairstyle for a triangular face

  • Square face

When working with this type of face, you need to try to smooth out the corners of the hairstyle. It is important to make the cheekbones softer, as well as slightly elongate the face. This effect can be achieved with asymmetrical haircuts, among which there may be short ones.

For example, curly hair will look great bob or pixie. They will create a lush volume, thereby balancing the proportions of the face.

Short haircut for curly hair

How to style short curly and curly hair in a beautiful hairstyle

Styling such hair does not take much time, especially if you have curls by nature. There are several spectacular types of haircuts for short curly hair:

  • asymmetrical styling

Here, a side parting is most often done, where the long part of the hair fits. On the other hand, either specially short-cut hair remains, or the temple is completely shaved. Such styling balances facial features, visually stretching it.

Asymmetrical curly haircut

  • pixie

If you find it difficult to style curly hair daily, a pixie cut will save you from this routine. A pixie haircut is suitable for almost any type of face, the main thing is to take into account individual characteristics.

Pixie cut for curly hair

A curly pixie looks especially harmonious on an oval face, as it opens the face and neck as much as possible. This emphasizes the elongated shape of the face, making the appearance appear more refined.

  • With a bang

Bangs can be added both when cutting a bob, and when styling a pixie. This is an additional element of the hairstyle that helps to hide a high forehead or remove the accent from prominent cheekbones.

Curly hair with bangs

If you do not like too thick bangs, you can make it a cascading bang or a “curtain” bang that covers the forehead on the sides. It will be especially interesting to look at slightly curly hair.

  • Bean

With such a haircut, the hair at the back of the head is cut short, and the strands near the face are left long. Bob looks very impressive on strong curls, because it gives the hair extra volume.

bob hairstyle for curly hair

Bob can have many variations. Focus on the features of your face to find the most suitable type of haircut.

  • Shaved temples and nape

Suitable for lovers of original hairstyles that attract attention. This haircut will look most appropriate on curls, but it is also suitable for long curly hair.

Curly hair and hairstyle with shaved temples

How to make a stylish hairstyle for curly and curly hair of medium length

Stylists consider strands to about shoulder length as medium-length hair. However, some hairdressers call medium hair curls that reach the shoulder blades. They can be laid in several ways:

  • Kare

Suitable if your hair is no longer than shoulder length. A square with slightly curly curls looks spectacular in any look, does not overload the appearance and does not take much time to style in the morning.

Curly bob hairstyle

  • graduated bob

This is a layered haircut that involves the transition from long strands to short ones. Depending on the type of face, the transition can be either sharp, noticeable or smooth. If you want to make coloring in several colors, using the transition, you can emphasize the originality of the hairstyle.

Graduated bob for curly hair

  • Cascading

From English, the word “cascade” is translated as a waterfall. The hairstyle resembles exactly a waterfall: thanks to a special technology for shortening the strands, smooth transitions of curls are formed.

Cascading styling for curly hair

The length of the strands gradually increases, and the shortest hair is located near the face, framing it. In a cascade with wavy hair, hair contouring looks interesting, which often makes the face younger.

How to style long curly and curly hair in a spectacular hairstyle

For owners of long hair, there are many hairstyles that will emphasize any type of appearance. With long hair, you can experiment in every possible way, choosing styling depending on your mood:

  • Tail

The best choice for daily look. This is a comfortable hairstyle, which at the same time may not look as simple as you think. To make the tail look magnificent and voluminous, in the crown area you need to separate a few strands and tie them with a thin transparent elastic band.

Hairstyle High ponytail for curly hair

Then tie a full ponytail. A small tail will lift the main one and add splendor.

  • beam

Another option for everyday wear. If you have thick hair, you can make two bunches at once. With curls, buns are best done slightly sloppy: release a few strands from the bun itself and near the face to give the hairstyle a relaxed look.

Two bundles for curly hair

  • Spit

Now the braid located on the side is especially relevant. It is suitable even for a wedding hairstyle. You can weave a thin white ribbon into it or decorate your hair with another solemn accessory.

Side braid in curly hair updo

Braid thin hair into a fishtail. This is one of the varieties of braids, in which the braid is denser and more voluminous. Also let the hair out of the braid a little to make the hairstyle look fuller.

Pigtail spikelet

For long-term styling, choose the “spikelet”. It’s a French type…

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