Что модно носить в 2020 году?

Spring-Summer 2020 Trends: Top 12 Top Trends

Spring 2020 trends: what to wear this year

The main trends of the spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons are dictated to us by the fashion houses of the world, however, fashionistas, bloggers, and guests of the shows suggest how to stand out, find your own style and fit new trends into your usual wardrobe. The most daring, interesting, extraordinary and, of course, beautiful images can be seen in street style reviews. We offer you to study the hottest new items of the season in order to understand what will be fashionable in 2020.

Trend 1: strap sandals over trousers

Strap over trousers
Strap over trousers - a stylish look

Last year, street fashion and global designers told us that pants that drag on the ground are cool and stylish. This year, bloggers have taken it a step further and decided to elevate their legs with sandal straps. It turned out very stylish.

Trend 2: Chunky shoes + delicate dress

Boots with a dress
Blue dress and rough boots
Victorian street style
Dress with big sleeves

Chunky is the name of a shoe with a massive, rough sole. It can be shoes, and sneakers, and boots, and even sandals. But boots will become especially popular in the spring-summer 2020 season. You need to wear them with clothes of the opposite style – gentle, romantic, somewhere even transparent.

Last year it was fashionable to wear sandals with a fur coat, and this year boots and summer dresses are in trend.

Trend 3: Leather trench (cloak)

Pink trench coat wash style
Fashionable black leather coat
Image with brown cloak
Street style leather raincoat

Street fashion 2020 dictates to us such a trend as a leather coat. It will replace the classic beige trench coat that everyone wore last year: men, women, and even children.

A leather coat can go classic in black or brown, or go a step further and opt for bright raspberry, fuchsia, purple or blue. By the way, these are the main colors of the spring-summer 2020 season, remember them!

Trend 4: Panama

How to wear a panama
Panama street style look
Fashion bow with panama
Panama and checked jacket

Another original idea that you can peep from street bloggers is panama. And you need to wear it now with a coat, jacket, blazer or shirt. Panama is better to choose a pastel shade, without logos and additional decor. By the summer, a warm model just needs to be changed to a product made of thinner fabric.

Many bloggers call the panama we are used to – a bucket hat.

Trend 5: Work overalls

Street style leather jumpsuit
Overalls worker street style

Last year, light summer overalls with wide legs were in trend. This spring-summer 2020 season, it is fashionable to wear a worker suit. Such clothes are characterized by a zipper in the front in the center, an elastic band or a belt at the waist, elastic bands on the shaft, overhead or side pockets. Eco-leather is considered the most fashionable fabric for a worker’s suit. In summer, this outfit will be hot, so you should wear it in the spring of 2020.

Trend 6: Victorian Sleeves

Victorian look
Victorian dress

We are already used to the fashion for voluminous sleeves, so we continue to wear blouses, dresses, shirts with large sleeves this season. Only now, instead of flashlights, we choose products with sleeves in the Victorian style. A distinctive feature of such clothes is the volume immediately on the shoulders. They are somewhat like balloons.

Trend 7: Square toe shoes

Stylish woman in a suit
Image with brown cloak

Now the most fashionable shoes are those with a square nose. It can be sandals, and flip flops, and boots, and ankle boots. By the way, shoes with a square toe look not only stylish, but also unusual.

Trend 8: Short handle bag

Fashionable look for spring
Fashionable white spring suit
Fashion bag spring 2020
The most fashionable handbag

Fashion bags are a separate topic for discussion, although the main trend can be whitened right now. In the spring and summer of 2020, it is fashionable to wear bags with a short strap. It can be a bucket bag or a basket, in the form of a horseshoe or a month, geometric in the form of a square, a rectangle.

Trend 9: Chain Necklace

Fashionable look with chain necklace decoration
Stylish look from Fashion Week

Layered jewelry – the trend of 2019 is giving way to a rough jewelry like a chain necklace this season. You can even wear such jewelry over a turtleneck or a blouse with a collar so that everyone can see the necklace.

Trend 10: Shirt-Coat

Fashionable look with a coat in a cage
Very stylish bow

Another hot trend of the spring-summer 2020 season is the coat shirt. These clothes came to replace denim jackets and leather jackets, which have lost their relevance. The product can be worn with a belt, leather belt, without anything. The main thing to remember is that the shirt-coat should be loose and short, no fitted silhouettes.

Trend 11: Check

Checkered fashion look
Spring look with a plaid coat

Fashionable women’s clothing in a cage in the spring-summer 2020 season promises to become the most popular. The cage will displace both animalistic, and leopard, and python print. Checked coats, vests, jackets, trousers and skirts are what’s in fashion in the spring of 2020.

Trend 12: Two colors

Image with fashionable boots
Fashionable image

The 2020 clothing trends are amazing. For example, there is such a trend as clothes in two colors. Coats, boots, skirts or trousers are divided exactly in half vertically and are made of the same fabric in a contrasting color. This idea looks fresh and stylish.

Fashion trends 2020 are really amazing. There are many fresh and interesting ideas that allow you to express yourself and stand out. How long can you wear classic leather jackets or denim? It’s time to switch to a more noble costume fabric and discover other horizons.

Be on trend and wear only stylish things!

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