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Stamping on nails – photo and video how to do stamping

Stamping for nails – design stamping gel polish

A beautiful and neat manicure can transform any woman, make her hands attractive and well-groomed. You can draw attention to your nails thanks to an unusual design, using drawings or patterns on the nails. To create a bright and chic manicure, women have to turn to professional nail design masters, since not everyone has drawing skills. For those who are ready to experiment and want to do their own actual manicure at home, we offer you to get acquainted with a fashionable novelty in nail art – stamping, with which you will quickly learn how to create a fashionable nail design, apply a variety of patterns, pictures, without even knowing how to draw. .

Stamping on nails how to do?

To learn how to make newfangled nail art correctly, you need to figure out what stamping is, what tools are included in a special kit for creativity and how to work with it at home. To easily master the lessons of decorating marigolds, a step-by-step guide and a master class of the process with detailed photos and videos for beginners will help you. We are sure that our colorful photos and video tutorial will be useful and interesting for you.

What is stamping for nails – the secrets of the masters

Stamping is the creation of drawings and patterns on nails using a stamp. The stamp allows you to transfer the image to the nail plate, covered with gel polish or shellac, as well as a base coat: colored or colorless. In a short time, knowing a simple technique, you can get a complex, extraordinary pattern and an original manicure with your own hands, which turns out no worse than a salon one. You can order a special stamping kit at any online store that specializes in selling products for nail art. As a rule, this set is inexpensive, its price depends on the manufacturer, the quality of the tools and the configuration. The main advice from the masters is to purchase a set of good quality, the best option is the Konad set, with which it is easy to create an unusual design. Reviews about these sets are only positive. You need to understand that using the set for the first time may not lead to the desired result and an interesting manicure may not work right away, so it is advisable to practice more and use our tips and recommendations.


What is needed for this?

Stamping on nails at home is performed using the following tools and tools:

– a metal plate (disk) with engraving of drawings or prints;


– a special stamp for transferring the image to the surface of the nail;

one – scraper-scraper for removing and removing excess varnish for evenness and clarity of the pattern;


– base varnish-base or varnish of a dense texture with a bright coating in one layer;

one – fixative, nail polish remover.


Having prepared everything you need, you can start creating a fashionable manicure.

How to do a manicure at home – design step by step

The step-by-step guide below with detailed photos will help you quickly and easily make an unusually beautiful manicure at home.
1. Before doing a fashionable manicure, you need to wash your hands well, degrease your nails with acetone and apply a base base or colored varnish.

2. Apply varnish to the engraved metal disc. Lacquer paint is applied to the entire surface of the stencil.

3. Excess varnish must be quickly removed with a scraper – a scraper, at this stage, speed and speed are important. It is important to properly hold the scraper at a 45 degree angle.

4. We take a stamp and transfer the pattern from the disk with rolling movements. In order for the drawing to be clear and perfect, you should make good pressure and apply effort.

5. With the same rolling movements, the picture from the stamp is transferred to the nail. Let the drawing dry.


Stamping for nails – how to use with gel polish

For stepming, gel polish is used as a coating on which stamps are applied. The main advantage of stamping on gel polish is the multiple application of drawings, without the need to paint the nails, applying a new layer of regular varnish if the image is smeared and needs to be reapplied. The base coat of gel polish or shellac remains. But, when applying a stamp to the surface of nails covered with gel polish, there are some secrets:
– do not use gel polish for drawings, it will not be able to print on the surface;
– it is necessary to remove unsuccessful pictures from the surface with an acetone-free liquid;
– using shellac as a base, it is necessary to remove the upper sticky layer from it before applying the pictures.

Fresh ideas and novelties of the year

Thanks to stamping, you yourself, without the help of professional masters, can make an impeccable and luxurious nail design at home. A little practice and – stamping on the nails will be an exciting experience for you. We present to your attention a photo of the freshest manicure ideas and stamping novelties that are relevant this year.

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Stamping for nails – video tutorials

How to do stamping for nails at home can be seen in the following video:
Video – stamping on gel polish – different techniques

Video – basic lesson

Video – manicure tips

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